Violence Erupts Outside a Trump Rally in California Last Night; Outrage over New Government Numbers Showing That the U.S. Immigration and



Outrage over New Government Numbers Showing That the U.S. Immigration and

Customs Enforcement Agency Released More Than 19,000 Criminal Aliens;

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BARTIROMO: That's why I think Ted Cruz wins in this.

MCDOWELL: Right, exactly. I don't think that it even puts a red mark on Ted Cruz.

KEVIN KELLY, RECON CAPITAL PARTNERS CIO: This goes back to the complete party being in disarray. I mean, it has been for a long time now when you had Mitt Romney come out and was going against Donald Trump. Right now, you have John Boehner, an establishment member.

BARTIROMO: Speculation about Paul Ryan.

KELLY: Yes, speculation about Paul Ryan. I mean, this isn't the same Republican Party that had the contract with America that actually was trying to win American votes right now. So it's looking like there's going to be chaos in Cleveland so hopefully the Republican Party can rally around each other and try to do something to salvage whatever is going on right now.

BRIAN BRENBERG, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, KING'S COLLEGE: You know, we are talking about this always in the context of the primaries. You look at the two stories we've covered so far. The riots, the unrest in California and now the Lucifer comments. This may not change things in the primary, but what does this look like in a general election? Republicans are unelectable in this election, doesn't it?

KELLY: Yes, they should be attacking Hillary Clinton and not each other.

BARTIROMO: Yes, they really should. So let's talk about that, Pastor, because we all want to look ahead to Indiana. Ted Cruz is taking on Donald Trump head-to-head in Indiana and Cruz is counting on that Evangelical vote to pull off this upset.

Latest Fox News, the exit polls and the national polls show that the demographic is favoring Trump by a wide margin. What can you tell us about the Evangelical votes? Do you think they're going to go for Trump or Cruz?

JEFFRESS: Look, interestingly, Maria, the Evangelical vote is a larger percentage in Indiana than it was in Iowa. While Trump has always enjoyed a large amount of support from Evangelicals, there always been that non- Trump Evangelical vote that mobilize itself against Trump in Iowa and Wisconsin, and deprive him of a win there.

I don't think that is happening in Indiana and perhaps one reason is because there's just an inevitability about Trump's nomination that maybe lessening that anti-Trump force. I predict he's going to do very well in Indiana.

KELLY: So getting back, you know, John Kasich is from Ohio, right, why hasn't he resonated more being another, you know, Midwestern kind of guy and he had a kind of --

MCDOWELL: He was born in Pennsylvania and he lost horribly in Pennsylvania. The reason that Trump -- I will point out, an article in "The New York Times" yesterday, the reason Trump may not have to win Indiana is because he got so many of those 54 unbound delegates in Pennsylvania. By some estimates, he got 40 of the 54. That gives him mojo going into the later contents.

KELLY: But John Kasich did so well in Ohio that you figured it could resonate throughout the Midwest.

MCDOWELL: No, he's just a governor there, and that's it. People like Trump. That's just it and they are not gravitating towards John Kasich. Can we ask the question and the pastor can answer this if he wants, why is John Kasich still in this race?

JEFFRESS: Well, I can't explain. He resonates not at all with Evangelical voters, and you know, there's a number, I think we all need to keep in mind that's number 10 million, that's how many votes Donald Trump has received so far in the Republican primaries.

That is more than Mitt Romney, John McCain or even Ronald Reagan won in all of the primaries put together. He is on track to win the largest number of Republican votes in modern history.

Evangelicals like many are going for Donald Trump because he's an outsider. He is a true leader and they sense he can beat Hillary Clinton, which in many ways is the Holy Grail for Evangelical voters.

BARTIROMO: All right, well, that's -- we will see what happens in Indiana in terms of Evangelicals and the broader vote. Pastor, good to see you. Thanks so much. We will see you soon. Robert Jeffresss there.

Make sure to tune to the Fox Business Network for our special coverage Tuesday night of the Indiana primaries. That's Tuesday, May 3rd, it all kicks at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. We'll have all the last votes for you on the Fox Business Network live.

Coming up next, a job well done, shares of LinkedIn rallying on earnings to top the street expectations, we will bring you more of that. Plus some of today's other big movers.

Then a top NFL prospect seeing millions of dollars literally go up in smoke. We will have the details on the controversial bond video that cost Mississippi lineman, (inaudible). Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. We are expecting a lower opening from the broader averages this Friday morning. Take a look at some stocks on the move this morning. LinkedIn, one to watch. The company beat on both first quarter earnings and revenue when it reported last night. The company also raised its full year outlook. The stock moving higher in the pre-market.

Comcast, NBC Universal announcing it is teaming up with Dreamworks. The deal is confirmed, $3.8 billion merger. Comcast says Dreamworks shareholders will receive $41 in cash per share of stock, roughly 50 percent premium. The deal will also help Comcast foothold in China. Comcast acquiring Dreamworks.

Expedia likely to have a strong day. The travel site posts a surprise quarterly profit as a string of acquisitions help boost revenue. The company reported an adjusted first quarter earnings of 9 cents a share on revenue of $1.9 billion.

Lynn Tilton has gone from being a savior of companies on the brink to a target of securities regulators. She's working through legal battles, though, and she is hoping to rebuild manufacturing and save jobs in America, a key theme in this year's presidential election.

I sat down with her yesterday and asked first about why she is taking her legal fight head on and whether she's cooperating with authorities?


LYNN TILTON, PATRIARCH PARTNERS FOUNDER AND CEO: We have handed over all books and records. I mean, that lawsuit is nonsense. It's noise, it's part and parcel of the whole MBIA campaign against Lynn Tilton and Patriarch Partners.

We followed the rules and the records of management agreement. We used the lawyers. We provided over 10,000 pages of documents and hundreds of pages of documents, so I can't pay attention to claims that I think are without merit and baseless.

BARTIROMO: Do you feel that you've been attacked because you are a woman? Because you were just different than all the others suits in whatever job it was and you started at Morgan Stanley years ago. You founded this company, Patriarch Partners in 2000. You've been among suits your entire career. Is that one of the reasons you feel you were attacked?

TILTON: I think that I've been -- there's been a pile effect, I think when there's a chink in the armor and there is absolutely a chink in my armor at this moment, it makes people think that you're vulnerable.

And I think that it makes me very interesting to the media and there is constant stories, a lot of which are rumor and innuendo and not true. And I think it allows men to sort of circle around thinking they can pick up what I built.

BARTIROMO: We are seeing all of this merger activity this week and this month and the last couple of years and the reason is because there's no growth out there, no economic growth. Companies are going to acquire other companies to acquire growth basically, and that's part of the issue here, but you're saying you see what the value is in that company. I mean, you've been an investment banker for a long time.

TILTON: Over 35 years. We also have a disconnect in this country. We have very little GDP, if anything. We say we are a perfect employment. We say that there's consumer spending. We say there's a growth in consumer confidence and yet it doesn't equal no GDP.

So there's a definite problem in this country and that's why we left hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people behind in 2009 when we saw this crisis and we let small and mid-size companies disappear.

There's no natural growth in the market. And we've seen even the market value of this nation sort of divide into all of these new innovative companies like Uber and Facebook and Amazon and Apple, and you've seen so much of the industrial base lose all of its value.

BARTIROMO: So when you look ahead in terms of where the jobs are, you're talking about jobs in engineering, jobs in technology, these are jobs that really require a certain skill set, require schooling and education, that's what you're talking about in terms of some policy required to get these people back to work because we are not equipped right now?

TILTON: No, we are not. We need to turn our community colleges into smart manufacturing schools to give dignity to blue-collar work again. You know, artificial intelligence, robotics, censors and chips, the internet of things, 3D design and printing.

We can train people to be prepared for this. You know, coding, if you're a coder now, you can get a job. Why are we not sending people to school to code?

We have to first face the problem and then find a solution, but we need to take people along with us on this ride or you're going to have the anger and the violence in the streets. Jobs are the greatest meritocracy we can offer Americans.

BARTIROMO: For sure.


BARTIROMO: You can see my full interview with Lynn Tilton at Before we take a break, in case you missed it, this week has been a great one. Here are some of the top moments from the show.




ANNOUNCER: The first pick of 2016 NFL draft the Los Angeles Rams select Jared Goff, quarterback, California.


BARTIROMO: It was a wild night for the NFL as teams pick their crop of the newest stars. Jared Max with all the details right now. Exciting night in sports, Jared.

JARED MAX, FOX NEWS: Yes, wild night at the draft. First round in Chicago, this is one fact I don't need to check, never before had a guy named Jared been selected with the first pick at the NFL draft. It can only be Jared Goff.

MCDOWELL: Make it about you.

BARTIROMO: Come on, Jared. You want it to be Jared Max.

MAX: You never had a Jared. Back in the days I could never go to a stop and find my name. Jared Goff first pick of the draft from California, congratulations. He goes to the Rams.

Timing is everything. The Rams moved back to Los Angeles from St. Louis. One season ago he would have earned more money because the income tax rate in Missouri is lower than in California.

In fact, Jared Goff would have earned more in actual take home pay had he'd been picked second last night opposed to first. This is because the Philadelphia Eagles selected second and went with quarterback, Carson Wench from North Dakota State.

In Pennsylvania 3.7 percent for income tax percent. In California, Goff gets hit with 13.3 percent income tax. When all shakes out after taxes, Goff, the number one pick figures to take home $12.5 million in wages.

While Wench, the second pick will bring home $12.8 million and running back, Ezekiel Elliot who was taken fourth overall by Dallas Cowboys will also take home more than the number pick, Jared Goff.

Let's call this the most expensive bang hit in sports history or anywhere, maybe. Offensive Lineman, Laremy Tunsil (ph) from the University of Mississippi broke down in tears last night at the draft moments before the draft began.

The video was leaked from his own verified Twitter account that shows him appearing to be smoking pot from a bong with a gas mask attacked to his face. He didn't deny it was him.

As a result, some NFL teams removed him from their draft boards. Laremy who was not long ago considered a possible number one overall pick, he dropped all the way to 13 picked by Miami Dolphins.

Now this drop in the draft is said to have a value of approximately $12 million in lost salary and signing bonus. It kept getting worse. Laremy's Instagram's account was also hacked.

He claimed that it showed images of a conversation with him and an assistant coach where Tunsil asked for money to help pay for his rent. He has his own issues going on. It's not going to get any easier.

MCDOWELL: I can tell you why it's bad for Tunsil, according to Pete (inaudible) who reports for Fox Sports, he goes to Miami from day one, he's not going to be the top dog. He has (inaudible) and Mario Williams every day. It puts him in a tough spot.

KELLY: There are a lot of issues happening here and he's the only one blamed for that bong video because think about it. He posted it to social media so he --


BARTIROMO: Why would he post --

MCDOWELL: He didn't post it. He said somebody clearly had access to his account. He didn't deny that it was him so, you know, not smart from making it in the first place, but he was not responsible for posting that video. I think we can agree on that.

MAX: Not at all. There's even a one person that they suspect. He's going to go to any NFL city and people are going to be breaking his chops about this. However, Randy Moss, one of the greatest receivers in NFL history also draft. You don't want to take Moss because of issues of pot and college and became one of the greatest ever. So maybe this means nothing.

BRENBERG: Could be a value play for the Miami Dolphins. What about college when students come in, we will do audit of everything you have on your phone --

MCDOWELL: Violation of your privacy if they do that.

BRENBERG: But they owe it to the student to protect you from losing $12 million in the future. You want to save $12 million?

BARTIROMO: We want to get to the ETF report. Dagen is on that right now. Dagen, you got details.

MCDOWELL: Speaking of gold, how people made money in the past. Top- performing ETF this week is the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF. GDX up 7.5 percent since Friday. It's also the best performer for the month up more than 21 percent in the month of April. The metal with a 14-month high driving the gains.

Federal Reserve not in a hurry to raise rates, weaker dollar, the prospect of inflation, you name it. People are buying it. They come up with reasons to buy these things.

More MORNINGS WITH MARIA after the break.


BARTIROMO: Good Friday morning, everybody. TGIF. Welcome back. I'm Maria Bartiromo. It is Friday, April 29th. Here are your top stories at 7 a.m. on the east coast. Chaos in California, violence erupting outside of a Donald Trump rally last night.


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