Pence: Trump Backers Not "Basket Of Anything"; US and Russia Announce Syria Deal; Pence Reposnds to Clinton Comments on Trump



Announce Syria Deal; Pence Reposnds to Clinton Comments on Trump

Campaign Workers; Joe Biden Interviewed by Yahoo News; Images and the

Election; Warnings Regarding Samsung Galaxy 7 Phones. Aired 12-1p ET - Part 2>

Ahead, Galaxy 7 owners, listen up and power down now. this after Samsung issues of a voluntary recall. We'll explain everything you need to know. Next.


[12:57:20] SAVIDGE: If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone, you may want to power down right about now.

In just the past week users have posted pictures of some of these phones exploding while being charged. Samsung, now recalling millions of the devices.

So let's bring if Rachel Crane. And Rachel, have they narrowed down what the problem is?

RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Martin, first of all, there have been $2.5 million of these devices sold, since they first hit the market a couple weeks ago. And so far, they have identified 35 cases of these phones either catching on fire, melting, exploding as you saw in those images. Now, Samsung has said the culprit is the lithium ion battery that powers the devices. They issued a voluntary recall that was Samsung, but now, the U.S. Government getting involved.

The consumer product safety commission put out a statement saying, "When these batteries overheat and burst, the results can be serious. This is why the U.S Consumer Product Safety Consumer is urging all consumers who own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to power them down and stop charging or using the devices."

Also, Samsung, the manufacturer of the phone, putting on a statement saying, "Because your safety is our utmost concern, we ask you to power down your Galaxy Note 7 and exchange it now. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the U.S. Note 7 Product Exchange Program."

So clearly Martin, a clear as day they're saying do not turn on these phones and that you can go into your local Samsung store or your local carrier and exchange the phone or get a refund. Martin?

SAVIDGE: All right Rachel Crane, thank you very much. A very serious note and spread the word if you know somebody who has a Galaxy 7.

Here's what's coming up, the man that shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 in an assassination attempt is now a free man and it's a photo police want you to see. We'll explain why ahead. The next hour starts right now.

Hello, thanks for joining me. I'm Martin Savidge, in for Fredricka Whitfield. Hillary Clinton is facing some fears criticism today after insults Donald Trump's campaign. Not the candidate, himself. But some of his supporters claiming half of them fall into "The basket of deplorables." Last hour, Trump's running mate Mike Pence fired back at the values voter summit in Washington.


[12:59:58] GOV. MIKE PENCE (R-IN) VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We get the news this morning revealing as it is Hillary Clinton in remarks that were made in New York City just last night, bare repeating and let me see where someone put them here.

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(High: Mike Pence, the vice presidential candidate taking aim at Hillary Clinton for her comments calling half of Donald Trump's voters deplorable, although he used the word irredeemable. US and Russia announce an ceasefire agreement for Syria, intended to lead to a more permanent arrangement. Mike Pence responmds to Clinton remarks about Trump campaign personnel. Joe Biden talks about the election in an interview with Yahoo News. How visusal images are used in the campaigns. Warnings about Samsung phones and aircraft issued.)

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