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Ahead to General Election; TSA Problems Examined; Golfer Phil Mickelson

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And it's up a 100 percent --


MCDOWELL: You fellows get your thrills from weird places, all we need is a new pair of shoes while guys are doing -- you know what?

BAKER: It's the prickness -- the prickness on bet --


Bet on that, but he'll bet, people like to bet, people -- it's --


MCDOWELL: You know, it's appealing.

MCDOWELL: All right, we'll be watching, thank you. That was good analysis, you guys. Still to come, former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will join the team to weigh in on the fast-moving situation out of Egypt this morning.

And then later, the founder of the world record-breaking auction house Julian's Auctions will join me with a sneak peek of some of the hundreds of pieces of iconic rock and roll memorabilia.

It's going on the auction block tomorrow from music icons auction, back in a minute.



BARTIROMO: Happy Friday everybody. Welcome back. I am Maria Bartiromo. It is Friday, May 20th, your top stories right now at 8:30 AM on the East Coast, breaking news this morning, wreckage of the missing EgyptAir flight found. Egypt government this morning saying parts of the plane and passengers belongings have been discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. This after false reports yesterday that plane debris was found. EgyptAir reportedly confirming the identities of the pilots of the jet, you are looking at their pictures right now. They were the pilots when the plane apparently went down, the latest development coming your way, next. To the campaign trail we go, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton looking ahead to the general election fight, Clinton claiming she is already the nominee.


HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done in effect. There is no way that I won't be.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Bernie Sanders said that Hillary really is essentially not fit to be president. She's not qualified to be president. You know why? He said because she suffers from bad judgment.


BARTIROMO: Well the blame game over long lines at the airport continues this morning, the TSA says it needs more money and it needs more workers, but a new report shows where the agency's money is actually going and it will leave fliers furious. We've got it for you. Plus, owning a piece of rock 'n roll history, lots of iconic pieces hitting the auction block tomorrow. We've got a sneak peek today. Futures showing the markets will open higher this morning, we have some pretty good earnings out this morning, AMAT, applied materials reporting better than expected numbers, that stock is up 8 percent, that's lifting the NASDAQ. The Dow Jones Industrial average expected to open up at about 50 points this morning, as you can see, we've got some firmness in equities across the world today including the U.S.

Looking at the weekly performances is a different story, all three of the major averages are going to record losses for the week, in fact the Dow and the S&P 500 on track this week for the longest losing streak since 2014. Breaking news on the missing EgyptAir flight MS804, authorities say this morning that they have found luggage, a seat, and a body part, while searching for the missing plane that was carrying 66 passengers from Paris to Cairo, Egypt, late Wednesday night. We're also learning this morning new details about the pilot and the crew that were behind the controls when the plane vanished. I'm joined right now by former NYPD commissioner, Ray Kelly, currently, the vice chairman at K2 Intelligence, and it's always great to see you, commissioner.

RAY KELLY, FORMER NYPD COMMISSIONER: Greet to be with you, Maria.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much for joining us. So, we're still learning, we don't want to say that it was definitely terrorism although it feels like many people are saying that it suggests that. What's your take on that?

KELLY: Yeah. No, I think its terrorism.


KELLY: Obviously, you can't totally rule out some sort of mechanical event. This is a fairly new plane, 12 years old, flew thousands of miles that day. It's most unlikely that is a -- anything but terrorism.

BARTIROMO: So the plane was at different locations before Charles de Gaulle, so you wonder if that was the vulnerability where a bomb or something was put on the plane.

KELLY: Absolutely, I mean, what kind of regimen do they have in Eritrea, I don't know, chances are it's a little different.


KELLY: Each port has its.

BARTIROMO: And Tunisia, like lots of places that were speculating they don't have good security.

KELLY: And Charles de Gaulle as well. I mean, you can claim that you have absolute the greatest security, but there's so many people passing through there. I think the backside of the airport where workers go is really vulnerability. Each plane is clean, but it lands -- this plane was only on the ground for a little over an hour. You know how they turn them over. So you have a cleaning crew that gets on, you have the people loading, again, how much security check is going on during that process? So, clearly, a vulnerability there.

BARTIROMO: How would you characterize the U.S. right now, I mean we haven't seen a terrorist attack in a little while. Well, obviously, we did -- we saw San Bernardino.


BARTIROMO: But before -- are we stopping it? Are they still trying to attack us, characterize our security in the U.S.?

KELLY: Yeah. I think what's stopping -- I think the FBI is doing a good job, they rolled out a lot of people in the last two years, over 80 arrests have been made, I like that. Any times there's any manifestation of -- or really thinking about doing something untoward, and a manifest act, I think that should be arrested, and that's what the FBI is doing. But, so many people have said we have to be right every time, they only have to be right once.

BARTIROMO: So what should people take away from this issue then? I mean, if this is terrorism the terrorists are alive and well, obviously.

KELLY: But you've got to travel, that's it.


KELLY: You hope that there will be more focused. Obviously, we want to know what happened here. We don't know the specifics of it. But, look, here's a plane that was in four countries the day before, I think it's very difficult to guarantee safety when you have that sort of country hopping, just the way it is. And it's going to be very difficult to do an investigation, if in fact it focuses on, you know, the ground crew -- hundreds of people touched that plane that day to service it in four different countries.

BARTIROMO: And apparently the authorities are scouring this wide area, South of Crete, to look for plane debris. And they found a seat, they found some luggage, a body part as well.

KELLY: Yeah.

BARTIROMO: . according to the report this morning.

KELLY: This reminds me a little bit of the Lockerbie bombing 1988. There was no claim of responsibility. It was a bomb that was in the checked baggage. It blew just a, sort of a 20 cm hole in the fuselage, but at that high altitude, you know the plane go down. It could be a very similar situation.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, one of the other reasons that people are speculating about terrorism is Egypt. This is the second civilian aviation disaster for Egypt in the past year, and authorities are not transparent enough, I'll say that.

KELLY: Yeah. And you have the individual who supposedly had a suicide vest.

BARTIROMO: That's right.

KELLY: . you know, climbing into the plane, yeah. EgyptAir has had a spotty record, and obviously, both France and Egypt have been plagued by terrorist events. So, yea, they'll be plenty of suspects here, unfortunately. And it makes it very difficult to do an investigation, I think.

BARTIROMO: Let me switch gear here. I want to get your take on the TSA because in the U.S. you've got the head of the TSA now headed to Chicago. He's meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. They want to fix this growing airport delay problem. Privatizing the airport, where are you on that? With that.

KELLY: I'm totally against it.

BARTIROMO: You're against it.

KELLY: Five days after 9/11 I was asked down to go to Washington by then Secretary Panetta, but it was a group of people to get the planes back in the air. One of the things that came from that meeting was the creation of the TSA. I don't think you can have private entities, the airlines themselves controlling the flow of traffic.

BARTIROMO: They will be more vulnerable than the government.

KELLY: I believe so, ultimately. Just, you know, notionally they would be. I mean, they're good people who'll try to do a good job. I think you need a government entity to do it. I think you need more resources, quite frankly. It's a troubled agency, I'm sure money can be saved in other areas, but I think they need more people to do the job.

BARTIROMO: And by the way, that's the whole issue as well. Some people are speculating that it was government employees at some of this smaller government -- some of these smaller countries like Tunisia. You know, employees that were working, you know, in the airport that could have.

KELLY: Yeah. I mean.

BARTIROMO: . could behind.

KELLY: . again, what is the vetting process in.


KELLY: . these other countries, third world countries. I think it's spotty at best. It's an area of vulnerability, and I don't know how much we can do about it in other countries.

BARTIROMO: Technology, obviously, has also evolved and changed the job a bit. Let me ask you about technology as it relates to police officers, and these body cameras. What do you think is needed right now in terms of helping and investing in the police force?

KELLY: I like the body one camera.


KELLY: I think, the way to go.

BARTIROMO: Because some people are saying, look, cops are afraid they're going to be on camera.

KELLY: Yeah.

BARTIROMO: So, they're not -- and there's that Ferguson effect, obviously.

KELLY: You know what they're going to be on camera anyway. Everybody at the ten year of age has a camera in their phone.

BARTIROMO: And there's cameras all over the place.

KELLY: And what happen is you see half an event, or 3 quarters of an event, you don't see the whole event. Now, the police officers are recording an event, you at least have the potential of seeing everything that happens. And we'll see a vastly more great beneficial act on the part of the police than untoward acts.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, it's nice to see some investments, frankly, for the police.

KELLY: Yeah. I wasn't always for it, but as I thought it through, I sort events in North Charleston, South Carolina. I think did the trainers left the station, camera see -- I think you'll see it as part of police uniforms 7 years from now. It would be sort of standard equipment.

BARTIROMO: Interesting. It will be, maybe embedded in the uniform.

KELLY: Maybe.

BARTIROMO: Commissioner, good to see you.

KELLY: Good to see you.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much as always, Commissioner Ray Kelly, joining us here. Straight ahead, it could be one of the biggest frozen food recalls in history. I want to hear that. Why you might want to check your freezer if you've been to target in the last two years, or Costco. Plus, right here on the set the famous Michael Jackson's silver glove, is up for auction tomorrow. We've got a sneak peek, stay with us.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a Friday. We're looking at a higher opening for the broader averages today. Let's take a look at a couple stocks on the move, applied material, AMAT, topping third quarter analyst expectations with both its earnings and revenue for the quarter. The semiconductor chip equipment maker also delivering an upbeat outlook that stock is up searching 7 percent in the pre-market this morning. We're also watching shares of Target. The retailer along with Costco, Trader Joe's, and Safeway, carrying products from CRF frozen food, these products are now being pulled off of the shelves in what could be one of the largest recalls in food in recent memory, involving millions of packages of fruits and vegetables that were shipped to all 50 states. You may want to check your freezer this morning. Fresh uncertainty about the market this morning, the Dow and the S&P 500 on track for the fourth straight weekly decline. Earlier this week, Donald Trump issued his own warning on the stock market.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: But if you look at some of these tech stocks, that are so, so weak as a concept and a company and they're selling for so much money. And I think, you know, I would have said can that ever happen again? I think that could happen again.


BARTIROMO: Varney & Co., host, Stuart Varney with me now. Stu, we've seen it happen a couple of times, but it was a bust.

STUART VARNEY, VARNEY & CO. HOST: Yeah. I know you think that, Varney & Co., the show is all about politics, all politics, all the time. But, you know, occasionally, we get out there and we cover the stock of the day, and the stock market of the day, and today we're going to focus on the NASDAQ. As I think, Maria.


VARNEY: . I want to make sure I'm right here. I think the NASDAQ has gone down for four straight weeks. And if it goes down today, it will be 5 straight weeks, that's quite a pullback for technology stocks.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, it shows.

VARNEY: I want to take a look at that because it seems to me that most people if they buy individual stock. They're buying Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, I think it's pretty much that area. And I'm just intrigued at this pull back of the NASDAQ. Look at that chart, and where we're going from here. And, yes, of course, we will bring Trump into it after that soundbite that you just ran where he says that tech stocks are heavy. So, yeah, you'll get your dose of politics, but we'll get in there with the NASDAQ comes as stocks as well.

BARTIROMO: Well, many of your followers don't realize that you're -- before anything else, a money man.


BARTIROMO: I remember those days on CNN show.

VARNEY: I haven't changed that much.


VARNEY: Please don't mention the Clinton News Network on this network. Please don't do that.

BARTIROMO: The Clinton News Network, that is great. Dagen, look at markets right here, Stuart's got a point. I mean, this is -- have we've seen a pivot?

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Exactly. And how do you integrate, Stuart, presidential politics into it. All the uncertainty about the policy and who will be leading the nation starting in November, that's got a factor into it.

VARNEY: I think it will, but I don't think it has does far. It's just emerging that Hillary and Trump are the frontrunners. They're the candidates, I'm pretty sure that who's going to fight it out in November. I don't think that that has an impact on the market at this point. I don't think so.


VARNEY: But I think as we get closer, and we get a better indication who might win this thing, that's when you might see some market reaction. But I don't think we've seen it just yet.

MCDOWELL: Yeah. Hillary Clinton wants to raise capital gains taxes and extend the holding period.

BARTIROMO: I know. You know, if we were to see this market start feeling like we're going to get tax reform, you got to believe, Gerry Baker.


BARTIROMO: . the next Hillary, yeah.

BAKER: Yes, that will help, but I think.

BARTIROMO: I think it's going to be huge.

BAKER: . one of the big things really weighing on the market right now, once again is uncertainty about the Fed. You know, I mean, I really do think we have this -- the Fed has been so -- the Fed and expectations about what the Fed is going to do is so dominate in the market so long. That, you know, it doesn't seem like that's going to win now. You know, just in the last week we've seen some rising expectations, Stuart, that the Fed may in fact, now, rate hike may conceivably back on the cards in June. That's not making people happy. It's pushing up young yields too. You know, the market is reacting to once again, to concerns about what the Federal Reserve is going to do this managing loses.

VARNEY: Let me guess, Gerry, you are from south of Warton.

BAKER: Very good, I am.

VARNEY: Whenever an Englishman speaks to each other.


BAKER: There's a dividing line. The country divided between north of Warton and south of Warton.


BAKER: What I love about this show is nobody watching this program has the slightest clue what we are talking about.

VARNEY: That's right. And we'll have to open up another area of discussion, Gerry. If I may, I'm pretty sure that you did not go to a private school, Eaton, Harrow, Winchester, et cetera, I'm pretty sure you went.


BAKER: Are you looking at my palm or something? What's going on?

VARNEY: No. Two Englishman speak to each other you can tell where they are from and which class they're from.

BAKER: Yes, you can.

BARTIROMO: Where's Stuart from?


BAKER: Stuart is from.


BAKER: North of Warton? Midlands?

VARNEY: Yes, correct.

MCDOWELL: Darby, right, Stuart?

VARNEY: Yes, correct, Darby, very good.

BARTIROMO: Stuart, more fantastic insight in about 12 minutes from you, we'll be watching your show.

VARNEY: What the market is going to do.


BARTIROMO: Stuart, will see you in 10 minutes. Varney & Co., up in 10 minutes. Coming up, you can own a piece of rock 'n roll history from Elvis Presley, to Jimi Hendrix, and even Lada Gaga, we've got it in our studio, iconic memorabilia for auctioned, next.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. You too can be a rock star, world record breaking auction house to the stars, Julien's Auctions, is gearing up for the highly anticipated 2016 Music Icon Auction event. It's set to take place tomorrow at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. Hundreds of pieces of iconic rock 'n roll memorabilia will go under the hammer. Joining us right now with some of the adding's that are up for auction is Julien's Auction executive director, Martin Nolan. Martin, good to see you again.


BARTIROMO: Thank you so much for joining us. You brought some hot stuff today.

NOLAN: This is amazing.

BARTIROMO: First off, give me the overall look at what is going to happen and what kind of interest you're seeing for the auction for this kind of memorabilia tomorrow.

NOLAN: It's huge. We have 400 items going on the auction block at the Hard Rock Caf, tomorrow, or on juliensauctions.com. All of the major icon representative, amazing line-up, this is just a small sampling of what's going on the auction.

BARTIROMO: All right. Tell me about this guitar.

NOLAN: This is Elvis Presley's mostly important guitar.


NOLAN: The Aloha tour a performance in 1983, one billion people watching by satellite-TV, customized by his father for Elvis in black to represent his black karate belts.

BARTIROMO: Oh, my God, I love this one.

NOLAN: So, estimate 200 to 300,000, Elvis Presley engraved in here.

BARTIROMO: Oh, wow, it got Elvis Presley engraved in there. That's cool.

NOLAN: And Elvis gave it to a 21-year-old Mike Harrison, Ashton, North Carolina, in 1975. He said here, this might be worth something someday, and Mike Harrison is now selling this, estimate at 200 to 300 thousand.

BARTIROMO: Two hundred to three hundred. What about this guitar?

NOLAN: This is the most important item in the entire auction. This is Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar.


NOLAN: It's his first guitar, it's a 1951 Fender Broadcaster, just a beautiful -- in fact, Jimmy Vaughan played it first, the brother, and then he gave it to Stevie ray, when he was still 15 years of age.

BARTIROMO: So this is how old this guitar?

NOLAN: 1951.


NOLAN: And Jimmy Vaughan own it and incurred Jimbol in the back of it there.


NOLAN: And Stevie Ray, not to be outdone by his older brother, he carved his name in here.


NOLAN: Stevie Ray Vaughan.

BARTIROMO: What is this going to.

NOLAN: Four hundred to six hundred thousand.

BARTIROMO: Four to six.

Nola: It's a very iconic, very highly saleable guitar. Last November, we saw John Lennon guitar for $2.4 million which is a world record.

BARTIROMO: Wow. That is awesome

NOLAN: So this thing is cheap, right?

BARTIROMO: You've got Elvis Presley's jacket back there.

NOLAN: Yes, a great jacket, circa 1974, made by a company East West Instruments in San Francisco, estimate at 40 to 60,000, great photograph of Elvis Presley wearing this. And it comes with a letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden, who lives at Graceland at the time.

BARTIROMO: So when people buy this, they're basically putting it like on display in their house. They're not going to wear that jacket. They're going to ruin it.

Nola: If you pay 40-60 thousand, they can certainly do what they like.

BARTIROMO: They can do whatever they want.

NOLAN: These are investments as well.


NOLAN: These are serious money. These are iconic intangible assets. They can take them home, love them, enjoy them, and sell them in years to come.

BARTIROMO: Do we have the glove? A-ha, let's talk about.

NOLAN: We do.

BARTIROMO: I've just tweeted this out. This is Michael Jackson's glove when he did the moonwalk.

NOLAN: It's from the Moonwalker movie, 1988, it's made by Bill Whitten.

BARTIROMO: Can I put it on?

NOLAN: You can put it on.

BARTIROMO: I already did, actually, and I tweeted a picture.

NOLAN: What was seen -- where is Michael Jackson's glove, the value just went up. And now beat it.

BARTIROMO: Oh, beat it. I wish I could run with it but I can't. What is this goes for?

NOLAN: Well, we estimate at 10 to 20,000, but we sold a Michael Jackson glove for 420,000. So 10 to 20, and now that you wore it, definitely the value has gone up.

BARTIROMO: This is -- what is this jewels on here?

NOLAN: It's not crystal actually, it's made to represent the night sky.


NOLAN: Fantastic and great images of Michael with a glove.

BARTIROMO: And you're sitting on at this jacket.

NOLAN: Freddie Mercury, which is a really marquee piece. It's on the cover of our option catalog for the auction tomorrow. And it's the Rock Soldier, and it's designed by Diane Mosley, who also designed the David Bowie outfit that you see here in the background. And Magic Tour, 1986, Freddie's last tour, live at Wembley as well. So this we estimate 60 to 80,000, again, that's conservative. But that's Freddie Mercury highly sought after.

BARTIROMO: I know you have lyrics. I actually purchased the actually lyrics of Joey Ramone that he wrote a song about me. And I have it on my wall. But you say that could be worth something.

NOLAN: I think it's worth money. And in fact, if you look at the lyrics we have here from John Lennon, Being from the Benefit of Mr. Kite, from the Sergeant Pepper album, 1967. We estimated this 300 to 500 thousand.


NOLAN: Lyrics by Lennon has sold in the upwards of a million dollars. So, again, this is a great piece, and notes at the back as well. I think you said that you have also has notations from Joey.

BARTIROMO: Oh, yeah, it's his scribble when he was coming up with the lines.

NOLAN: A little love notes because we know he loves you, Maria.

BARTIROMO: Ah, he's such a great investor.

NOLAN: He was.

BARTIROMO: All right, Joey Ramone. Martin, great stuff. I know this is from Madonna.

NOLAN: Yeah, Desperately Seeking Susan.

BARTIROMO: And that jacket, OK.

NOLAN: . in 1985, Orion Pictures.


NOLAN: . really put Madonna on the map.

BARTIROMO: Good luck with the auction tomorrow.

NOLAN: Thank you so much.

BARTIROMO: Martin, good to see you. Final thoughts from our all-star panel, that's next. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: All right. Make sure you'll join us next week, big show next week, as you could see. Final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning, Arthur Aidala, what are you looking at.

ARTHUR AIDALA, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Well, obviously, I want to see what's going to happen with this plane crash. I mean, that affects the whole world, number one. It affects American way of lives', number two. It affects our economy tremendously. Last night I was out in a legal event, the lawyers -- one of my friends is going to Florida, Miami, I bring him to the airport two and half hour early, to fly to Florida. I mean, you're hoping to find out is a mechanical problem and not.

BARTIROMO: And not terrorist, we'll see, Gerry Baker.

BAKER: I'm going to pick something very obscure to your viewers this weekend off. And we look at Austrian politics, Austria will elect a new president on Sunday. It's very likely to be a very, very populist right- wing politician. It's a sign of the growing anger in Europe, about the way Europe is going, about migrants, about the state of Europe generally. Watch that space because it's going to be very, very important in terms of what happens there and around the world.

BARTIROMO: You thought it was only America, it's not. Yeah, Dagen.

MCDOWELL: The Preakness, I'm done.

BARTIROMO: Preakness.


BARTIROMO: All right. Thanks everybody for joining us. Great program today, Gerry Baker, Dagen McDowell, Arthur Aidala, let's set it right over to Stuart, Varney & Co., begins now, Stuart, over to you.


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