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You raise your right hand to take the - uphold the constitution and he lied about it.

DOBBS: Well, and now we're watching a liberal Republican by the name of Mitt Romney pretending to be a conservative, meeting with Bill Crystal, who pretends to be moderate and reasonable who's a neocon of the highest order talking about a third party. Do you think folks are getting sort of a belly full of the elites already?

GOODWIN: Yes, I do, and I would be shocked, frankly, if anything came of this. I mean, Mitt Romney has to know -

DOBBS: He hates Trump for God's sake.

GOODWIN: And he and Crystal were not pals. Crystal objected to Romney for the longest time in 2012. Romney blew an election he should have won. I mean, end of story for Mitt Romney.

DOBBS: A number of people have called him the "worst candidate imaginable for the time." And this candidate that we've got now, the presumptive nominee of the party, he is unlike anybody we've seen before. Will he be able, in your judgement, to build enough Reagan democrats or Trump democrats into the equation, to overcome any slippages as a result.

I mean, by the way, I can't imagine anyone following Romney. I can't imagine anybody following McCain - well, McCain is - well, I should take that back. McCain supports Donald Trump, but any of these people, I mean, it's unimaginable.

ROLLINS: This guy's a tough guy, and he's not going to sit there and let anybody beat up on him. Romney sat from this period of time four years ago and let the democrats take everything that he was proud of, his business record and what have you, and destroy it without ever responding.

He won one debate. He had to win the second debate. He rolled over and played dead. He lost that election .

DOBBS: I will never understand that.

ROLLINS: . To a very weak candidate. I can't guarantee Donald Trump's going to win. I'm going to do everything I can to help him, but I'll tell you, he's going down fighting. And he's a leader and he's tough and he's going to be a fighter, and he's going to be - if he gets elected he's going to change the system that's there and that's a good thing.

DOBBS: The idea that we're going to see this play out, over the issue of "The Wall," national security, border security, free trade, and foreign policy. This is what we should have been talking about in 2012. Thanks to Donald Trump, we are talking about it now.

GOODWIN: It is fascinating when you think about it, you wonder, what would we be talking about without Donald Trump in this race? What would the other candidates have stressed because none of it is memorable at this point. I mean, he drove the whole campaign from day one. So it's unlikely that this campaign in the fall will also not about the things he has brought up. He will be driving the general election debate.

ROLLINS: And I don't think he's going to change that. I think - and he shouldn't change that - I mean, this is what he got elected on; this is what Republicans came out in record numbers to nominate him, and I think, to a certain extent, he's going to fight right to the bitter end, and I think he's going to win.

DOBBS: All right. In a landslide? Let's get a landslide. I want you to go on the record, you've been right on all of the primaries, I want -

ROLLINS: I think he's going to shock a lot of people who don't think he has a chance at this point in time. He's going to do very, very well and I think he has a real path to win.

DOBBS: Are you going to agree with Ed, again?

GOODWIN: Oh yes, always, are you nuts, I got dumber last week. I mean, come on.

DOBBS: Ed Rollins and Michael Goodwin, thank you both, appreciate it.

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Horses weren't the only ones racing in Kentucky over the weekend. Covington's first annual running of the goats, that's the actual name of the event, turned in to running after the goats, as six goats broke away to make a run for it. Residents scrambled to catch the goats. They seemed to enjoy their hours of freedom, however, and all the spectators certainly did.

I mean, go goats. All of them eventually caught. No-one was hurt, probably some discipline issues.

Up next, Donald Trump ramping up his attacks against Hillary Clinton.

TRUMP: She's playing the women to the hilt, and you know what, women understand it better than anybody. And watch how well I do with women, when it counts, when the election comes. Watch how well.

DOBBS: How well? Well, we'll find out. FOX News Kimberly Guilfoyle, co- host of The Five, takes that up with me, here next. Stay with us.


DOBBS: Joining us tonight, Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of The Five. Kimberly, great to have you here.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST OF FOX THE FIVE: Let's start with what may be the surprise of the day, and that is, Paul Ryan saying after Donald Trump experienced (ph) his displeasure that he'd be willing to step down as Speaker - excuse me - Chairman. That's one thing he didn't agree to - Chairman of the Convention.

GUILFOYLE: That's in tomorrow.

DOBBS: Yes, maybe tomorrow's headline. What do you think of that?

GUILFOYLE: Well, this is just the kind of news story that keeps on feeding itself, right? It's like late night midnight snack, what can I say tomorrow, so I can move the story forward? Well, they are doing it. No- one thought, perhaps, that you know, Paul Ryan, who's a very measured, sensible, reasonable man would then come out and come cast dispersions and rain on the parade after Trump is the presumptive nominee? But that happened.

And then Trump comes back and, I think genuinely seemed kind of wounded and hurt and taken aback by saying, "Wait a second, I was not expecting this, this is someone who's been supportive and then, kind of, you know, back- doored him on that.

And now, Ryan, before they're going to meet on Thursday saying, "I'll step down if I need to as Chairman," and then Reince Priebus saying that they'll go ahead, perhaps, if that's the case to put somebody forward, you know, by committee, et cetera .

DOBBS: The committee of one.

GUILFOYLE: A committee of one.

DOBBS: That will be .

GUILFOYLE: I choose you with the magic wand of the RNC.

DOBBS: One of those Trump committees.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, exactly. So, let's see what happens, but guess what, you have to have somebody that's going to be behind the candidate, that's going to move the party forward. And I think Trump's been quite reasonable about this, given what he's had to deal with.

DOBBS: You know, it's an interesting point because I - I think he has been as constrained on this issue. You know, I would have wanted to kind of - I would not have been as constrained.

GUILFOYLE: You would have poked the cage a little bit.

DOBBS: I might have, I might have.


DOBBS: Because it's his utter disrespect, and his utter obliviousness of the interest of the party, indeed, the nation are amazing because you know .

GUILFOYLE: Where did that come from? Who's advising that this is a good idea? Then you hear scuttlebutt about, "Oh, is Romney going to come forward as a third party candidate," and you know, their close relationship.

DOBBS: It looks like there was something in the works because they were so shocked that suddenly Donald Trump had a clear path to 1237, after, of course, Cruz and Kasich dropped out. It's as if, you know, their little hearts were broken that they didn't get to let their little game play out.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, left standing at the wall at the school prom with nobody left on the dance card, but you know, like this is, like, put on your big boy boots now and pull it up.

DOBBS: And these guys are having some trouble, too, because I think they're so used to doing exactly what they're masters have been saying to them for years. I think, suddenly, this is a new conflict - a new world - that they're just not ready for.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, but they've got to start building the tent. When you think about all the enthusiasm and new voters coming forward that are very passionate about Donald Trump and his candidacy, and you made a great point today, that the Republican Party is not specifically just the conservative party. Why wouldn't you want to embrace those people and bring it in and get those - and, actually, win for a change? I mean, you've heard people - I mean, Ed was just on your show saying, "There is a path," that he can do it and, by the way, he's the only one that's not going to be cowering in the corner afraid of the Clintons and is going to get after it and say the things that need to be said to win.

DOBBS: Yes, and he has laid out the agenda that is resonating with the American people, and it is so clear to most of us, at this point, that this is an anti-establishment year. It's going to be an anti-establishment wave, how it presents itself. I think - I think will be profound.

GUILFOYLE: Well, he may not even need them to win - is to your point. You know, maybe that would actually work as a negative if he had too much of "The establishment," supporting him.

DOBBS: It's the kind of year, it's hard to figure out, what will work and what the sequence of consequences will be, but one thing is clear, Donald Trump knew where he was going on June 16, of last year and he is there now this close to just closing it officially as well as presumptively.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, right now he's like heavy weight champion of the Republican Party, he's got 16 KOs under his belt, and that's substantial given the, you know, the breadth and depth and quality of the candidates who are running against him.

DOBBS: His (INAUDIBLE) on the woman's card, that Hillary Clinton is playing? What do you think of it?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, I stand by it. I mean, I think it's a smart move - she should be elected based on the quality character - of her qualifications, her competency, her ability, her record, not because she checks the box that says female. That, to me, I think doesn't matter.

Sure, I would like to see a female president, I would like to see Condoleezza Rice for all the right reasons, of foreign policy and national security and character and integrity becoming the office of commander in chief. People have to make a decision here who they want to put in the Oval Office, who's going to be for jobs, economy, immigration and the like.

DOBBS: And the like.

GUILFOYLE: And the like.

DOBBS: Kimberly Guilfoyle, great to have you with us.

GUILFOYLE: Great to be here with you, Lou.

DOBBS: Thanks so much.

Up next, Iran test fires a medium-range ballistic missile, capable of striking U.S. forces in the region as well as Israel. Former Pentagon Official, K.T. McFarland, our national security analyst, takes up Iran's provocations. And oh yes, the echo chamber arranged by the Obama administration. Next.


DOBBS: The White House tonight struggling to contain the damage after one of its top national security aids admitted to the administration created an "echo chamber," to sell the Iranian nuclear deal. Ben Rhodes now trying to clarify his comments, claiming the administration believed deeply in the case they were making and didn't spin the media on the Iran deal, which would be contrary to everything he said.

Iran has conducted three ballistic tests since that deal went into effect including one two weeks ago with a missile capable of hitting Israel and joining us tonight, former Pentagon Official, FOX News National Security Analyst, K.T. McFarland.

Ben Rhodes, in this article, saying, basically, that this administration hood winked, defrauded both Congress and the American people in this deal.

K.T. MCFARLAND, FORMER PENTAGON OFFICIAL, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: Hood winked? I think they lied. You know, they've been caught lying - and then they went and bragged about it. They lied to the American people, not just about Obamacare; they lied about Benghazi; they lied about the Iran deal. When they didn't have the evidence to back it up, they made it up.

And so now they're bragging about it and, as people like I and you and others have said, I mean, when I looked at that Iran deal, I read it paragraph by paragraph, I used to teach nuclear weapons at MIT. It never made sense. None of the numbers added up. None of it made sense, and now we know, we were just sold a bill of goods. Now it's not funny because it endangers American national security deliberately.

DOBBS: It's not funny. It is also disastrous.


DOBBS: It means that we have a president in the White House and a White House staff and national security, that actually believes that they did no wrong by lying to the American people, lying to Congress and defrauding it.

I mean, to quote them, the administration manufactured - manufactured and built an echo chamber out of young, stupid journalists who cover them in which they validated, as they put it, everything they fed these young, stupid journalists. Those are my words, not the administration. They were far more elegant, but also, I think less direct.

MCFARLAND: What are the consequences of this? All right, Iran is now going to get nuclear weapons and now is enabled with $100 billion to do whatever it wants. We were supposed to .


MCFARLAND: Well, Trump said he's not going to give it. Yes, he's going to stand up and we'll negotiate that deal, but what this administration has done is they bet that if they gave Iran everything it asked for, even more than it asked for, that Iran would be our best friend.

What's happened? It's just the opposite, Iran has now said to the United States, get out of the Persian Gulf, we're going to do whatever we want.

DOBBS: You know, people out there don't follow, you know, everything that is happening and nuclear proliferation for our Middle East relations, but they do in the most distant and remote places from Broadcast news and from the web; they know the difference between right and wrong, and this administration has been wrong, and I haven't heard anyone in Congress go after this administration and say, "This will not stand."

At what point do the Republicans say, "Enough with your insults and enough with tearing our national security structure to pieces." What is wrong with these people?

MCFARLAND: Well, not only that, but when anybody stood up, the Obama administration said, "Well you must want war with Iran if you don't want this Iran nuke deal." And what did Congress do? Not a peep, they didn't say anything about it, and we finally asked (ph) people who were standing up to say, "It's a bad deal. We've conned, we got snookered, and it is endangering the security of the United States."

DOBBS: Just so that we all understand that not all the fools in the world are ours. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom saying that, (INAUDIBLE) could lead to World War III, he is so desperate to keep the U.K. in the European Union.

Is he exercising hyperbole?

MCFARLAND: I think he's exercising panic because the British people are looking at what's happened in continental Europe with the refugee crisis, with the economy, and they're saying, "We don't want it."

DOBBS: Well one other piece of interesting hyperbole and that is John Kerry at a commencement exercise at Northeastern saying to the young graduates, "Prepare for the borderless world."

I mean, coming right out with his one world neo-liberal nonsense.

MCFARLAND: But that's the whole cant of this administration is, they want a borderless world. They think we're all going to live in kum bah yah. The United States is going to step back, and the world community is going to govern us all.

DOBBS: Unfortunately, this president started as a test of the borderless world with our borders.


DOBBS: K.T., thanks so much.

MCFARLAND: Thank you.

DOBBS: Appreciate it.

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Ellen Tweeted out, "Only Trump understands the importance of the American middle-class and has the courage to protect it.

We thank you for being with us tonight. We'll have primary election coverage tomorrow. Ed Rollins, Michael Goodwin, Governor Mike Huckabee, among others. Please be with us. Starts at 7 p.m. Eastern.

Good-night from New York.


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