Thousands Fill the Streets Across the U.S., Protesting against Recent Police Shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota; Veepstakes Heating up



Recent Police Shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota; Veepstakes Heating up

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MURPHY: For sure. I think some of the competitors --


SMITH: Dagen, quit shopping. Go ahead, Mike.

MURPHY: I think they're making --


MCDOWELL: Keeping you up to date on what's happening at the garage sale.

MURPHY: I don't think Wal-Marts and the Targets should compete with Amazon on Prime Day --

GIBBONS: I know.

MURPHY: -- because I think they're building it up for -- they're doing Amazon's job for them. They should just let them have their day and then do what they're going to do on the site.

HILL: Isn't it a race to the bottom at this point? I mean, all these retailers, like, how much can you cut? And they're building it around this single day. I mean, it doesn't make sense. As an investor --

SMITH: Urgency. Urgency.

HILL: Yes.

GIBBONS: Well, the urgency to some degree does work. I mean, Americans like a great deal. They fall into the fast and frenzy motion of it. I mean, slash sales are very --


MCDOWELL: That's why Home Shopping Networks are still so successful, because the little clock and you see the inventory falling and the clock and this price will expire at this point. There's something just psychologically wrong with us that we loved that.


GIBBONS: You could argue we're in a better position to actually spend, too, with job growth kicking in, Millennials having more jobs, feeling more confident about things.

MCDOWELL: Starbucks and JP Morgan, two of the --


SMITH: Let me tell you something. Trained to amazon shares year to date up 11.5 percent at an all-time high. (Inaudible) retailers have taken a page out of Amazon's book. Mike, Amazon shares, AMDN, year-to-date, up 11.5 percent at an all-time high --


SMITH: -- as we speak.

MURPHY: $400 billion market cap no doubt yesterday, saying it's going to a trillion dollars. But remember here in New York City the biggest development going up is Hudson Yards --


MURPHY: -- anchor tenant there. It's a bricks and mortar store for Amazon.

SMITH: No surprise.

HILL: Wow.

SMITH: There you have it. Vera Gibbons, thanks you for weighing in on that.

GIBBONS: Thank you.

SMITH: Up next, there is no bad blood between Taylor Swift in her bank account. She could do some damage shopping today. We'll tell you how much the top earning celebrity took home in pay last year.

All right, plus, Oreo announcing its most savory flavor to date. We'll tell you about a brand-new offering that has Oreo fans drooling with excitement. Savory Oreo? All right.


SMITH: Tragedy strikes the family of a country music star. Cheryl Casone has that story and the other headlines that we're watching this morning. Hey, Cheryl.

CASONE: Yes, Sandra, it's such a sad story. The body of Craig Morgan's son has been recovered just one day after he went missing following a boating accident in Tennessee. The 19-year-old, Jerry Greer, had gone tubing with another teenager on the Tennessee River. Police say that he fell into the water and he never resurfaced. Witnesses reportedly saying he was wearing a life jacket. In a statement, Morgan said quote, "his family is grateful for everyone's support and prayers and requests privacy during this difficult time."

Well, in business headlines this morning, Burberry replacing Christopher Bailey as its CEO, and the company has now named Marco Gobbetti CEO of French luxury brand Celine as the new chief executive of Burberry. Now, the company says that Bailey's going to remain as chief creative officer and as president, but this decision comes among struggling sales, especially in Asia, for Burberry.

OK, we talked about this earlier. Who is the top earning celebrity of the year?

SMITH: Tay-Tay.

CASONE: Tay-Tay. Good job, Sandra. Yes, ma'am. As we like to call her, Tay- Tay, Taylor Swift topping the annual Forbes list of the 100 highest paid celebrities. $170 million guys. She's got a Diet Coke deal. She's got all kinds of stuff going on. She's very well ahead a lot of other pop stars.

SMITH: (Inaudible) boyfriend.

CASONE: Yes, she's got a lot of boyfriends.

SMITH: Oh, OK, no comment.

MCDOWELL: She has one right now.

CASONE: Who's hot. Anyway, I better keep going.

Adele is at number nine with 80 million. Rhianna is at number 13. She makes 75 million. Kim Kardashian, by the way, she's the one that's featured on the magazine's cover. She's number 42, and she's got $51 million. Forbes says 40 percent of her paycheck came from the mobile game Kim Kardashian Hollywood.


CASONE: You knew that?

SMITH: Yes, all you have to do is look on your phone at what's trending as far as app downloads, and it's usually up there.

CASONE: That's amazing.

All right, well, I have one more, and it's of course a food story, because you know me. Do you guys like Oreos and chocolate chip cookies?


CASONE: Want to combine them?


CASONE: Here you go. Nabisco's latest limited edition Oreo flavor, it's cream-filled chocolate chip cookies. It's got a dual flavored wafer of vanilla and chocolate and then chocolate chip cream inside of it. Now available nationwide. I didn't bring any this morning, because it's summer and I really don't want to gain any more weight. Anyway, back to you.

SMITH: Very nice. As the trend continues to be buy organic, all natural, low sugar, I love the companies that go the extreme other way. Let's just tempt you with the most sugary, high caloric food that we possibly can.

MCDOWELL: I will not shame you for giving your children organic ice cream with no calorie cones ice cream cone.

SMITH: Thank you, Dagen.

MCDOWELL: Sandra is a fabulous woman and mother.


MCDOWELL: You know what? If you don't give your kids ice cream, that's something odd.

SMITH: Right?


SMITH: How many kids do you have now, Mike Murphy?

MCDOWELL: I said 18.

SMITH: Six kids.

MURPHY: (Inaudible) baby yet.

SMITH: Wow. Unbelievable.

All right, up next, changes coming to 10 Downing. What expected as the U.K. prepares for its first female prime minister since the Iron Lady.

Plus, from Britain to a galaxy far, far away, the new theme park plans that has "Star Wars" fans swooning, next.


SMITH: 10 Downing Street will have a new tenant tomorrow. Theresa May will replace David Cameron as prime minister. May addressed the British people, highlighting one of her top priorities.


THERESA MAY, INCOMING BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: -- the need for us to negotiate the best deal for Britain in leaving the E.U. and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world. Brexit means Brexit, and we're going to make a success of it.


SMITH: What will her leadership mean for Britain's path out of the European Union? Let's bring in John Brown, Euro Pacific Capital senior economic consultant. First up, John, your thoughts on the Theresa May, the prime minister in waiting.

JOHN BROWN, SENIOR ECONOMIC CONSULTANT, EURO PACIFIC CAPITAL: Well, I think she's a very fine person, well educated, experienced and a good person. But she's from the remain camp, and therefore I don't think at all passionate about Brexit. And what you're seeing is a lot of smoke and mirrors. The British, the tory elite has very successfully gotten rid of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and now Andrea Leadsom who are pro-Brexit and passionate. And now we have a remain person in charge of the Brexit negotiations.

SMITH: So what does that new leadership mean? Where do we go from here? What do we see?

BROWN: I think you will see progressively high flown and high profile media coverage of great achievements by the British and high profile concessions by the European Union. But the reality will be quite the reverse. There will be big concessions by Britain and false promises by the European Union, and Great Britain will be recaptured under the guise of a sort of Brexit which will be all deluded into the growing, very undemocratic and growing tyranny at the European Union.

Margaret Thatcher was different than Theresa May. Margaret Thatcher was passionate to get rid of the shackles of socialism, and she fought like a terrier. Theresa May strikes me more of a spaniel, more cozy, loving, tender, and all that sort of thing. But the result will be, I think, dreadful for Britain but painted as very good by the media and the British establishment.

SMITH: A lot of talk about what her leadership will mean for immigration. How do you see that?

BROWN: Well, she's been pretty firm on immigration as home secretary. I have to admit that. But basically, the European Union wants a free flow of people from within Europe so anybody who gets into Europe can go anywhere they like. And countries like Britain, Germany and Holland, with very good social security, are the magnets for these people.

Already, people are overstretched. Doctors, health services, social security, housing, education, all of these things overstretch. They're going to get much worse, but of course it'll be dressed up. You notice she didn't say stop immigration, as Ukip said, no more. In other words, only net zero. Someone has to leave for somebody to come in.

She says control. Very different to stopping. And I think judging by Cameron's control where he ended up with three times the stated number each year coming in, it looks like a disaster to me. And Brexit will vanish in a cloud of wonderful cream and sugar, which looks like it's been achieved, but the British people will be totally deceived.

MCDOWELL: But John, again, watching from afar, the other candidates running for the prime minister job within the conservative party, they just fell by the wayside. Andrea Leadsom, she was hammered, because she essentially implied that Theresa May was not qualified to be the prime minister or less qualified because she doesn't have children.

BROWN: As you say, well, fell by the wayside, Sandra. I would've said pushed off the rails. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove had to (inaudible) each other, but never underestimate the power of the tory elite in Britain and a very strange way in which Andrea Leadsom was pushed out.

I mean, I think she was huge personal threats, and on the other hand marvelous political trophies to balance her. And suddenly, being in the number slot and very close to being prime minister, you would suddenly give in? It doesn't add up. It adds up to enormous draconian pressure from the elite.

SMITH: John, quickly, the British pound soared after May's rival dropped out of the race. The future of the currency before we go?

BROWN: I think, as I said, Brexit will be drowned if not drowned at birth, gradually watered down, and that means that sterling is progressively undervalued. It also means that the Euro is progressively undervalued, because the Euro will be stronger. They will punish Britain secretly for daring to say they want their freedom back.

And many people mistake the Euro as an economic currency. It's actually a political currency depending on political whirl rather than an economic background. And the political whirl will be reestablished. Mark my words.

SMITH: All right, John Brown, thank you for joining us this morning, sir.

BROWN: Thank you very much, Sandra.

SMITH: All right, good to have you.

Still to come, from emails to aids, the growing list of problems for likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, next.


SMITH: Good morning. I'm Sandra Smith in for Maria Bartiromo this morning. She'll be back tomorrow. It is Tuesday, July 12th. Your top stories at 8:00 a.m. Eastern.

A sea of blue in Dallas. Buildings lit up to honor the officers killed in last week's ambush. This ahead of today's memorial where President Obama and former President George W. Bush will be speaking later today. Yet tensions do remain high. Thousands filling streets across this country last night protesting against recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.


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SANDRA SMITH, FBN ANCHOR: A sea of blue in Dallas with building lit up to honor the victims of last week's ambush. This ahead of today's memorial where President Obama and former President George W. Bush will speak later today. Yet tensions remain high. Thousands filling streets across this country protesting against recent shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump's VP speculation heats up. Later today, he'll hold a rally with Indiana Governor Mike Pence. But at yesterday's event with Chris Christie, Trump ramped up his attack on Hillary Clinton.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Hillary Clinton erased more than 30,000 emails as part of a cover-up. The fact that she got away with all of this could be her single most impressive accomplishment. To me it is.


SMITH: Clinton facing new scrutiny over her private email server. House Republicans want a new investigation looking into whether Clinton perjured herself when testifying on Capitol Hill. And this coming ahead of Attorney General Loretta Lynch's appearance today at Clinton's rally in New Hampshire with Bernie Sanders.

Jordan Spieth, the latest athlete to pull out of the Olympics. That means the top four golfers in the world are not playing in the Rio games.

Expect to pay more for your morning cup of joe. Starbucks raising prices on some of its drinks starting today. This as the company just announced it will pay its workers more.

Tesla under investigation. Why the FCC is looking into whether the automaker violated securities laws.

And turning to markets this morning, the S&P 500 coming off of a record close yesterday. Futures right now pointing to further gains on this Tuesday morning. Dow futures up 74 points. S&P up nine. NASDAQ futures up 24. This, of course, also coming on the heels of Alcoa's report yesterday. That stock up in the pre-market.

And over in Europe, some mixed trading. The FTSE in London slightly lower, while the CAC 40 and the Dax are higher.

And also overnight in Asia, markets posting strong gains across the board there. The Nikkei up more than two percent. The Shanghai almost up two percent.

A lot going on this morning. Let's get right to it. FOX Business Network's Dagen McDowell is here. Rosecliff Capital's CEO, Mike Murphy to my right, and Democratic strategist Harlan Hill. Good to see all of you this morning.


DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: We're looking very springy, you and me.

SMITH: Yes, pink and white.

MCDOWELL: This is the discussion we had. As walked in the green room, I went, I love that dress. That's such a great color.

SMITH: Thank you, Dagen.

MURPHY: Yes, you both look beautiful.

MCDOWELL: Says the devoted husband and father to 18 children.

SMITH: Wow, we'll talk about that in the next block. But good to see you all this morning. Let's get right to it.

Coming up this morning, former N.Y.P.D. commissioner, Howard Safer, will be here; Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton; House judiciary chairman, Congressman Bob Goodlatte; and former presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul will be here.

All right, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and possible VP pick, New Jersey governor Chris Christie campaigned in Virginia yesterday, both taking shots at Hillary Clinton's email investigation debacle. Take a listen to this.


TRUMP: Crooked Hillary Clinton. Sadly, sadly "Crooked Hillary" Clinton is the secretary of the status quo, and wherever Hillary Clinton goes, corruption and scandal follow. Just look at her life.

CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR: And FBI director who said that the repeated assurances that Mrs. Clinton has given us over the course of the last year regarding her email scandal, in fact, in every material way were false. That's not a person who will stand for the rule of law. That's a person who'll stand for the rule of her.


SMITH: Who better to bring in to react to this than Mercedes Colwin, FOX News' legal analyst. Right, Mercedes, first of all, can you react to Trump calling Hillary Clinton the "secretary of the status quo," because Harlan was chuckling when he said that?

MERCEDES COLWIN, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: I mean, it's unbelievable, and sure, because everything that she's done, we know that she had done with this email, that she deleted 34,000 emails. Somehow she's not being held criminally responsible. I don't understand that at all. It just irks everyone.

SMITH: OK, speaking of that, we know that we're going to hear from Loretta Lynch today, and we know that she's going to be grilled on that meeting with Hillary Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. Where do you think that's going to go?

COLWIN: Well, isn't it always that you're hanging out in the tarmac and suddenly Bill Clinton comes. Hey, great to see you. Let me show you some pictures of a grand kids. I mean, I think she's going to be grilled. I mean, certainly it looks very suspicious.

SMITH: Yes, but you just get the feeling like, OK, she's going to be grilled, but is this going to go anywhere? Is anything going to change after hearing from her today?

HARLAN HILL, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, don't you think, I mean -- at least to the American people, it seems that there are two sets of laws in this country, one that's applied to, you know, the ruling class and people like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and whoever else, and people like us. And that's a dangerous precedent to set. And it's the appearance of impropriety that I think really damns Loretta Lynch.

COLWIN: Well, she's going to rely on what Comey said. Comey said not to bring any criminal charges. She can sit back and say, look, the FBI said no. I'm going to -- she's already said it. She's said it publicly. What the FBI says, I'm going to follow.

SMITH: She made that statement right after the meeting to try to excuse herself from -- go ahead.

MURPHY: It seems like it would be so easy to get her for lying, you know, because even Comey said that a lot of the things she said weren't true.

SMITH: Right.

MURPHY: if you think back to baseball. You know, they went after everyone for lying about steroids. Rogers Clemons.

SMITH: Mitchell report.

MURPHY: Yes. Getting Hillary Clinton on lying seems like if they want to, if they follow the law, it should be easy.

COLWIN: Lying to the feds is a crime in and of itself. No one's even talking about that. That's why Martha Stewart --


COLWIN: -- did 18 months time.

MCDOWELL: I said that for weeks and months in advance, even before she sat down to the interview with the FBI. I'm like, they could really nail her --

COLWIN: Oh, sure.

MCDOWELL: -- assuming she goes in and lies or repeats some of the lies that we now know she told to the American people.

HILL: But that's the point is they don't want to nail her. Because if they wanted to get her, they could get her on destruction of evidence because there's no question.



COLWIN: -- 34,000 counts. That could be 34,000 counts. None of them is being talked about.

MCDOWELL: I just want to raise an issue, and this is something that Chris Stirewalt over on the FOX News Channel has brought up, that in the past in targeting the Clintons, that Republican lawmakers, who by the way have asked for an official probe of whether Hillary Clinton purged herself --


MCDOWELL: -- in front of Congress, they overplay their hand. And they push it so far that she winds up looking like the victim, and she will play that extremely well. Again, that's why people still, at least some, have sympathy toward her is because of what she had to put up with with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


MCDOWELL: And politically, that's something that they ought to be aware of.


MCDOWELL: -- Trump and Christie, but I mean the law makers.

COWLIN: She's going to raise the gender card. She's --


SMITH: going to?

COWLIN: Well, with this particular issue if she starts to get targeted.

SMITH: But let's talk about what is likely to happen today, and that is she is expected to get the Bernie Sanders endorsement. How big do you think that will be, Harlan?

HILL: Well, I think it's dubious at this point. Look, when we look at the polling, you know, it looks like about 40 to 50 percent of Sanders' supporters are either going to stay home, vote third party or vote Trump. And even if, you know, a fraction of that holds true, it's a real problem for her.

I believe that most Bernie Sanders supporters that will come out and support Clinton have already registered in the polls that they would come out and support Clinton. I don't think this moves the needle.

COLWIN: No, plus, they're only 18 to 21. They don't work anyway.


HILL: That's true.


SMITH: But Donald Trump has very actively tried to court those Bernie Sanders supporters. Does this close the door on that possibility?

HILL: I certainly don't think it closes the door, because they're a set group in the Bernie Camp that he can appeal to. And just having Bernie endorse, you know, the Wall Street beholding war monger like Hillary Clinton isn't going to make them change their mind. Look, we've spent decades talking about how Hillary Clinton is, you know, a horrible representative of the Democratic Party. Why would that change for Bernie Sanders?

SMITH: All right, Mercedes, while you're here, I want to get to this as well, because a judge says Hillary Clinton must explain why she doesn't have to testify in a federal case about aide Huma Abedin's double dipping job arrangement. The expected outcome of this, your thoughts?

COLWIN: The beauty of it is that federal judges have lifetime appointments. They have no constituents. They don't have to worry about being voted or appointed. They're lifetime appointments. When a federal judge says to someone, you're going to testify, guess what? You're going to testify. Otherwise, you're going to be held in contempt of court, and maybe then she'll spend the night in jail.

SMITH: Wow, what do you make of the political environment? I haven't caught up with you recently. But so much uncertainty still as it pertains to business in the markets. The head of a regional bank on yesterday said the uncertainty in the political atmosphere right now is dangerous for business.

MURPHY: It absolutely is. And I'd love to say that if Donald Trump comes in, that kind of clears everything and makes things more clear for business, but it doesn't. I think Trump is going to be ultimately better for business, but right now I think a lot of business leaders really haven't figured out exactly what his plans are going to be.

So I think one thing the market doesn't like is uncertainty, yet here we are setting an all-time --



MURPHY: So I think if we get some clarity, that clears the way for the markets continuously.

MCDOWELL: I just want to add -- and we'll talk about it later in the show, I'm sure -- you mentioned Starbucks. We're going to talk about that next block. Starbucks raising wages. JP Morgan raising wages as well. Jamie Dimon out with an op-ed in "The New York Times" today about why he's doing that, so at least there are some companies willing to commit and look down the road to the long-term in terms of raising wages and spending money.

SMITH: Mercedes Colwin, thank you for joining us so early this morning.

COLWIN: My pleasure.

SMITH: I know you were up late last night. A lot going on in your world. Thank you.

COLWIN: Thank you.

SMITH: All right, coming up, a new recall hitting the most important meal of the day. General Mills recalling some of its Betty Crocker pancake mixes. What you should know about the risks, ahead.

And as you get ready to shell out more cash for your morning caffeine fix, Starbucks, as Dagen just mentioned, getting ready to give its baristas a raise. More on that and those changes, coming up.


SMITH: Tragedy after an inmate gets his hands on an officer's gun inside a Michigan courthouse. Cheryl Casone has the latest on this story that was developing early afternoon yesterday. Cheryl?

CHERYL CASONE, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Right, it happened in the afternoon, Sandra. Some troubling things happening really around the country. Now, this was 45-year-old Larry Darnell Gordon. He allegedly disarmed an officer, then he shot and killed two court bailiffs. He was then killed. The sheriff's office says that Gordon was facing multiple felony charges but did not specify what they were. We're hoping to get more details this morning on this.

Well, another major E.coli recall to tell you about this morning. General Mills is recalling two types of Betty Crocker cake mix due to possibly tainted flour. According to the FDA, the flavors of cake mixes include Betty Crocker Delite super moist rainbow chip cake mix, and super moist carrot cake mix, also recalled. Krusteaz blueberry pancake mix and manufactured all of these between April and June of 2016, so you want to look at the boxes.

Now, since the initial flour recall on May 31st, 42 people from 21 states have been sickened. Eleven have been hospitalized. No deaths, though, so far, luckily.

And finally, this. Let's stay on the food theme but in a good way. Starbucks, well, first off, they're raising wages for their workers as they raise prices for consumers. CEO Howard Schultz announced yesterday that employees are going to get a raise of at least five percent as of October 3rd. Employees currently earn an average of $9.43 an hour. The company, though, also going to double stock awards for employees who have been there for two or more years. Now, this comes as Starbucks hikes prices by as much as 30 cents on many of its products. All of that, by the way, guys, starts today. And speaking of products, they're introducing a new drink of summer for a limited time. It's an ice coffee drink. You'll see it in front of you. It's got coconut milk. It's called the iced coconut milk mocha macchiato, and here it is. And I brought it for you guys to try, because that's what I do on MORNINGS WITH MARIA.