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Tortured Inside Juvenile Lock-Up Released; Bill Clinton Tries To

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JULIAN ASSANGE, WIKILEAKS FOUNDER: These are actually separate questions that experts or so-called experts of the Hillary Clinton campaign has been quoting and in terms of analysis. They are not analyzing our materials. They have been analyzing previous materials that have been published by -- of the Hill, the smoking gun, and Gawker.

Now, they didn't publish e-mails they analyzed their material. And they say it isn't.

CHANCE: Right, but it's possible this material, given that it's suspected very seriously that the Russians hacked the DNC accounts. It's possible that this material also came from the Russians and is also released to cause the golden maximum damage to the Clinton campaign.

ASSANGE: Well, what we try and do as a source protection organization is we like to create maximum ambiguity as to who our sources are because maybe it was a hard drive that came from eBay. Maybe consultants, maybe activists, maybe state actors. Maybe ...

CHANCE: I know, but you're not specifically ...


CHANCE: services are you, and so how is that even protecting?

ASSANGERS: Well, perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment. Some people will have egg on their faces. It will be interesting. But obviously to exclude certain actors is to make it easier to find out who our sources are. So, we never do it.

[02:29:59] CHANCE: But as an open source organization, you encourage material from whatever source. It's like almost like a vacuum cleaner.

Are you all right with the facts that it could have been the Russians that have done this to manipulate the presidential elections, that you could have been used by the secret services in Moscow for precisely that reason? Are you comfortable with that?

ASSANGE: What we have right now is that Hillary Clinton campaign using a speculative allegation about hacks that have occurred in the past to try and divert attention from our e-mails, another separate issue that we see in the spot right now, because they're having so much political impact in the United States.

And I think this raises a very serious question, which is that the natural instincts of Hillary Clinton and the people around her that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal that she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese et cetera, because if she does that when she's in government, that is a political managerial style that can lead to conflict.


VAUSE: Julian Assange speaking with Matthew Chance from Moscow.

But still to come here, the countdown to Rio has begun but there are still major concerns the Olympic host city just won't be ready.


VAUSE: Welcome back everybody. You're watching CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles. I'm John Vause. With the headlines this hour.

France's president says ISIS is behind Tuesday's terror attack on a Catholic church. Two men took hostages and killed a priest and what the president has called a "Cowardly Assassination." Police killed both attackers. A prosecutor says one of the men was already being monitored electronically because he tried to travel to Syria twice.

[02:35:02] The 26-year-old suspect is stabbing rampage in Japan once wrote about his ability to kill hundreds of disabled people. Surveillance video shows the apparent suspect pulling up to the facility for the disabled in Tokyo that leaving about 25 minutes later. 19 people were killed and dozens more were wounded.

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance via satellite at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She thanked delegates for making her the first woman nominated for the U.S. presidency by a major political party. Secretary Clinton will address the convention in person on Thursday.

Well, in the state for the start of the summer game and the Olympic Organizing Committee has admitted only about half of the buildings at the athletes village have actually passed safety tests. But they say everything will be ready on time. Shasta Darlington has the latest on the host city's progress.


SHASTA DARLINGTON: An emergency task force, 630 electricians, plumbers and masons, apparently doing the trick.

KITTY CHILLER, CHEF DE MISSION AUSTRALIA: We are extremely happy with the progress that has been made in the last 24 hours in a village.

DARLINGTON: In fact, some Australian athletes already moving in and praising the apartments.

ANDE SMITH: All in, they're great. Yeah, I think they're very spacious. I'll see there's a little bit cleaning to be done but in general, I think it's going to be a great location.

DARLINGTON: Just two days earlier, the delegation refused to move in to the athletes' village siting blocks, toilets leaky pipes and exposed wires. The mayor or Rio fueled the fire by offering to put a kangaroo in the village to make them happy.


DARLINGTON: It's natural to make adjustments, he said, but we want them to feel at home here. I'm almost putting a kangaroo here to jump in front of them. Other teams found alternative ways to solve their problems.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... we spend some money but, you know ...

DARLINGTON: Pressuring or hiring people?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pressuring and doing the cleaning ourselves.

DARLINGTON: The Olympic village officially opened its doors on Sunday but organizers now admit only 16 of the 31 towers was even operational.

Now, they say everything really will be ready by Thursday. The Belarusians posted a picture of a clogged shower drain and someone from the Kenyan team wrote this on a wall.

Now, it's hoping all the last-minute work allows them to focus on winning. Shasta Darlington, CNN, Rio de Janeiro.


VAUSE: I'm joined now by Anita DeFrantz, an Executive Board Member of the International Olympic Committee. Anita, thank you for being with us. Are you worried about Rio? Will they have everything ready in time? I mean ...

ANITA DEFRANTZ, EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER, IOC: They have to. They have a second chance, so they're working hard, and I know the National Olympic Committees are working hard to make sure that everything gets done for the athletes, because it's the athletes' one shot.

VAUSE: They always have these issues before off the games. Don't they -- and Athens are pouring concrete up until the first day of the opening ceremony?

DEFRANTZ: Frequently, because it's a massive undertaking. They are given seven years to plan forward and it takes seven years. It's such a big thing to do unless you already have the venues in place.

VAUASE: Are you concerned about all the other issues which just surrounding Rio right now the protests in the street? What appears to be a lack of public support? Their security issues as well. You know, the policing don't come, it's too dangerous, that kind of thing.

DEFRANTZ: Well, the games are the safest place on earth because the whole world takes part in securing the games. The local hosts are responsible for some levels, but the international staff is taken care by the entire world. So, people should come to the game.

VAUSE: I could have thrown about Zika virus as well just to trample off. So you see a lot of challenges for Rio that out of hosted these and have to deal with.

DEFRANTZ: Let the whole world know what those challenges are ...

VAUSE: Right.

DEFRANTZ: ... and each one we, you know, we've gotten the World Health and lots of organizations help the athletes understand what the challenges are. It is, by the way, winter coming into spring there, so there's not high mosquito season.

VAUSE: Good to know. Well, the other issues, though, is, of course, the Russian Olympic team that were leaving in a couple hours. We don't know how many Russians athletes will actually be competing in the games. What are the anti-doping agency that they wanted a complete team ban on everyone from Russia. Why did the OIC kind of -- some say, why do they cave for the Russians?

DEFRANTZ: Well, there are several reasons. One, the report isn't finished. We don't have all the information. So, we can't have the full picture of what happened.


VAUSE: Sorry. Would you at least consider there is a state-sponsored doping regime in place with the Russians?

DEFRANTZ: Yes. But in order to ban an athlete, we need to know what the profile is, what the athlete has done. You know, I guess, for me, I've been in a position where everybody was kept home and I would not have made everybody go but I wanted the chance to decide for myself. I think it's good to have an athlete be able to make the case that they should be able to compete.

[02:40:01] VAUASE: I think the argument that many people say is that the Russians have now lost the right of a presumption of innocence. And that essential because ...

DEFRANTZ: We agreed.

VAUSE: Yeah.

DEFRANTZ: We agreed with that.

VAUSE: And because of that everyone would be considered guilty and until proved otherwise.

DEFRANTZ: We agree with that but, we believe individual justice is important, that an individual athlete can make a case that she or he has competed with integrity. The International Federations have records about the testing done and where it's been done throughout the years.

VAUSE: And to the head of logistics on the ability to go through every single athlete, I mean the Boxing Federation is even trying.

DEFRANTZ: Well, unfortunately, the Boxing Federation didn't do much dope testing in the last year. So, there's not much for them to review and that's really unfortunate. There was a glitch anyway.

VAUSE: Right.

DEFRANTZ: Other federations for example the Rowing Federation just decided that, I think it was 20 athletes would not be able to compete in Rio and that's a big, big number.

VAUSE: Right. And the Swimming Federation too has kicked in, I think its seven Russian athletes.

DEFRANTZ: And we also have the tests from 2008 and 2012 that we're still getting information on which will affect athletes not just Russian athletes but other athletes. We've called the numbers, over 90 athletes from those two games who have been found to have a positive case. And we're in the process of having those hearings if it affects the athletes going to Rio.

VAUSE: Very quickly. You're part of the L.A. bid to 2024. We know that, you know people -- they're excited about it, they want to -- it's getting -- it's costly, there are a number of cities that say that it's not so expensive, you need to reform the bidding process until that's reformed and they should be part of it. I mean, at the end of the day what's in it for Los Angeles should they win this bid?

DEFRANTZ: Well, it's hosting the games again this -- Los Angeles is a city that has all of the facilities in place. In fact, we have more than enough facilities. We have choices of facilities. When you have a city that is dedicated to having sports a part of their life, it's not as expensive.

If your city even like London which really had a direct of sports facilities, it was an opportunity for them to build what they needed so that their populates can use, for example a swimming -- their old swim stadium is a great place for kids to learn how to swim and to develop their skills, which the city didn't have before.

VAUSE: Eighty-four is the first time they turned a profit at the Olympics.

DEFRANTZ: Thirty two.

VAUSE: Thirty two, yeah, OK, well first time in many, many years. I said the proper to '84, maybe you can do it again. Anita, thanks so much for coming in.

DEFRANTZ: Thank you.

VAUSE: And we'll take a short break. Next on NEWSROOM L.A., a big winning -- big week rather to earning report for the tech companies we're take a closer look and what some of those numbers actually mean.


[02:46:03] VAUSE: Welcome back everybody. Apple reporting some mixed financial news that tech company posted $42 billion in sales for the third quarter and make $49.5 billion a year earlier. And iPhone sales fell for the second straight on quarter about to decline on this pole of unexpected and Apple stock rose nearly 7 percent in after hour's trade.

Twitter fell short of Wall Street predictions for its quarterly earnings. The social network reported $603 million in sales in purchased up to $610 million in sales for the next quarter. But that is way below estimate.

Well, for all the earnings, CNN Money Samuel Burke joins us from London. So, Sam I mean, what's going on with the iPhone and the situation that you had, the sales falling, the numbers are down but the stock goes up. Circle for us.

SAMUEL BURKE, CNN MONEY BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Well, the stock went up because it beats the expectations but here for the first time in the iPhone's history and you might just be better up calling Apple the iPhone company because that is really the core of their sales. But for the first time in history, the iPhone has declined for two consecutive quarters. Let me just put up a list on screen so I can show you what's going on with the iPhone. Number one, you have problems with sales in China. They are slowing there, the economy has slowed somewhat there but they're also facing fierce competition from companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. In spite of all that, Tim Cook said on the call that he's bullish about the long term future for Apple in China.

Then you have at least of a need to upgrade and you and I have probably both experience this in the past, you had an iPhone and six months later you felt the need to get a new one because the colleague next to you had the better new one with all the new features. That doesn't happen as much anymore, they just don't have great new features coming out on the next edition of the phone.

But we'll see what happens in September. I'm flying out to California to be with you there John to see the iPhone 7. And then finally changes in U.S. mobile carriers, the contract there, they used to give you incentives and they get easy and give you really good financial incentives to upgrade, that just not happening anymore. All of that is hurting Apple.

On the bright side though, a lot of people are using Apple Pay and Apple gets a cut of that and of course Apple Music. Those services on the phone are going really well for Apple.

VAUSE: I know I wanted a new iPhone, I still miss by Blackberry.

BURKE: Thought I knew you were going to say something like that. Really?

VAUSE: See you next week. Be good to have you here.

Well, a short break. When we come back, actor Liam Neeson says he is a little concerned about how Kim Jong-un will react to his latest movie while "Operation Chromite" could change how some North Koreans view history.


[02:50:51] PEDRAM JAVAHERI, CNN WEATHER FORECASTER: Today Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri, CNN weather watch time right now and a pattern across the eastern U.S.

It has been all about excessive heat. It's still pretty chills the outside but it is beginning to cool off just a little bit.

Look how uniform the temperatures are, just about everyone east of the Colorado Rockies into the 30s, just about everyone west of that line into the 20s. A very pattern that's uniform across a widespread area. And notice look get some cool area indicated by the yellows and the greens here try to push in and notice what happens late week.

Another round of heat tries to rebuild across the northeastern corner of the United States while the northwestern corner remains a cool spot into the 20s there, a lower 20s in spots. In fact some snow showers still possible in the highest elevations over cascade over the next couple of days. But rainfall, plenty of it flocked in at almost the same spots. We've seen them recent days, some are localized flooding could be possible where they need the rainfall is the opposite side of the U.S. where of course the southwestern U.S. excessive heat in place. And also a fire threat in place as well.

We know, over 15,000 hectars consumed just north of Los Angeles in the sun fire about 25 percent contained at this point. So, long ways go in that area as far as recovery and fire fighting efforts are concerning.

Work your way down towards the Caribbean, Havana on and to say, Nassau attempts into the lower 30, Chihuahua, a dry 33 degree afternoon. And storm, for you wouldn't believe me with conditions down around Bogota, 22 and partly cloudy.

VAUSE: A production company has pleaded guilty in a British court of failing to protect actors and workers on the set of "Star Wars; The Falls Awakens."

During filming actor Horrison fall and broke his leg. He was trapped under a heavy door. He then let him at the hospital for surgery and a statement of -- state workplace, HSE spokesperson called the accident a foreseeable incident.

Wednesday marks the 63rd anniversary of the end of the Korean War and the premier of the new movie in South Korea.

Operation Chromite could possibly show some North Koreans something they might not know, that their country didn't actually win the war.

Here's Paula Hancocks.


PAULA HANCOCK, CNN REPORTER: Landing 75,000 troops in a narrow South Korean port, an operation with a one in 5,000 chance of success, an operation which changed the course of the Korean War.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: September 15th, zero hundred hours.

HANCOCK: This is movie about the battle in ancient 1950. A daring move by U.S. Commander General McArthur in charge of U.N. forces fighting North Korea to land behind enemy lines and push the North Koreans back to Chinese border.

Hollywood star, Liam Neeson plays the five-star general in the South Korean film.

LIAM NEESON, ACTOR, "GEN. MACARTHUR" IN "OPERATION CHROMITE": Legendary, charismatic figure, a very controversial in many, many ways.

HANCOCK: A movie based on history but not history as Pyongyang remembers it.

Every year, North Korea celebrates victory day, the end of the Korean War. A war that regime tells its people they won.

At the back it was Korea's furious respond to the interview in 2014. A film about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong-un and massive hacking attack comes Sony pictures was blamed on North Korea.

Pyongyang denies that. I ask Neeson if he has concerns about North Korean response to his film.

NEESON: Yes, I think we all are. In light of very recent events, very recent events, we are all, not just as film makers, but as citizens, on this planet and we're all very concerned.

HANCOCK: Movies can make it into North Korea, either through propaganda balloons blends South Korea by detecters and activists or smuggled across the border from China.

[02:55:05] It would be reasonable to assume at least a small number of North Koreans could see the version of the Korean War the rest of the world knows.

Liam Neeson calls it a wonderful piece of cinema, but will North Korea agree?

Paula Hancocks, CNN, Seaoul


VAUSE: Finally here, the manager of the dance group, U.S.A. freedom kids says they plans to sued Donald Trump.


CHILDREN: And I meet our freedom face the music come on boys take them down.

President Donald Trump knows how to make America great he'll get crushed they'll get crushed every time


VAUSE: A video of their January performance in Florida went viral. The manager who is the father of one of those talented girls says Donald Trump reneged on promises to let them sell their CD's at the rally.

It was like canceled one of their performances in Iowa. Trump campaign didn't respond to CNN's request to comment.

It was a CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles, I'm John Vause at CNN's live coverage of the Democratic National Convention continues after a very short break.


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