Trump's Bare Campaign Coffers Raise Concern; Russian Hackers Reportedly Access Clinton Foundation Network; Interview With GOP



Reportedly Access Clinton Foundation Network; Interview With GOP

Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump; Trump Talks About Making Great Trade

Deals And Keeping Business In America; Will Trump Make Aspirational And

Inspirational President; Hillary Clinton's Lack Of Accomplishments In

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LOU DOBBS, HOST: Good evening, everybody. I'm Lou Dobbs.

A lot to cover tonight, and a huge interview with Donald Trump right here tonight.

But first, troubling news about Hillary Clinton, new reports that the Clinton Foundation's private network has been infiltrated by Russian hackers, government investigators reportedly confirming the cyber attack as recently as last week, shortly after it was discovered that Russian hackers had also penetrated the Democratic National Committee's computer system and networks.

The hackers leaked files from that cyber attack, and those files show the DNC was also digging up dirt on Hillary herself, researching her travel aboard private jets and per paid speeches. We'll have the full report for you here tonight.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has already made history as the first person without public service experience to have won a major party's presidential nomination. And Trump is now making it clear he intends to make more history despite the unrelenting attacks of the mainstream liberal media and the withering fire of the Clinton political machine.

Trump and I sat down today to talk about it all at Trump Tower, of course, and he didn't seem, at least to me, even a little bit worried. In fact, he seemed nothing more than annoyed by the left-wing assault.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I have been brutalized by the press for three weeks, and she has had the best week she's ever, D. And there was very little difference in the polls. So I mean, you're seeing that. That's what the shock was today. They said, Whoa. What's going on here? You know, they thought the number would be a lot different than it is.

And we have a group of people that -- millions and millions of people. You saw what happened in the primaries (INAUDIBLE) so many people more voted than they did, as you know, four years ago. And I think we're going to do very well. I think it's going to be big, beautiful surprise.


DOBBS: We'll have the full interview with Donald Trump here later in the broadcast. Also among our guests tonight, FOX's Kimberly Guilfoyle, former Reagan White House political director Ed Rollins, former (sic) Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and columnist for The New York Post Michael Goodwin.

Our top story, a busy day for Donald Trump, who sat down with 1,000 evangelical and social conservative leaders in what was billed as an effort to address, quote, "longstanding concerns" by them about his candidacy.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of the most influential evangelical pastors and leaders in the country, and a good friend of this show, says Trump hit a home run.


PASTOR ROBERT JEFFRESS, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: We still have a few that need to be converted, but I think when they look down the gun barrel of a Hillary Clinton presidency, they'll understand there really is no choice but Donald Trump.


DOBBS: And aside from today's meeting, Trump is preparing to run what he's called a different kind of campaign from the one that we've seen from the presumptive presidential nominee. FOX News senior national correspondent John Roberts has our report.


JOHN ROBERTS, FOX CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Donald Trump may have rebooted his campaign with the firing of his long-time manager, but he's not about to open his wallet up wide to build out his organization for the general election.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We want to keep it lean. I'm not looking to spend all this money. You know, I hear people spend a billion dollars. How do you spend a billion dollars? It's impossible.

ROBERTS: Trump's latest filing with the Federal Election Commission shows his campaign in a precarious financial position, about $1.3 million on hand, compared to $42 million for Hillary Clinton. Trump loaned himself another $2 million in May after saying he wouldn't pay himself back the $55 million he has already spent.

JOE TRIPPI, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: When everything's close at the end, it's going to be how much money is spent on that organization, on getting out the vote. All those kinds of things cost money, and you start this far behind right now, you can be light years behind by the time we get to November.

ROBERTS: But according to the FEC, millions in campaign expenditures have been recycled into Trump businesses, the Trump Tower for office space, Trump golf clubs for events, Trump hotels for rooms, the Trump Grill for meals, his son Eric's wine company. While he collected $12 million to $13 million on fund-raising swings through Texas and Arizona last week, much of that money is for the Republican Party in down-ballot races.

In May, the Trump campaign raised only $3 million compared to Clinton's $27 million. In the same month in 2012, Mitt Romney raised $23 million. In an unprecedented move to encourage small donations, Donald Trump today offered to match dollar for dollar the first $2 million of a 48-hour on-line fund- raising drive. But threatening to self-fund may actually make fund-raising more difficult.

ED ROLLINS, TRUMP SUPER-PAC STRATEGIST, FOX POLITICAL ANALYST: He keeps saying, I'm going to put that kind of money in, which makes it very difficult for donors and someone like myself to try to raise money for him in a super-PAC. People say, Well, he says he can buy it himself. Let him put the money in.

ROBERTS: His campaign reboot may help turn things around. Trump today stepped up his rapid response operation, matching Hillary Clinton attack for attack. Party loyalists are looking for signs Trump can be some a serious candidate who can take on Clinton. But even as he recalibrates his course, Trump is suggesting he's not being treated with the respect he deserves.

TRUMP: I get more support from the Democrats than I do the Republicans. Reince and the RNC have been terrific, but it would be nice to have full support from people that are in office -- I mean full verbal support.


ROBERTS: In 2012, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both raised and spent a billion dollars on their respective presidential campaigns. Donald Trump insists he doesn't have to do that because his campaign is leaner and much more efficient. But if he doesn't step it up on the fund-raising front, he may have to open his wallet a little wider than he'd like -- Lou.

DOBBS: John, thank you very much -- John Roberts.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton campaigning in the all-important battleground state of Ohio, a state that has struggled with the decline of American manufacturing. But Clinton focused less on what she would do and more on how Donald Trump, in her view, would actually hurt the economy.

FOX News senior political correspondent Mike Emanuel traveling with Clinton in Columbus and has our report.


MIKE EMANUEL, FOX CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In battleground Ohio, Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump as being unfit to lead the U.S. economy.

HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY), FMR. SEC. OF STATE, PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Every day, we see how reckless and careless Trump is. He's proud of it. Well, that's his choice, except when he's asking to be our president. Then it's our choice.

EMANUEL: Clinton also claims Trump is reckless when it comes to his ideas on taxes.

CLINTON: He calls himself the king of debt, and his tax plan sure lives up to that name.

Economists describe it with words like "not even in the universe of the realistic."

EMANUEL: Trump quickly fired back on social media.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Hillary Clinton's only right about one thing. I understand debt and how to handle it. I've made a fortune with debt. But debt for this country is a disaster and Obama has piled it on and she's been there watching.

EMANUEL: A new CNN/ORC poll reveals 51 percent of those surveyed believe Trump would be better at handling the economy, holding an 8-point lead over Clinton. Yet she claimed today that Trump isn't that sharp of a businessman.

CLINTON: He's written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at chapter 11.


EMANUEL: The RNC defended Trump on that front. Quote, "Donald Trump is a successful businessman who has spent his career creating thousands of jobs."

Also today, a hacker who operates under the name Guccifer 2.0 has published a range of Hillary Clinton-related documents which he claims were accessed during a recent probe of the DNC's computers. It includes an HRC defense master doc, with defense points on the 2012 Benghazi attack, U.S. military intervention in Libya and her use of a private e-mail computer. The DNC will neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the documents.


EMANUEL (on camera): Democratic sources on Capitol Hill tell FOX the Clinton campaign is well into the vetting process of a running mate. The sources not the names they are hearing the most are Virginia senator Tim Kaine, California congressman Javier Becerra and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown, in that order. Ohio and Virginia are obviously expected to be huge battleground states, while Becerra would offer the ticket some diversity -- Lou.

DOBBS: Mike, thank you -- Mike Emanuel.

We're coming right back. Much more ahead, including our interview with Donald Trump. Stay with us.

Coming up next here, my interview with Donald Trump from, where else, Trump Tower in Manhattan. We discuss, among other things, how he contends with what is a daily assault by the national liberal media and now polls that show the race with Clinton tightening.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: People thought she would have had a much bigger margin. The margin's very tight. And in Ohio, it's even, and in Pennsylvania, it's even. And I think it's -- I think we're doing great in Florida. But nationwide, we're doing very well against her.


DOBBS: And after the latest shakeup in his campaign, is this the campaign reset he needs to propel him to victory? We talk about that and much more next.


DOBBS: I sat down to talk with Donald Trump this afternoon. We took up a number of issues ranging from radical Islamist terrorism and national security to our middle class, a return to prosperity and just who will be the best candidate to create jobs as president. Here's that interview.


DOBBS: One year ago, you had just set upon what some called a quixotic adventure, one that -- even unserious. You're now the nominee, and you are besieged from very direction. You're in a fight with the Republican -- part of the Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, the party and the national liberal media.

I've never seen the like of it, and I've been covering presidential politics one way or the other for 40 years.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Well, you're right. I mean, as we were just saying, Ronald Reagan went through a lot, but people say it wasn't as bad as this. And other than that, I've heard of no other analogy. I'll have something where I think it's a big victory day, and I'll read about it the next day in the newspapers and it's like, terrible news.

The dishonesty of the media -- much of it, not all of it -- but the dishonesty of the media is beyond belief. It's beyond belief. And I think the amazing thing is -- you see all the polls coming out today, and one of the anchors from one of the networks said, Whoa. They couldn't believe that I'm right there.

DOBBS: Right.

TRUMP: And I guess we're tied in Ohio and essentially tied in Pennsylvania and very close nationwide.

DOBBS: Right.

TRUMP: The CNN poll is an example.

DOBBS: Six to seven points and...

TRUMP: Five points.

DOBBS: At this point, that -- frankly, it's so early.

TRUMP: It's very early.

DOBBS: So many people are writing as if this thing's over because -- we're a month -- almost a month from the convention.


DOBBS: This is just beginning.

TRUMP: Well, for me, it's just beginning. You know, when I first started with the 17 total people that we had, I started at nothing and rapidly went up. And you know, that was not very much different, other than we had a lot of people. We had a total of 17, so 16 -- I had 16 opponents.

But I will tell you, I've never seen more unfair press coverage. Even The New York Times, where they did the story on the women -- and the women can out and they said, Donald Trump's a great guy. That wasn't what we were saying and it wasn't our thoughts, and they were totally discredited.

DOBBS: And they immediately retracted and corrected everything that...

TRUMP: They (INAUDIBLE) but I mean, they saw (ph) us and they sort of in their own way apologized as much as they can. But it's ridiculous. And it was a front page story and it was ridiculous.

And how nice were those women to come forward and to say, That's not what we said?

DOBBS: Yes, remarkable...

TRUMP: I hadn't seen them for many years. They were remarkable people. So you know, I have great respect -- I have great respect for what happened. But it's very unfair from the media standpoint.

DOBBS: You've restructured your campaign, shakeup at the top. Is this the reset that you have allowed people to speculate about? Is there going to be one? And if so, what direction?

TRUMP: Well, Corey did a very good job and he's a great guy. And you know, I'm very proud of him. And I watched him, the way he handled it because it's a hard thing for somebody. And he handled it so beautifully.

We got the largest vote in the history of Republican politics in the primaries by a lot, almost 14 million votes, and 37 states. We had big victories. This is different. This is much nastier. I cannot believe it because I thought it would be -- you know, actually, you would think it would be easier because...

DOBBS: Did you think it would be easier?

TRUMP: I thought it would be perhaps easier, although everyone that knew said, No, no, it's going to be more vicious because the press is so dishonest. The amazing thing, the public understands the press is dishonest, or I wouldn't be doing the kind of numbers that I'm doing in the polls.

DOBBS: Is the Republican establishment dishonest, or substantial numbers of them?

TRUMP: Well, I'll let you know in a couple of weeks. I will say I'm disappointed in some. Now, they don't write about -- I mean, I've had so many great calls. Darrell Issa called and so many that are so with me. Nobody writes about all of the people that are really, really with me. Senator Jeff Sessions -- I mean, you take a look at him, he is like a rock, he's so solid and highly respected. I mean, Ted Cruz, as an example, I think, respects him just about more than any other senator. So many people do. And he is a solid rock. And there are others.

But if there's one that's a little bit out, or you know, in some cases, like Lindsay Graham -- I competed against him, and obviously, I did very well against him, to put it mildly. And boy, he's nasty. You know, he just goes on television -- and nobody ever says that he lost. You know, people forget, there's, like, a two-week span. So people forget that I was competing against Lindsey Graham. But he does -- he is nasty. And he's...

DOBBS: Well, you've reached out to him, though, have you not?

TRUMP: No, he called me.


TRUMP: He actually called me. I respected the call. I thought it was good. We had a nice call, and he was nice for about a week, and then he went nasty again. So you know, it's sort of a strange thing going on.

DOBBS: Nature is a funny thing.

TRUMP: Well, it's a -- look, losing is not easy.

DOBBS: Right.

TRUMP: But a lot of people don't know that he lost. You know, now he just sits there as a senator from South Carolina, and...

DOBBS: Well, there are 16 people out there you beat. There's one more for you to beat.

TRUMP: Right.

DOBBS: And when you talk about nasty, she has a machine that is nasty, effective, tough and tried and tested. She was beaten by Barack Obama, obviously. How are you going to beat her?

TRUMP: I think I'm going to do well. I think you see that. I have been brutalized by the press for three weeks, and she has had the best week she's ever had, and there's very little difference in the polls. I mean, you're seeing that. That's what the shock was today. They said, Whoa, what's going on here? You know, they thought the number would be a lot different than it is.

And we have a group of people that -- by millions and millions of people. You saw what happened in the primaries, how so many people more voted than they did, as you know, four years ago. And I think we're going to do very well. I think it's going to be a big, beautiful surprise.

and that probably started today because, really, people thought that she would have had a much bigger margin. The margin is very tight. And in Ohio, it's even, and in Pennsylvania, it's even. And I think it's -- I think we're doing great in Florida. And nationwide, we're doing very well against her. So I think we're going to do very well.

DOBBS: Some of our reporters, some reporters in Washington covering the campaign took note that this was the first day of Paul Manafort being in charge. He (ph) said there are actually very, very distinct differences. And amongst those differences are the amount of PR releases and statements coming out of your campaign. Is that what you expected?

TRUMP: Well, first of all, I have to tell you, Paul and Corey actually got along very well. And they're very different people, and they handled different parts. So in that sense, there was not a problem at all.

I think I was very responsible for a lot of what took place today because I got -- the last time I heard her speak, I thought it was an average speech, at best. And then the press said, Oh, it was wonderful, wonderful. You know, she's reading off a teleprompter and they (INAUDIBLE) I said, You have to do something -- because now she's doing another speech, and she just did it.

And I said now when she lies, we have to counteract the lie because the last time, she kept lying and telling untruths. She talked about Japan and the military all of the things, and she didn't say it the way I said it. It was total untruth. And I said, This time, as she lies, we're going to counteract it. And we did. I hope you think it was effective, but noticed they did break into her speech a lot.

DOBBS: It's -- it's also interesting to -- that you're going to be following by one day her speech, and your subject tomorrow will be Hillary Clinton. We're going to come back and get a preview, if we may, of what you're going to focus on as you address the former secretary.

We'll be right back after these messages with Donald Trump.


DOBBS: We're back with Donald Trump. And you'll be addressing Hillary Clinton in a speech. It turns out to be a rebuttal because she went today. What do you plan to focus on?

TRUMP: Well, look, she has had a very bad time of it, if you really look at her record. Her record is a disaster. In addition to taking in tens and tens of millions of dollars from people for lots of different things in lots of different ways, and countries that should not be giving her money or her husband money -- and we talk about that.

And we talk about her record, and her record is terrible. And we -- you know, she's crooked Hillary. Let's face it, she's crooked Hillary, she always has been, and nothing is going to change.

And the last time she spoke, I let her speak, and I noticed everything -- I mean, so many of the things she was saying were outright lies, fabrications. And I said, This time, we're going to cover it point by point, and we're also going to cover it -- I'm going to do a speech after she's finished.

So we're going to do the speech. And then sometime later in the week, I head out to Europe, to Scotland, where I'm opening up the Turnberry resort, which one of my international deals, one of my many. And then I come back, and I just love this. I'm having a great time campaigning. But we want to keep her as honest as possible, which is not easy to do.

DOBBS: You're focused on Hillary Clinton. You're the first Republican presidential presumptive nominee to focus on the middle class, working men and women and their families.

TRUMP: That's what I'm doing.

DOBBS: And international trade -- the first.

TRUMP: Right.

DOBBS: And you have a unique appeal to independents, as well as to the Republicans that you brought into the primary process. Where do you take that message on illegal immigration, on working men and women, job creation and restoring prosperity?

TRUMP: Wages. Just wages. You look -- I mean, you know, one of the most incredible statistics is for 18 years, people in the middle class, people haven't had a age -- a real wage increase. And in some cases now, they're working two jobs and they're making less money than they used to make, a lot of part-timers because of "Obama care," which is a disaster which we're going to repeal and replace with something much better and much less money.

But I have hit a chord. I mean, I make speeches. I have 35,000 people coming, 25,000 people. The other day, we had a speech in Houston, Texas. They had a line -- I don't know if you got to see it...

DOBBS: Sure.

TRUMP: ... the longest line anyone's ever seen going into an arena or a convention center. And I mean, I have never even seen anything like that. Now we had 5,000 seats and we had tens of thousands of people not able to get in. But it was covered very strongly in Houston with the helicopters.

Look, there's something that we've hit. We've hit a chord. And people are tired of incompetence. They're tired of being ripped off. They're tired of -- in some cases, it's not incompetence. It's the politicians wanting to take care of their friends or corporations or (INAUDIBLE) corporations because nobody can be that stupid to do what they're doing, to make the deals -- we have the worst trade deals ever made by any country, ever!

And we're losing our jobs. We're losing our money. We're losing everything. And our country is not going to be able to continue to do this. We have trade imbalances. We have deficits that are -- are, you know -- you look at China, hundreds of billions of dollars a year. So we're going to change that quickly.

DOBBS: And in supporting the middle class, working men and women and their families, jobs and wages, you're taking on the business establishment.

TRUMP: True.

DOBBS: You're taking on corporate America. You're taking on two business practices in particular, the offshoring of production to other cheap labor markets and economies, the exporting of jobs, the outsourcing of U.S. middle class jobs.

How long do you think it will take you as president to end those two practices?

TRUMP: Well, first of all, when you talk about taking on business -- I'm really here to help business.

DOBBS: Right.

TRUMP: I'm going to help the middle class. We've given the largest tax reduction of anybody by far that ran for president. I mean, all, you know, 18 or 17, plus the Democrats, by far. Hillary has to raise taxes to 55 or 60 percent. There's no way she can do anything less than that. So we're going to give a massive tax decrease for people and for business. So I'm actually being good to business.

But in terms of trade, we're not going to have it where Carrier air- conditioning can close down in Indiana and just move all of their operation to Mexico and sell back to our country. And you know, I mean, it's just not going to happen. And it's so easy to stop because when they sell an air-conditioning unit into our country, we're going to charge them a tax. And the tax is going to be enough that we're going to make up the difference, and maybe more than that.

So there's going to be a price to pay for companies -- there's going to be consequences for companies that close down, fire their workers, go to Mexico or other places and think they're going to just sell here because of free trade because you know, Lou, it's not free trade. I'm a free trader. But for free trade, you need smart people. We don't have smart people doing our deals for us.

So, for free trade, you need smart people. We're going to get one of the (INAUDIBLE), he's a good guy, a good person, he asked me the other day, what do you think, I said, "You know, I just want good days. My trade deal. I want good deals for the people of the United States, that's all. Actually, great deals."

But what we're going to do is we're going to make great deals, good deals, great deals. We're going to make them for this country, that's my trade, very simple. Whether you call it free trade, fair trade, you can call it hundred different things. We're going to start great trade deals where our businesses don't leave and we benefit and make money.

DOBBS: In terms of public policy? Talking about improving, making terrific, great trade deals, that's part of the public policy choice and direction that has to be taken. The second is - it seems to me to recognize for this entire country - all of the money that's socked up in lobbying from K Street goes on behalf of big business, big banks.

TRUMP: Hillary takes care of it.

DOBBS: And small business creates the preponderance of jobs .

TRUMP: . Correct.

DOBBS: . The vast majority of jobs.

TRUMP: . And they're forgotten.

DOBBS: . And how are you going to stimulate their business environment and assure that they prosper and jobs are created?

TRUMP: Well, for one thing, the lobbyists don't control me at all, because if they did, I wouldn't be talking this way about China and Japan and Mexico and all these countries that are just ripping us. Mexico, I have a great relationship with the Mexican people. I have thousands of Hispanics working for me, but I will tell you, Mexico is killing us at the border, and they're killing us on trade. You see so many companies that are moving to Mexico, and there's absolutely no consequences.

So what we're going to do is, number one, the lobbyists don't control me. I know many of the lobbyists. I've hired many of the lobbyists. They're very good. You know, I know lobbyists that can almost guarantee to take care of this one, this one, they have, like, the name of the senator or whoever it may be, stamped on their forehead. Boom. And they totally control these politicians and what happens is, it's good for the people of the company or that own the company, and it's good for certain (INAUDIBLE), but it's not good for the people of the country.

And I understand the system, I think, probably better than anybody. You know what, I've always been on the other side. I understand the system. We're going to make it so our country finally benefits because we are getting ripped off by everybody. Honestly, I said in the beginning, we have made the worst trade deals ever made by any country ever in the history of the world. We lose on everything.