This morning our partner CNET is revealing the results of its smart home study.



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in a first of its kind living laboratory.>

NORAH O`DONNELL: This morning our partner CNET is revealing the results of its smart home study. For eight months a team tested more than forty smart home products in a first of its kind living laboratory. editor-in- chief Lindsey Turrentine is here with the results. Lindsey, good morning.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE (CNET Editor in Chief): Good morning.

NORAH O`DONNELL: This is so fascinating. We all love all this stuff because we want a smarter home. So the first thing you tested was a Samsung family hub refrigerator. What did we learn from it?

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: We have played with this refrigerator. And it`s-- it`s a really interesting device because manufacturers have tried to make a smart home refrigerator for a long time. And nobody`s been interested but this one takes a different approach. It has a very large screen that, essentially, replaces all the little bits of paper that you would stick with magnets on to your fridge. And then it has cameras inside the refrigerator so that you can see from the front of the fridge or from your phone when you`re at the store what`s inside the refrigerator.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Mm. So it can make grocery shopping easier?

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Yes, it has some online shopping built in. You can order some products from the refrigerator. It also shows you your family calendars synced up on the fridge from all of your different devices so that you can actually use that calendar from the front of the refrigerator.

GAYLE KING: It`s a good looking fridge. You got to keep it clean, though, when you have a refrigerator that looks that good.


GAYLE KING: Let`s talk about Amazon`s Echo. Because I love her voice, Alexa.


GAYLE KING: I love how she speaks. Yeah, Alexa. I love how she speaks. How can she help us with a smart home?

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Well, we used this device to set up lots of different configurations of lights in the home. And actually, Alexa and this whole product work very well as a hub for the smart home. So Amazon has been very open about what can connect with this device. You can use it to operate your light bulbs, you can use it to operate things like garage doors, you can use it to operate fans. And--

CHARLIE ROSE: The music system.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Music. It is a music system. It`s a Bluetooth speaker--


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: --and the thing that`s so perfect about it is that it works for anybody in your home. So if you have a four-year-old who doesn`t have a smart home, your four-year-old can-- can do things. You can also use it to-- to take care of family tasks.

GAYLE KING: Charlie has one.

NORAH O`DONNELL: He talks to Alexa every morning, right?

CHARLIE ROSE: I love it.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: It does a lot of things.

CHARLIE ROSE: From the bed.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Here`s one example--

GAYLE KING: What do you say to Alexa?

NORAH O`DONNELL: From the bed.

CHARLIE ROSE: From the bed.

NORAH O`DONNELL: What do you say?

GAYLE KING: What do you say?

CHARLIE ROSE: What`s the weather?

GAYLE KING: Oh, what`s the weather.

CHARLIE ROSE: What`s the news? And play me some whatever.




LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Or, you know, if you want to take care of family tasks, you can say something like, Alexa, order glass cleaner.

ALEXA: I didn`t find that in your past orders, so I`ve added glass cleaner to your shopping list.

GAYLE KING: Don`t you love her voice?

CHARLIE ROSE: I love her voice.

GAYLE KING: I love her voice.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: She`s very pleasant.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: And anybody can use her. She works with all different devices. So for us, voice activation has been a key learning of the smart home. We realize that using your voice to control the smart home is the best way.

CHARLIE ROSE: It`s so great I ordered another one for another house. And Amazon must be sold out because they said it`ll be-- this was through Prime. They couldn`t deliver it until May twenty-fourth.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: There are now three different devices that you--

GAYLE KING: Did you order in your own name?

NORAH O`DONNELL: May twenty-fourth.

GAYLE KING: You need to tell him this is Charlie Rose. Did you order in your own name?


GAYLE KING: May twenty-fourth, that`s crazy.

NORAH O`DONNELL: What about the smart battery?

CHARLIE ROSE: Amazon, crazy.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: So this little--

CHARLIE ROSE: Alexa, Amazon crazy.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: She`ll remember that, I`m sure. This little guy it`s thirty-five dollars. This is a battery, but it`s a Wi-Fi battery that you can plug into any smoke detector. So what we-- one of the things that we realized about the smart home when we tested more than forty categories of devices is that you can start really simple. If you`re overwhelmed by the idea of a smart home, you can buy a thirty-five-dollar device that you plug into any smoke detector. And then from my phone--


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: --I can see whether or not my smoke detector has alarm and it will tell me if the battery is low. It`s simple--


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: --but it`s a great way to know and then sort of have that peace of mind when you`re elsewhere that your smoke detector is working.

CHARLIE ROSE: Do you know about Viv?

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Yes, Viv is new. Viv is a new, supposedly, smarter voice assistant than Siri or Cortana or any of these, or even this guy. But we`ll see. It`s-- it`s a brand new platform that was just announced.

GAYLE KING: You did some testing in Kentucky. I was just there for the derby. And you said it didn`t work so well in Kentucky after eight months. So I`m surprised what happened?


GAYLE KING: You-- you said there was a eight-month test in Kentucky.

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Oh, it worked great. The entire test--

GAYLE KING: That`s pretty good, Lindsey. What, what?


NORAH O`DONNELL: She`s like, Um, I don`t think your question is right.

How did the house work in Kentucky?

GAYLE KING: Yeah, did I not-- did I not ask you right?

LINDSEY TURRENTINE: Well, the house is great. But what we discovered is that the entire category is really complex.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: So it`s very new. It`s sort of like computers were fifteen years ago.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: You know what we found is that if you`re going to start by installing smart home devices yourself.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: What you should do is choose a task that you want to complete.


LINDSEY TURRENTINE: And then tackle that one thing at a time. Don`t worry too much about which devices are going to work with which.

CHARLIE ROSE: That that you have to have (INDISTINCT) working with you.


GAYLE KING: All right, Lindsey. Your expression was priceless. You have to look at the tape on that. You`re like, what? What`s you`re talking about? Good to see you, Lindsey Turrentine. We like it when you come by.

Kaley Cuoco of the the Big Bang Theory. She is here in Studio 57, ahead of Thursday`s season finale. Ahead, she`ll talk about the hit series and the life lesson she learned from her dad.

But, first, at eight thirty-eight a check of your local weather.

NORAH O`DONNELL: She knows the camera.


ELLEN DEGENERES (Ellen Show): Why don`t you want to be her partner?

KALEY CUOCO (Ellen Show): It`s very important he associate with us, Richmond. I mean, sometimes people you`re seen with, even as early as second period, can reflect poorly on your entire lunch.

ELLEN DEGENERES: You don`t have to tell me that. I lived in Los Angeles. I mean out there it`s all about who you`re seen having lunch with. Unless, of course, you`re in a drive through, and then it`s about what you`re driving.


KALEY CUOCO (Actress, The Big Bang Theory): Oh, my gosh.

CHARLIE ROSE: Who was that?

GAYLE KING: That was teenage Kaley Cuoco.

KALEY CUOCO: That was a long time ago is what that was.


KALEY CUOCO: I haven`t seen that clip in ages.

CHARLIE ROSE: Two thousand two.

GAYLE KING: I forgot you were in-- that-- that was The Ellen Show in 2002. These days, though, Kaley Cuoco is best known for playing Penny on TV`s top comedy you know it, The Big Bang Theory. The ninth season finale airs this Thursday night on CBS. In this sneak peek, Penny has to break some unwelcome news to her husband Leonard. Here`s a look.

(Excerpt from The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre Productions)

GAYLE KING: Well, we very much like Kaley Cuoco. And she joins us once again in Studio 57. Good morning and welcome.

KALEY CUOCO: Hi, guys.

GAYLE KING: It is cool to see you on that Ellen clip back in 2002 to where you are now.

KALEY CUOCO: I cannot believe that. I`ve been doing this for way too long. It`s a long time it`s what we think.

GAYLE KING: I know but what are your thoughts when you think about that girl there to this girl here who`s now on this hit show on CBS?

KALEY CUOCO: You know what`s so weird, I feel like I was the same girl there--

GAYLE KING: Person. Yeah.

KALEY CUOCO: --that I am right here. That`s why I`m laughing. I`m like it feels like yesterday in a weird way--


KALEY CUOCO: --but not-- not much has changed inside of me. It`s like weird. It`s-- a lot of things have changed outside but not on the inside. So I feel very-- very lucky. My hair has changed a lot.


KALEY CUOCO: That`s changed a lot.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Can you give us a little bit of a sneak peek of the season finale?

KALEY CUOCO: Yeah, we have a-- we have a really good one. End of season nine. It`s a big family affair. As you saw, we`re going to try and have another wedding ceremony for the families to attend. And we meet Leonard`s dad, played by Judd Hirsch, which is--


KALEY CUOCO: He`s hilarious. And Leonard`s mom, Christine Baranski is back. And we have amazing people. And it kind of leaves-- I wouldn`t call it a cliffhanger, but it leaves with a little bit of an uh-oh. And there`s a big dinner scene that you see that right now that is hilarious. I was laughing so hard. I mean, if you see me, I`m laughing the entire time. It was a great thing to shoot. So--

GAYLE KING: But just the fact that you and Leonard are married is interesting. Johnny Galecki who said and he and Jim Parsons, who`s also been here.


GAYLE KING: Said they-- they were surprised that this show would be the hit that it was. Did you feel that too when you were starting out, or did you think we got something special here?

KALEY CUOCO: I think during the pilot we felt something special. We all were like there`s-- there`s something different? But you can`t ever predict or even hope for something to be like this. I mean what I love about our show still to this day after we have an episode that airs, we still come in the next morning and go, did you see the ratings? Did people watch? Like we are genuinely still so excited and surprised, you know.


KALEY CUOCO: And that hasn`t changed and I kind of love that. I love that about our group.

NORAH O`DONNELL: And renewed for a tenth season.


NORAH O`DONNELL: But there`re some people that`s saying this might be the last season.

KALEY CUOCO: I can show-- no. I don`t want it to be the last. I can safely say no one wants it to be the last. There will be an interesting path to get there but we are not stupid.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Yeah. We got a good thing going.

KALEY CUOCO: We got a good thing going, and we genuinely like each other. And we have a really good job, and we want to stay here for, I would say, many more years.

CHARLIE ROSE: When you`re not acting, what do you do?

KALEY CUOCO: I ride horses.


KALEY CUOCO: Yeah. I ride horses.

CHARLIE ROSE: Competitively?

KALEY CUOCO: Yes. I have many horses. That`s kind of like my other life. It`s not really-- I used to call it a secret life. But now I am much more open about it. And, yeah, the animals have completely centered me.

GAYLE KING: Yes, and I hear that you like equestrian riders, Kaley. That`s what I`ve heard. Her significant other, Charlie, is an equestrian rider.

CHARLIE ROSE: I got that from the question.


GAYLE KING: Yeah. But let`s go back to you. Because two years ago when you were here, you were sitting in that seat, you were--


GAYLE KING: --married, very much in love.


GAYLE KING: As of last Friday, that`s no longer the case. So I`m wondering what you learned from that experience and what you learned about yourself. And then we`ll talk about new Mister Man.

KALEY CUOCO: You know what I am not ashamed of anything that happened. I fall in love really hard. And--


KALEY CUOCO: Yeah, I do. And I--

GAYLE KING: Do you fall in love quickly?

CHARLIE ROSE: I mean when you fall in love you just go deep down.

KALEY CUOCO: I go deep. And I`m-- it`s that person is it for me. And I love hard. And when it`s over it`s over. And some people make mistakes. And I wouldn`t call it a mistake. It`s just is what happened in my life. So I`m excited to see what the future holds. But it happened and now I am I have to say happier than I`ve ever been. So--

GAYLE KING: Are you and Mister Sweeting friends? Did it end okay?

KALEY CUOCO: Everything ended the way it was supposed to, yeah.

GAYLE KING: Oh, okay.

KALEY CUOCO: Yeah, yeah.

GAYLE KING: All right.

KALEY CUOCO: So, yeah.

GAYLE KING: But you`re happy. This is what I like about you.

NORAH O`DONNELL: We leave these questions--

KALEY CUOCO: I know how to answer it.

NORAH O`DONNELL: I know you and Gayle and Charlie nodded.

GAYLE KING: No, but-- no, but--

CHARLIE ROSE: But we`re interested in it.

KALEY CUOCO: No, but everything ended the way it was supposed to.

GAYLE KING: But I am interested. And I think that`s a very lovely way to say it. And I think what I think is so nice about this is that you can go through a divorce, but it hasn`t hardened your heart that you`re not open to love again.


GAYLE KING: That`s what I think is so nice.

KALEY CUOCO: It has definitely not. Even I can-- even when I was going through it, I was like, I`m never going to love again. I can`t even pretend to say that because it`s not me. It`s not my heart. I know that`s not me. And I know I will again. And like I said, it`s interesting being here before and being in that position.


KALEY CUOCO: Now I`m in this position and I`m-- I`ve actually never been happier. So I feel--

GAYLE KING: Why are you happier now? What is it about him?

KALEY CUOCO: There`s just special people in my life now and the show is doing great. And I have m y horses.

GAYLE KING: I`m talking about Mister Cook. That`s what I`m talking about, Kaley. I know the show is great.

KALEY CUOCO: I can feel that`s what you`re talking about.

GAYLE KING: The show is great. The tenth season. Everybody gets along. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I`m talking about him.

KALEY CUOCO: Yeah, he`s--

CHARLIE ROSE: What do you want to know about him?

GAYLE KING: I want to know what makes him so special. I really do. I do-- I really do.

KALEY CUOCO: He`s special. I think meeting people that are involved--

CHARLIE ROSE: He`s a writer?

GAYLE KING: Yes, he`s a-- he`s a very good writer.



KALEY CUOCO: I think that the horse connection is-- is special.


KALEY CUOCO: Yeah. It`s very-- he`s special.

CHARLIE ROSE: Shared interests.

KALEY CUOCO: Yeah. He`s special.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Yeah. I love too that your friends say who know you that you`re very punctual.


NORAH O`DONNELL: That you always show up early. You were here early this morning.

KALEY CUOCO: I`m obnoxiously punctual.


KALEY CUOCO: Like if I`m not fifteen minutes early, I`m late.

GAYLE KING: And she doesn`t like her friends that are not punctual. You know, I-- I operate from the fifteen minutes late rule is okay and Kaley, you go. Oh, no, that`s not good.



KALEY CUOCO: No, my friends know, too. They`re like, oh, we`re meeting Kaley for dinner. She`s going to be there an hour early waiting for us. It`s something my-- it comes from my dad.

CHARLIE ROSE: Is the new guy punctual?

KALEY CUOCO: He`s very punctual.

CHARLIE ROSE: Very good.


GAYLE KING: It is not a bad thing. Kaley, we are cheering you on.


GAYLE KING: We`re very happy for you.


KALEY CUOCO: Thank you.

GAYLE KING: Personally and professionally really we are happy for you.

KALEY CUOCO: Thanks, guys. Thank you for the sport.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Absolutely.

GAYLE KING: You can watch the season finale of The Big Bang Theory, when Kaley Cuoco, Thurs--

KALEY CUOCO: Thursday.

GAYLE KING: At eight, seven Central.

KALEY CUOCO: Eight o`clock.

GAYLE KING: Right here on, what, Kaley?



GAYLE KING: There you go.

KALEY CUOCO: Where else?

CHARLIE ROSE: More than three decades after their championship win, a team of legendary college basketball players finally get their White House visit.


CHARLIE ROSE: That`s next.

GAYLE KING: All right.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Everybody looks like they can still ball a little bit.

CHARLIE ROSE: Thirty-three years after capturing the NCAA title, the North Carolina state men`s basketball team finally got a shot at the White House. President Obama welcomed the surviving members yesterday. In 1983 the Wolfpack upset Houston with a buzzer-beating dunk. The team was led by the late and great Jim Valvano. The school would only play for the coaching legend to go to the White House, not the players.

THURL BAILEY (Former NBA Player): People said back then that it was meant to happen, that we won the championship, fate. I also think that it was-- it was not necessarily a bad thing that we didn`t get to go visit back then because now I think it`s that-- that much more enjoyable.


CHARLIE ROSE: Good for the president.


GAYLE KING: Yes. For sure.

CHARLIE ROSE: President called the victory one of the greatest college games ever played. That does it for us. We`ll see you tomorrow.



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