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PIRRO: The low side, right.

MCDOWELL: And so the issue is this should have been done through secure communications channels. So if it was already cut -- here's the question. If the information was already compromised, is it any more compromised if it winds up on her server? That's what I'm -- this seems to be one of the issues here.

PIRRO: But you know what? That doesn't protect her. The fact that it wound up on her server doesn't mean, you know, we should give the woman a break.

Here's the question, and you asked a great question. And that is how does she know. How is she so sure that she's not going to be indicted? There's absolutely no possibility of that. Who did you talk to?

Did you talk to Jim Comey, the head of the FBI? We know that you haven't spoken with them yet. Did you speak to Loretta Lynch?

Did you speak to Barack Obama? Barack Obama has said, I'm not going to do any political interference with this investigation, and yet he's endorsing her. That says that he knows she's not going to be indicted.

And so there's a conflict here. There needs to be a special prosecutor and independent council to look at this. The President is not only conflicted out, but what you've got is a woman running for president saying, I didn't do anything wrong. Well, yes, you did. Yes, you did. There is proof of it. We've got proof of it.

How many top secret classified emails do we have to know that were at risk and CIA operatives possibly at risk as well? She's got no reason to believe that she is not at risk.

JACK OTTER, JOURNALIST AND EDITOR, BARRONS.COM: Two important points here. One is this is what people say. I mean, if you ask Ted Cruz, are you sure you're going to be nominated for the Republican, you know, nomination for president, he would say I'm absolutely sure I am. Not because he's' a lying guy or anything. It's just what you say in these situations.

MCDOWELL: That's a political statement.


OTTER: Well, imagine Hillary saying, well, I you might be indicted. I mean, she's not going to say that.

BARTIROMO: She's not going to say that.


PIRRO: It was smug. It was arrogant. No way. Not a chance. It's not going to happen. How are you so sure?


PIRRO: Does it mean the fix is in? It tells me the fix is in, because a grand jury needs to look at that. And if Jim Comey makes referral to the Department of Justice, he can't put it in the grand jury. Only the attorney general can put it in the grand jury.

BARTIROMO: It's really fascinating to see this case take place and when it's going to be concluded in this collection year.

Judge, I want to get your insight on this controversial decision that came down from the 9th circuit court yesterday. The court ruling there is no constitutional right to carry a concealed handgun. Will the ruling be appealed to the Supreme Court?

PIRRO: Without a doubt.


PIRRO: Without a doubt. First of all, you've got different circuits conflicting on this, number one. I mean, the last thing the Supreme Court said was Heller. They said, hey, you can definitely have a gun in your house, but we're not so sure where you can take it out of your house.

And so now we've got 9th Circuit, very liberal California circuit. I mean, and the 9th Circuit, of course, is right under the United States Supreme Court, so the next level up is the Supreme Court. But when there are conflicting circuits, it's definitely going up.

MCDOWELL: They're basically saying you can't get a concealed carry permit if you go and say I just want it for protection.

PIRRO: I just want one.

BARTIROMO: Right, you have to meet a certain standard.

MCDOWELL: If I want to protect my own well-being and that of my family, I'm not allowed to carry it.

PIRRO: Right. And when I was a judge I used to sign pistol permits in New York, and the question was, if you want a concealed carry or a full carry, why do you need it. What is it that in your life do you have money? Do you have a jewelry store? Are you being threatened? You know, are you a victim? Are you in -- you know, do you have some issue that requires that you have it? And they're saying, we need a reason. You can't have it just to have it.

And then there are those Second Amendment people who say, what are you talking about. The Second Amendment doesn't limit it to just your house. You should be able to carry it. What? You're safe in house but not on the street?

MCDOWELL: Think about the Heller decision and think about Antonin Scalia --


MCDOWELL: -- and how critical he was in that decision, and it just makes us miss him that much more.

PIRRO: And that's why people have to get engaged in this election, because the next appointee to the Supreme Court, will tip this scale on this very important issue.

BARTIROMO: That's absolutely right. Judge, great to see you.

PIRRO: Good to see you.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much. Judge Janine with the latest there.

Up next, Uber makes a U-turn on scheduled rides. We will tell you how the ride-sharing company is changing its strategy.

Then, fans might love his emojis, but Steph Curry's latest venture is anything but a slam-dunk. The product that is getting the NBA's MVP roasted online. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. A Michigan man charged with murder after killing five bicyclists. Cheryl Casone with that story and the headlines now. Cheryl?

CHERYL CASONE, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Yes, Maria, we brought you this story earlier this week. Prosecutors now filing second-degree murder charges against the driver of you a pickup truck that struck a group of bicyclists in Michigan. Five people were killed, four others seriously injured in that crash. Still, though, police have not released details of what caused the accident or if the driver was intoxicated at the time.

Uber is now offering a new twist on its system in Seattle. Passengers are going to be able to schedule the rides ahead of time. They'll be able to schedule rights 30 minutes to 30 days in advance.

Now, this is the first step in what the company says will be a global rollout of the feature. They're trying it anyway. Uber says that other top business travel cities will follow soon. We'll see if it works.

And finally, this. Chipotle no longer the top chain for casual Mexican food. Moe's Southwest Grill, which has less than half number about locations as Chipotle, is now the top choice according to this annual survey from Harris (ph) poll.

Taco Bell came in second place, followed by Qdoba Mexican Grill & Baha Fresh. Chipotle falling below the average rating for the category.

They won this category for three years' straight until this year. Now, they're beaten by Taco Bell, Maria. Sales at Chipotle have been hit hard following food safety across the country. That was E.coli. That was Noro virus.

They've been trying to get people back with free burritos and buy one get one free deals, but it doesn't seem to be working. Chipotle has said that customers are coming back. But to be below Taco Bell on that poll? I just - - ouch.

MCDOWELL: Didn't we have the CEO of Moe's on? Moe's Southwest Grill?

BARTIROMO: Yes, we did. We had Moe's on.




BARTIROMO: I had not even really been familiar with Moe's until he came on. I thought he was a great guest.

MCDOWELL: And Taco Bell's pretty good.


MCDOWELL: I was a chunkster in college because of Taco Bell. I weighed a solid 35 pounds more than I weigh right now.


HAGLUND: Oh, come on. It's like where high schoolers go at like 1:00 in the morning, you know, when they're still out breaking curfew. Who wants to go to Taco Bell and do the drive-through? So gross.

MCDOWELL: I love some Taco Bell nachos bell grande with extra cheese on it. That's breakfast, lunch and dinner when you're in college.


BARTIROMO: Seriously, though, the E.coli scare, I think, really did hurt Chipotle.


OTTER: I think they're actually pretty good.

BARTIROMO: I don't know if direct result, but it certainly did.

OTTER: I think it is.


OTTER: I think it is. Yes, I mean, who wants to take that risk. Right? Go somewhere else, go get a sandwich or risk E.coli.

HAGLUND: Right. And Moe's is more fresh than the rest of those offerings. And I think what you're really seeing with a trend in this, you know, fast casual restaurants is this push to be more healthy. And chains that are doing that showing that -- even Taco Bell has kind of gotten into that game. They're like trying to show how they're healthier.


HAGLUND: And Moe's is much more fresh. So even though Chipotle was dethroned, I think you're seeing the trend toward at least a healthy image.



MCDOWELL: Chipotle's management -- sorry -- Chipotle's management royally fouled up --


HAGLUND: Oh, yes.

MCDOWELL: -- how they handled that. If they had acted immediately and tried to talk to customer and not been so arrogant about it, they wouldn't be -- I don't think would be in that situation.

OTTER: Should we call J&J? You've got to go back to the Tylenol scare, the best one ever.


MCDOWELL: Bob Dilenschneider. Call Bob Dilenschneider, who's the PR guy who worked on the crisis management in the Tylenol scare.


MCDOWELL: Put him on speed dial.

HAGLUND: Let him go to work.


BARTIROMO: He did a great job with that.

Still to come, he may be a superstar on the football field but less -- some are less than impressed with Aaron Rogers' latest move. Why Packers' favorite quarterback sent cheese heads across the country into a frenzy.

And later, forget stashing your cash in the bank or under a mattress. Why Americans are pumping their money into their Starbucks cappuccino. We will have that, straight ahead. Back in a moment.


BARTIROMO: On the brink of he elimination, the San Jose Sharks came out big last night, forcing a game six Sunday night. For the highlights from last night's game and the rest of today's headlines in sports, FOX News Headlines 24-7 Sports reporter, Jared Max. Jared?

JARED MAX, FOX NEWS HEADLINES 24/7 SPORTS REPORTER: Hey, good morning, Maria. Happy Friday, all.

Hey, the Sharks were swimming in dangerously shallow waters in Pittsburgh. Down three games to one, the Penguins had a chance to win Stanley Cup last night and do so on their home ice.

Sixty-four seconds into first period, San Jose gets on the board. Brent Burns makes it 1-0 Sharks. And then less than two minutes, the Sharks bite again. This time it's Logan Couture, 2-0 San Jose. But less than two minutes later, Penguins get a goal from Evegeni Malkin, and 22 seconds after that, the Penguins tie the score, four goals first five minutes.

Late first period, Sharks would go back in front, Melker Karlsson scores. Makes it 3-2. San Jose goalie Martin Jones stood on his head last night. He made 44 saves.

Outshot 46-21, the Sharks win game five 4-2. The series moves to San Jose. Game six coming up on Sunday.

So apparently, sneakers to Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry are like khakis to football coach Jim Harbaugh, as in style, well, some like to say your dad would wear. So this is the new Steph Curry sneaker. It's called "The Chef." It's made by Under Armour. It's the Curry too low.

Now, for Steph, hopefully more flash in game than in his new sneakers. Still waiting to show up in the NBA finals.

Game four of the NBA championship tonight. Cavaliers coming off a 30-point win, so they're two-point favorites tonight, even the series.

Now, we just checked the secondary market for tickets. SeatGeek says the cheapest ticket just to get in the building $421 tonight. Oh, but get this. This is pretty interesting cheapest for game five in Oakland, California is twice the amount for the cheapest ticket for tonight's' game four in Cleveland. Tonight it's $421 and Monday, $839.

Game six in Cleveland, if there's a game six, starts at nearly $700 dollars. And game seven in Oakland, if they need it, over $1,200.

So let's see. Salmon, Alaska, right? Potatoes, Ohio. Peaches from Georgia. If you live in these regions, you'll likely inhale the local product. But when it comes to cheese and dairy from Wisconsin, don't expect Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rogers to drink milk.

Trying to slim down and extend his playing career, Rogers revealed this week that has been a non-dairy diet, more of a vegan diet, with some red meat at times, some chicken, Rogers says. But many Packers' fans and the Milk Marketing Agency don't want to hear it.

They released a statement. The milk board says, as some of the world's greatest Packers' fans, the dairy farm families of Wisconsin are, of course, disappointed by this news.

MCDOWELL: You can't say you're vegan and then eat meat sometimes or chicken sometimes. What's wrong with him? Cheese is delicious. There's something wrong with people --

MAX: You're a cheese fan?

MCDOWELL: Well, yes, there's something wrong with people who don't eat cheese. I'm sorry.

MAX: I'm not a big cheese guy.

HAGLUND: I don't eat cheese. Yes.

MAX: Fresh mozzarella is about as far as I go.

MCDOWELL: But that's cheese.


HAGLUND: Well, yes, I mean, there's certain things that I can do for inflation or digestive issues. You know, but I think he's trying to jump on the, like, I'm a cool sports figure on a cool diet train, because Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, you know, they recently released cookbook. You know, he is in the headlines all the time for, you know, his fancy diet that makes him a star quarterback.

So this is him, you know, probably, yes, may he wants to slim down, but he's also maybe trying up his game a little on the PR front.

MAX: Would you make exception to eat Bartiromo pizza?



BARTIROMO: Yes, I would say probably.

MCDOWELL: If he was here and wouldn't eat the Bartiromo pizza. Somebody would be force feeding it to him.


MCDOWELL: -- turn that down.

MAX: I was walking through greenroom yesterday, and I was where -- what is that? Where is that coming from?


MAX: That smells really, really good.

BARTIROMO: That's so great. Thank you.

MAX: Really good.

MCDOWELL: And her sister made it healthy.

BARTIROMO: Yes, she tried anyway. I kept trying to, you know, disaster that plan.

OTTER: If he doesn't have a good season, it's going to be ugly. They're going after him hard.

MAX: They're going to go after him hard, yes.


MCDOWELL: If you're vegan, you can't eat cheese. You can't eat anything but vegetables. It's things that are vegetable-based.

MAX: On Steph Curry's sneakers, right, just very simple and plain.

BARTIROMO: Oh, yes, yes, yes.

MAX: One colleague this morning said they look like walking shoes a 60- year-old woman would wear. She goes, but my teenage kids will still want them.

HAGLUND: Yes, yes, yes.

BARTIROMO: Let's look at these sneakers.

OTTER: So think about the Stan Smiths from Adidas. How many decades --


OTTER: -- have those things been popular?

BARTIROMO: I still wear those sneakers. I love them.


MCDOWELL: Everybody needs multiple pairs of super fresh white kicks.


MAX: And this defines, I think, who Steph is. He's not Mr. Flash. The other night postgame press conference, he's got on a black hat, a black t-shirt, all black. He's pretty basic. He lets his talking be on the court, and I think the sneakers kind of mirror his image.


BARTIROMO: Under Armour.

MAX: Stuff.


BARTIROMO: You got it. Thanks.

MAX: Have a great weekend.

BARTIROMO: All right, see you later. Jared Max.

Before we take a break, let's check markets this morning. And we're expecting a lower opening this morning for the Dow Industrial. We're actually at the lows of the day right now, down about 90 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

We know that there's a Federal Reserve meeting next week, but we also know that an interest rate increase is probably off the table. Jack Otter?

OTTER: Not happening.

BARTIROMO: Yes, not happening.

OTTER: Yes, not --


BARTIROMO: What is she going to say about July? Because she's got to raise interest rates at some point. Right? Because she promised it.

OTTER: After that jobs number, I just don't see how you raise until maybe toward very end of the year. But I just don't see it happening. I mean, we could get -- I said last Friday that I expect a snap back, just (inaudible) not because I'm necessarily optimistic.

BARTIROMO: Snap back in jobs.

OTTER: But a snap back in jobs.


OTTER: And so maybe that would give her reason. But, I mean, we've got to see 300,000. We've got to see --


OTTER: -- the only thing that is looking good is wages are moving higher. So that can contribute to inflation, and so, yes, you could see a tightening there. But they don't want a strong dollar.

BARTIROMO: Yes, well, you've got two negatives this morning. You've got the strong dollar. Dollar's trading up this morning. And oil prices are trading down, so there's the two reasons for this market to be lower. Other than that, there really isn't anything that happened overnight.

OTTER: But I think the falling dollar is part of the reason the market has done well in the last few weeks.

BARTIROMO: Yes. All right, we'll take a short break.

Coming up, imagine staying overnight in the Eiffel Tower. Straight ahead, we will tell you about the four very lucky people who get to use Paris' iconic staple as a vacation home. We'll be right back.


BARTIROMO: Good Friday morning, everybody. I'm Maria Bartiromo. Welcome back. It is Friday, June 10th. Your top stories right now at 8:00 on the East coast.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battling it out in brand-new FOX News polls and on Twitter. The numbers show Clinton barely edges out Trump. This as Hillary Clinton secures endorsements from Democrats, party leaders, President Obama, Vice President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren, all endorsing Clinton yesterday.

President Obama highlighting experience as Secretary of State in his video backing Clinton.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. And from the decision we made in the Situation Room to get bin Laden to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitols arounds the world, I have seen her judgment. I've seen her toughness.


BARTIROMO: New guidelines, meanwhile, for those living in areas affected by the Zika virus. The World Health Organization saying that people should consider delaying getting pregnant. We're looking at the public health threat.

The sky-high cost of resettling refugees. Just wait until you find out to how much taxpayer money is spent on each person.

Well, forget putting your cash under the mattress or your bank account. Turns out Americans are putting more money into Starbucks on their Starbucks card.

Imagine staying overnight at the Eiffel Tower. We're going to tell you about four people who get to use Paris' iconic staple as a vacation home.

And markets this morning, weakness in Asia overnight. Global growth concerns weighing on investors. Markets in China are still closed for a holiday.

But we've got selling -- pretty significant selling in a Europe. Sharp declines as investors are flocking to safe haven assets. The DAX Index is Germany now down two and a quarter. The FT-100 in London down almost two percent. That's the lows of the morning for the Eurozone.

In the U.S., we're also at the lows right now. The Dow Jones Industrial Average expected to open down almost 100 points. That's about one-half of one percent. Similar situation with the S&P, and the NASDAQ looking even worse, down three-quarters of one percent this morning.

Joining me this morning, Fox Business Network's Dagen McDowell, Barron's Online editor Jack Otter and conservative commentator Kirsten Haglund.


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