The parents of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin are breaking their silence about his sudden death.



silence about his sudden death.>

wrongful death lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler, the parent company of GM.

Yelchin was killed after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backward and then

pinned him in his driveway.>

STEPHEN COLBERT (The Late Show, CBS): Well, it turns out flossing might be unnecessary because after looking at twenty-five studies on the effectiveness of flossing, the Associated Press has determined that the evidence for flossing is weak, very unreliable, a very low quality and carries a moderate to large potential for bias. You lied to me, dental hygienist, Don. Well, that does it. Based on this news, I`m going to stop flossing thirty-eight years ago.

JAMES CORDEN (The Late Late Show, CBS): Well, I always heard four out of five dentists recommend flossing and you just know that that fifth dentist right now is like, nobody believed me. You all said I was crazy. Well, who is crazy now? In fact, we have--

CHARLIE ROSE: See, that was a better joke.

GAYLE KING: That was a really good joke.

NORAH O`DONNELL: That was a really good joke.

GAYLE KING: But it doesn`t make sense though that it doesn`t work. How many times has the dentist said are you flossing? Sure, sure. I know.

NORAH O`DONNELL: I know. The worst part is that now our children are saying, mom, I don`t need to. You reported--


NORAH O`DONNELL: --that we don`t need to floss. Yeah.

GAYLE KING: No. No, what--


CHARLIE ROSE: You don`t-- yeah.

NORAH O`DONNELL: --think it`s a good thing.

GAYLE KING: I do too.

NORAH O`DONNELL: I`m still embracing it.

GAYLE KING: And I have no dental training but I still think it`s a good thing.

Welcome back to CBS THIS MORNING. Coming up in this half hour, are the Olympics worth their huge price tag? The games in Brazil could cost much more than the official estimate of twelve billion dollars with a B. Ben Tracy is in Rio. He looks at why some of the city`s Olympic facilities may never be used again after the games.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Wow. Plus, the parents of the late Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin seek justice for their son. A new lawsuit claims Fiat Chrysler for Yelchin`s death. Ahead, how his parents want the carmaker punished for the so-called roll-away incident.

CHARLIE ROSE: Time to show you some of the morning`s headlines. The Washington Post reports on new research showing, 2015 was the warmest year on record. Findings in a new government study were higher than scientists` predictions. Last year had the warmest average ocean surface temperature. It also recorded the highest global sea level and greenhouse gases were the highest on record.

GAYLE KING: The Boston Globe reports on a triumph in the fight for fair pay. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a law on Monday that requires men and women to be paid equally for comparable work. This makes it illegal for employers to ask prospective workers to provide a salary history. Supporters say that such information could perpetuate a cycle of lower pay for women.

NORAH O`DONNELL: He`s a Republican governor. This is also in the front page of the New York Times.

And the Los Angeles Times reports on the Air Force declaring the F-35 ready for limited combat. It is a major milestone for the fighter jet which has faced technical challenges and costs overruns. It will be the backbone of the Air Force`s fighter fleet. The maker of the F-35 says each jet costs at least ninety-eight million dollars to produce. And let me just say I would like to go up in one of those jets in case anyone is listening.

CHARLIE ROSE: I would like to too, but-- no, but I think that simulator-- remember they had the simulation--

NORAH O`DONNELL: Yeah. Oh, did you get the simulator?

GAYLE KING: You did do that?

CHARLIE ROSE: It was a great a fun--


CHARLIE ROSE: --and fascinating.

GAYLE KING: And I will sit here and cheer you both on.


GAYLE KING: You come back safe.


GAYLE KING: I ain`t going.

CHARLIE ROSE: You ain`t going up in an F-35, are you?

GAYLE KING: Yes. No one`s invited me. But I ain`t going. I`ll cheer you on though.

NORAH O`DONNELL: What if the pilot is cute?

GAYLE KING: Still ain`t going. Still ain`t going. No, thank you.

NORAH O`DONNELL: I tried. I tired.

CHARLIE ROSE: Just to show we`re thinking.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a guilty plea in what`s called the largest known securities hacking case. Prosecutors say nine hackers traded business secrets. Earnings information was stolen from three corporations. The hackers are charged with taking at least thirty million dollars in illegal profits. The conspirator who confessed faces up to twenty years in prison.

GAYLE KING: And the Wall Street Journal found that making purchases with chip cards takes twice as long as a traditional card. The paper says scanning the chip takes an average of, listen to this, thirteen seconds. The lag is a tradeoff for more security. The technology that reads the chip cards will open the door to smartphone payment systems and that could end the card era. Thirteen seconds is a small price to pay for a security, don`t you think?

NORAH O`DONNELL: I agree. I agree.

The parents of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin are breaking their silence about his sudden death. They held an emotional news conference yesterday and announced a wrongful death lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler, the parent company of GM. Yelchin was killed after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backward and then pinned him in his driveway. His parents blame Fiat Chrysler for a poorly designed gear shifter. Kris Van Cleave is in Washington with the issue already the subject of a recall. Kris, good morning again.

KRIS VAN CLEAVE (CBS News Transportations Correspondent): Good morning. This is the problematic shifter. And you can it lacks traditional grooves that tell you you`re in parked, drive, or reverse. And that`s leading to people thinking the car is in park when it`s actually in reverse and then getting out and the car with roll back. In the Yelchin case, his family says they can`t find the first recall notice. And the second one saying a fix was available, arrived seven days after his death.

(Begin VT)

IRNA YELCHIN (Mother): He loved life very, very much.

KRIS VAN CLEAVE: Through tears, their heartbreak was clear. The parents of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin broke their silence six weeks after their only child`s death to announce a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler.

VICTOR YELCHIN (Father): It is wrong. It`s against nature when the parents bury its own child.

KRIS VAN CLEAVE: Yelchin died when his 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee apparently rolled backwards, pinning the twenty-seven-year-old against a fence at his Los Angeles area home. That jeep among 1.1 million vehicles worldwide recalled in April for an issue with the SUV`s electronic gear shifter that can result in unintended roll-away incidents.

IRNA YELCHIN: He was very special, but now he is very special because he is dead might going save some other lives.

KRIS VAN CLEAVE: Government regulators record nearly seven hundred complaints claiming at least sixty-eight injuries and two hundred and sixty-six accidents linked to the shifter. Investigators called the design ".not intuitive. increasing the potential for unintended gear selection." A problem we first reported in March ahead of the recall, but Fiat Chrysler getting negative consumer feedback about the shifter ".shortly after subject vehicles entered the market,: that`s as far back as 2012. It`s no longer offered in new cars.

GARY DORDICK (Yelchin Family Attorney): The Yelchin family is their biggest nightmare because they`re not motivated by money. They can`t be bought off. They want them punished and they want it changed in the way they do business, and we intend to go after them.

(End VT)

KRIS VAN CLEAVE: In a statement to CBS THIS MORNING, Fiat Chrysler says it ".extends its sympathies to the Yelchin family for their tragic loss. The company has not been served with a lawsuit and cannot comment further at this time." Now, Fiat Chrysler has issued a safety recall. The fix is now available for most vehicles. In the meantime, the company is encouraging people to make sure they have put the car into park and to set the parking brake before getting out. Charlie.

CHARLIE ROSE: Kris, thanks.

Arizona is drying out this morning from monsoon storms. Heavy rain in Phoenix stranded drivers yesterday in high water. Several people were rescued. Flash flooding forced the evacuation of at least two high schools and shut down parts of a major interstate. Some areas of Arizona saw close to three inches of rain.

GAYLE KING: Powerful tropical storm is gaining strength this morning in the Caribbean. Earl is expected to become a hurricane before it makes landfall. That could happen as soon as today. The storm is targeting Mexico, Belize and Guatemala with heavy rain. Winds top sixty miles an hour. The system is already blamed for six deaths in the Dominican Republic. It is not expected to have a significant impact here on the United States.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Could the Olympic flame leave Rio feeling burned? Ben Tracy is outside Rio`s Olympic Park this morning.

BEN TRACY: If the Olympics do for Rio what they did for places like Beijing and Sochi, well, that might not be worth celebrating. Coming up, the true cost of hosting the games.

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