Trump Holds Indiana Rally; All Eyes On Indiana; Boehner Bashes Cruz; Cruz/Fiorina Hail Mary; Carly Sings To Cruz Kids; Trump Camp Meets



Cruz/Fiorina Hail Mary; Carly Sings To Cruz Kids; Trump Camp Meets

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TRISH REGAN, "THE INTELLIGENCE REPORT" HOST: Breaking right now, Donald Trump speaking in a rally in the key State of Indiana, which holds its big primary on Tuesday. Indiana has become the center of the politically universes. It's pretty much a must-win for Ted Cruz if he stands any shot at blocking the nomination of Donald Trump.

I'm Trish Regan. Welcome, everyone, to "The Intelligence Report".

Let's take a moment here. Let's listen in. Donald Trump live from Evansville, Indiana.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It's interesting, because -- so now Cruz is getting clobbered. Now, we win New York "Lying Ted," that's right. Let's go "Lying Ted". He's one lying -- he is one dishonest guy.

So, here's what happens. So now, I win New York, just incredible victory. Then we go to the five states and these are very different, because you have Delaware and Rhode Island, then you have Maryland, Connecticut and you have Pennsylvania, big, big. So you have three big ones, you have two beauties on each end, very diverse, very different. But one thing they have in common, they're all losing a lot of jobs to other countries. They're tremendous 45, 50 percent.

Do you know, I used to be I say to my statisticians, give me the information, like on Delaware, and then give me Pennsylvania the next day, and give me Maryland. And it was almost like, 45 percent loss, 50 percent loss, 55 percent loss. Manufacturing gone. I almost didn't need it. I don't -- I just go up, I have to say, we got about 50 percent of your jobs are being lost, every place, all over the country. It's like a disaster. They're being taken away from us. And the politicians don't know how to do anything about it.

So Cruz is getting absolutely killed. Kasich is getting absolutely killed. Think of it, Kasich is now one for 38 or 42 or something. He won one. And if I campaigned there for two days more, I would have won. Two days more. I left Florida, I was all set to go to Ohio, and I had a dirty poll put out by the media, a dirty poll. You know what that is? A phony poll. And it said, because I was going to win Florida easily. And Florida was set up so that it was meant for Jeb or Marco. He was good guy, Marco, I have to tell you. And Jeb is going to come around, I really believe that.

But it was meant for the establishment, not for me. Winner-take-all. When they heard I was in the race, winner-take-all. Meaning the establishment will get 100 percent of the 99 delegates. That's one of the biggest, you know, Florida is a great place. Great governor, Rick Scott, great guy, great governor, doing a great job, lot of jobs coming in. Florida's doing great. So 99 delegates, winner-take-all. And then two weeks after they formally did that, a poll comes out. They were like six people, seven people, Donald Trump had almost 50 percent of the vote. They said "Whoa, we've got to go back, this is no good." And then I won Florida, big. I wouldn't let them change.

But it's a rigged deal. You see it's rigged. And what happened is with Louisiana, I was down, like four or five points, but I know people in Louisiana, like I know people here, the Hilberts, I have so many friends here. And they're unbelievable people. And I said, "Let's go to Louisiana. I got three days, let's go around and campaign." You know, I've never done it so it's fun for me, right? I've been doing this for nine months. Am I doing a good job for nine months?

You know, it's funny. When the results came out, couple days ago, the results came out and it was Trump wins in a landslide, all of those five states and Trump wins in a landslide New York the week before. And one of the pundits who actually hates me which is interesting, but he said, "You know, the amazing thing, he's only been doing this for nine months. He's beating these senators and these governors. They've been there for like 20 years and 30 years, he's been doing this for nine months." But, you know, you can be smart, you can be smart. And I've been dealing in politics for a long time. Nobody knows politicians. Believe me, nobody knows politicians like I know politicians.

So with Louisiana, so I go and campaign. Then they have their election different from you, yours is Tuesday. You have got to vote. Is everybody going to vote on Tuesday, please? So different, they have their election on Saturday. And I go Friday night, I say I'm going to be there. And I land and they have this massive, massive hangar. And the place is packed, thousands and thousands and thousands of people and it's brimming outside of the hangar, through the doors, practically through the windows. I mean the people were all over the place, going back into the runways. And I say I think they like me here, just like outside. Do you know how many people, you're in this room. And then we have another room that's bigger, that's packed. And then outside, we have thousands of people listening to what I'm saying. Do you believe it? Do you believe it? Oh, it's amazing. And it's like that all over. Because we have movement, and everyone's talking about it. I'll tell you, everyone's talking about it.

So I go to Louisiana and I campaign for a few days and I see there's something going on because they want jobs and they want strong military and they want to get rid of ObamaCare. They want all the things that we all want, right? They say Trump figured it out. There's nothing to figure out. People are making less money now in real wages than they made 20 years ago and they're working harder and some of them are working two jobs and they're making less. It's supposed to be the other way around as we get older, right? Supposed to be. But don't feel bad, I'm working harder also. I am working hard.

But the truth is, look, I go to Louisiana, and I have this big crowd and the next day they have the election on a Saturday. And the results are announced that night, Trump wins. I wasn't supposed to be. It was supposed to be "Lying Ted Cruz" wins. And I do great with the evangelicals and they really brought me over the top. So I win Louisiana. Then about two weeks later, they're showing me everything and they're showing how well I'm doing because I'm winning South Carolina, I'm winning so many places, right? I won in south. I wasn't supposed to win the south. Alabama, Arkansas, we win Kentucky, we win Florida, we're winning all these places, some of which I was not supposed to be winning. And I win by landslides. And we win in Massachusetts, so I win Alabama, Massachusetts, that's quite diverse, right? So we win. And they're showing me how well I'm doing and I see Louisiana. And then I see delegates. So, I win by a lot of votes, Louisiana. Then on here's right-hand column it says delegates. Is say, "Wait a minute, what's wrong?" They said, "What's wrong, sir?" I said, "I won the State of Louisiana, but why do I have less delegates than Cruz who I beat?" Oh, well, he went there and he started wining and dining all of these delegates, bringing them out for state dinners, bringing them out for steak, for hotels, for maybe cruises, maybe they went fishing with all of these people that he's paying. I said, "Wait a minute, I don't understand. This is my first, don't forget," you know. And I realized it's a crooked system. So I said, "Wait a minute, so I won the state but I get less delegates than this guy?" That was my first, who the hell would ever think this could happen?

So then, I hear about Colorado, right? Where they're wining and dining and, you know, they were having people protesting on the streets. They took the vote away from -- they didn't even have a vote because they weren't out to a poll, and I did great in the poll in Colorado, and I was going to win Colorado like I won Florida and other places. So they gave the vote to the bosses and you go out and you wine and dine the delegates. All of sudden I say, "When are we going to Colorado?" "No reason to go, sir." I said, "What do you mean no reason to go?" Well, it's over, Colorado is all delegates. And so, you know, they get wined and dined. I said, you can almost buy the election. Put $100 million worth of freebies in the bag, let's go buy the election. So I said it's a rigged system.

So then, I realized, and here's the good news, a lot of it -- actually Colorado's really unfair, so is Wyoming, very, very bad, they've got to change that, because that's actually counts on the front row, because Cruz can't win when you have to get a vote. He can do it because they have this team of very good experts, I could get much better, got much more money than he does, but it's just unfair, it's an unfair deal. It's an unfair deal.

So, here's the story. So now we start our streak. And we win in Arizona and we win -- we're winning all over the place. And the only way it's working for me, I mean, I'm still not happy and we're going to do it on the first ballot. And when you hear he signed all these delegates, they're signing up for second, third, fourth. And then I'm signing up for the first ballot. First ballot fortunately they're locked in, right? They're all locked in.

And Pennsylvania had the same thing. I won in a massive, massive landslide. And they have a great Republican chairman and really a great guy, Mr. Gleason, great guy. But he's -- and he's a fair guy. But one thing with Pennsylvania, they have a moral obligation .


REGAN: All right, everyone, you have been listening to Donald Trump, again in rare form, blasting "Lying Ted" as he calls him as he speaks to supporters in Indiana, a critical state for him right now. This is a big rally he's got going on. He's crisscrossing the state. They're trying to get some support here because Cruz in the meantime is hoping that Indiana is his ticket to getting a contested convention.

I want to get to this news coming out of Cruz today, because he's been facing some harsh words from former House Speaker John Boehner. In fact, he called Ted Cruz, isn't (ph) pretty good, "Lucifer in the flesh." He said, I have quote, "Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b," he said the word, (inaudible) ''in my life." Well, now Cruz is firing back just moments ago. Here's what he told the media. Listen to this.


TED CRUZ, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He allowed his inner Trump to come out. John Boehner in his remarks described Donald Trump as he's texting and golfing buddy. If you like what John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done, Donald Trump is your guy.

When John Boehner calls me Lucifer, he's not directing that at me, he's directing that at you.


REGAN: More on this strange turn of events. I am joined right now by Republican Strategist, Ford O'Connell, and Christy Setzer from New Heights Communications as we continue, everyone, to monitor Donald Trump who's speaking in Indiana. I will bring you those headlines as they come from him.

But starting with you, Ford, what do you make of John Boehner accusing Ted Cruz of effectively being the devil himself?

FORD O'CONNELL, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, I thought I'd seen it all this election cycle. Chalk that one up as something new. But we have to understand something, Ted Cruz has always had the same problem throughout this election, he's a base conservative who hasn't been able to expand his reach. Remember two-thirds of the Republican Party are moderate Republicans and somewhat conservative Republicans. And frankly, they're just not buying the barbecue that Ted Cruz is setting down. He thought when he knocked everyone out, "Well, if it's me and Trump, they'll pick me," and guess what, they pick Trump.

REGAN: Yeah. You know, but Christy, Cruz is certainly trying and one of the points that he made when spoke to reporters today is, "Look, you know, John Boehner is the guy who does deals with Nancy Pelosi .


REGAN: . and, you know, he's part of the establishment. Why are you going to go for more the same?" Do you think voters respond to that or let ship just sailed?

SETZER: Yeah, to some extent, they do, which is why he's gotten the traction that he's gotten at all in this cycle which is clearly about outsiders, right? Donald Trump is .

REGAN: He's trying to make, Christy, let me clear.


REGAN: He is trying to make Donald Trump, who's never worked in politics before .


REGAN: . we just heard from him actually over and over again that he's only been in this game for nine months, he's trying to make Donald Trump seem as though he's the insider who plays golf and his buddies .

SETZER: Right, right, right.

REGAN: . and he's donated to John Boehner .


REGAN: . and that he, Ted Cruz, is the outsider.

SETZER: Sure. Yeah.

REGAN: . when -- you know, realistically .

SETZER: Look, if he's going to have any shot at all, Ted Cruz that he's going to have to make exactly that argument. And actually, let's be clear, he doesn't have a shot. We've been talking about, you know, Ted Cruz in Indiana as sort of his Hail Mary pass, but in fact, no, that's a reserve for people who already still have a shot. He does not. He's been mathematically eliminated, yet we're still talking about this guy.

REGAN: Yeah. He's trying. He's certainly trying. I mean, you think about coming out and nominating your VP when you don't even have a prayer for getting the actual nomination. Ford, is he just delusional? Is Carly Fiorina just delusional at this point?

O'CONNELL: Well, you have to understand something. That's two Hail Mary's in three days. This is less about him picking Carly Fiorina, it is how dire the stakes are for Ted Cruz. Understand, the presidential campaign, you control the narratives three times. The day you announce, the day you win the nomination, the day you pick you're VP. And the fact that Ted Cruz had to use one of his get out of jail free cards, this only tells you a lot. He's on life-support. And if he loses Indiana, game's over.

And frankly, Trump did so well with unbound delegates in Pennsylvania. Trump might not even get a delegate in Indiana, and still get the 1,237.

REGAN: But walk me through his thinking here. I mean, I think part of it was just stilling the media news cycle because don't forget ...

O'CONNELL: Well, of course, that's the whole point.

REGAN: . you know, I mean, Trump was being hailed as effectively be the nominee the next day. I mean, he had such momentum, had won so many states, and it seemed as though as he gave that speech on foreign policy, Ted Cruz was desperate to get the limelight back on him and this was one way to do it. I mean it succeeded and that all of us on cable were talking about it yesterday as this news crossed. But I just wonder if it's going to come back to bite him? Your thoughts, Ford?

O'CONNELL: I think it could come back to bite him if he actually has to make a deal on the convention floor. But right now, the question isn't making a deal on the convention floor, the question is, can Ted Cruz get to the convention's floor? So guess what, permutations and combinations are out the window. You've got to save yourself, you've got to find a way to capture momentum, because right now, Donald Trump has that momentum.

And I want to say one thing about the idea that Cruz says Trump's working with Pelosi and Boehner and whatever. The problem is is for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump's already defined him. And now, he's playing chess and he's trying to look presidential and get to the general election.

REGAN: Yeah, the whole "Lying Ted" moniker, not a good one. My favorite moment of the rally last night from Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina was Carly's moment where she took to doing a little singing to sing her praises of his two little girls. I think we can run it for you. Watch this. Yeah.


CARLY FIORINA TED CRUZ'S PICK FOR THE VICE PRESIDENCY: I know two girls that I just adore. I'm so happy I can see them more, because we travel on the bus all day, and we get to play, we get to play.


SETZER: Pretty good voice.

REGAN: You know, Christy .


REGAN: . one of Ted Cruz's thoughts is that she will be able to be effectively the attack dog to go up against Hillary Clinton. She's been thought all along to potentially be a VP candidate for whoever is the nominee. That moment that we saw from her last night, was that an attempt, do you think to show a little bit of a softer side of herself?

SETZER: It was awkward, is what it was. And I think we can add singing ability to the list of reasons why it was a poor strategy for Ted Cruz to quote, choose Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

REGAN: No, no, no, no, no. Look, I was a singer and I'm going to tell you, she can hold the tuning. Boy, oh, boy, I'd rather listen to her sing than Hillary Clinton any day.



SETZER: The strategy there is terrible. Can I just finish here? The strategy in choosing Carly Fiorina I think was really a poor one. She doesn't bring anything to the table in terms of she's not going get California. She doesn't -- actually, I don't think help him in Indiana. She's someone who not only was beaten by Donald Trump, but was beaten really early on. So it's just really unclear what he kind of get out of it.

REGAN: I can tell the left is -- they're gearing up for a fight. Carly, she can be dangerous.

Anyway, thank you so much guys. Good to have you here, Ford and Christy.

We're going to take a quick break and then we're back with more from Donald Trump live from Indiana right after this.



TRUMP: So, what happens is Cruz called or Kasich called, or somebody called, and because it's a rigged business, and because it's a dishonest business, I say hey listen, Trump is beating us badly. We've got to do something. We've got to do something. And let start with the people of Indiana because they probably think you're stupid or foolish or something. And boy, do I know the opposite. Because as soon as I heard that, I said, the people of Indiana are not going to put up with this one. So they form an alliance, which is collusion. You know, in business, when you collude like that, they throw you in jail. Only in politics are you allowed collusion, right, only in politics. So they formed this phony alliance. And Kasich is, you know, difficult, guy. You know, he always pretends like he's the nicest guy. You know why he's nice guy? Because .


REGAN: OK. You've been listening to Donald Trump, and by the way, while we were in commercial break I want to point out that he went after John Kasich's eating habits again. You recall earlier this week in Rhode Island at a rally, he talks about how John Kasich eats pancakes and shoves them all in his mouth all at once. Well, got a repeat of that. He said, "You know, he's always eating, kind of disgustingly. I was always taught not to eat or talk with food in my mouth."

Anyway, Donald Trump, back to true form despite his campaign's attempt to sort of move him to the center and make him a little more presidential. In the meantime, he's fighting for his life in Indiana as we head into this final stretch of the primary season. His senior campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, the one that said, "He's going to start acting more presidential," meeting with more than a dozen Republican lawmakers today. So, does this mean the GOP is thinking about getting behind the front- runner?

Joining me right now, Evan Siegfried, from Somm Consulting and Trump's Spokesperson, Katrina Pierson. Katrina, Evan, great to have you guys here.

As we watch Donald Trump there speaking to supporters in Indiana and we hear him, for example, reference Kasich's eating habits again. Katrina, tell me what's happening with that whole philosophy about getting him to be, you know, more presidential?

KATRINA PIERSON, TRUMP CAMPAIGN SPOKESPERSON: Well, I think what we're experiencing is something that, you know, we have mentioned this whole time of Donald Trump is going to be Donald Trump. And at these rallies, this is his opportunity to engage with his supporters. He loves them. They love him. And it's a back and forth and a give-and-take. And whenever he talks like that, the crowd goes wild.

REGAN: Oh, they do.

PIERSON: He loves to entertain and they just have a good time at these rallies. But then you see speeches and then you see interviews where you do see a more presidential or whatever that supposed to mean, Donald Trump, but he's not going to change that.

REGAN: Yeah, you know, I think about him and I -- when I hear him speak, I think, he's obviously a smart man, very, very smart man, has built a heck of a business and been extraordinarily successful, but he has not lost that sort of street fighter mentality from queens. And I think that that is in fact, Evan, whether you like it or not, and I'm guessing you don't because I've heard you talk about him before, that's what people respect.

EVAN SIEGFRIED, REPUBLICAN STRATEGSIT: Well that's what his supporters respect. When you look at the rest of the electorate, especially swing voters, they don't like it. They're turned off by it. What's happening is you're seeing millennials rejecting him, women rejecting him. The establishments even rejecting him and he's trying to meet with the establishment and say, "OK, I'm going to play nice now." But when you're going out and attacking people because of their eating habits, that's crossing a line and then some. It's almost like if you're a serial abuser and then trying .


SIEGFRIED: . going to your victim and saying, "Hey, you're not .


REGAN: John Kasich's the victim now? By the way, John Kasich and Ted Cruz with no mathematical possibility of getting the nomination, why on earth don't they get out, Evan?

SIEGFRIED: Well, at this point, the voters haven't made up their -- or completely decided it. I think the California voters are eager to actually go up and cast their ballot. When was the last time California actually had a voice in a presidential primary?

REGAN: Katrina, I want to get your reaction to what Ted Cruz said about John Boehner today. You know the whole story, John Boehner saying basically he's the devil himself. He called him Lucifer and said he's never worked with such a miserable S-O-B, though he said the full thing, in his life. And Ted Cruz turned that on his heels and he said, "Look, you know, if you want the establishment, if you want John Boehner and those types, then fine elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump is his good golfing buddy. They, you know, they are effectively, one in the same and Trump is part of the establishment." What do you say to that?

PIERSON: Well, I'd say that John Boehner is no longer in office and -- but you can look at who has supported Senator Ted Cruz. Look at Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham is the epitome of the establishment. And hasn't ever met a war he didn't want to go into. And he's the one that said Ted Cruz could be killed on the Senate floor and no one would care. So, yes, of course, he wants to turn the John Boehner thing into to a positive for him .

SIEGFRIED: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

PIERSON: . but he still has -- but he still had people like Lindsey Graham supporting .

SIEGFRIED: Are you saying that Donald Trump is somehow not a part of the establishment? Donald Trump was the basis and who trapped up the establishment .

PIERSON: Lindsey Graham supporting Ted Cruz. That is the establishment, the current establishment.

SIEGFRIED: . with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations. That is one of the most ridiculous things ever.

PIERSON: All the businessmen -- all businessmen have done that. If you're successful in business and many people ....

SIEGFRIED: All businessmen have done that?

PIERSON: If you're successful in business, how about this, go to Open Secret. Look at the FedEx.

REGAN: I think .

SIEGFRIED: Oh, he's a successful businessman now?

PIERSON: Look at Verizon. Look at UPS.

SIEGFRIED: Trump Ice, Trump Vodka, Trump Wine, Trump Steak.

PIERSON: They donate down the line.

REGAN: I think, you know .

SIEGFRIED: But there are failures after failures. I don't think .

REGAN: I think it might be a little bit of a stretch to call Donald Trump the establishment.

PIERSON: Look at every corporation. Look at every corporation, Trish. You go to Open Secret, every major corporation donates down party lines.

REGAN: No, sure. Sure.

PIERSON: Now it happens on all business. And it's wrong.

REGAN: And you know what we need to get that money out of politics. That's the reality of it all. Because we don't need corporations donating and lining the pockets of these campaigns and as these campaigns having bad intentions or rather corporate intentions and so the intentions of Americans at heart.

Katrina, Evan, thank you so much. We'll be right back after this.


REGAN: All right, Donald Trump's five-state sweep on Tuesday putting him well on his path to victory. We're watching him speak live in Evansville, Indiana right now to supporters.

You know, but my next guest says Trump's momentum? It's actually a whole lot more than that. And whether you love him or you hate him, many believe he's already got this nomination in the bag. Fox News "Media Buzz" host, Howie Kurtz joins me with more on all of this momentum. Howie, how much does it matter?

HOWARD KURTZ, "MEDIA BUZZ" HOST: It matters a lot psychologically and I like to talk psychologically because I didn't do that well in math. And I think we've got a little too deep into the delegate mass scenarios. When Trump rolled up that win in New York, the five states on Tuesday with 60 percent margins in most of those states, suddenly most of his detractors or skeptics in the press said he's probably going to be the nominee, most voters said he's probably going to be the nominee and 66 percent of Connecticut Republicans in our exit poll said, "The person with the most votes at Cleveland, even if he hasn't reached the magic number, should be the nominee." That's huge.

REGAN: All right. So momentum's on his side but let's not forget, Cruz is very good on the ground game. You know, I was just talking with Evan as he left the set, and he said one of the things that hasn't come up a lot is the lack of sort of digital analysis that Trump has. He doesn't have any. Whereas you think about one of the keys to Obama's success in winning the nomination against Hillary eight years ago, was he had all that data, big data. He's relying, Evan said, on tweets and social media and the impact of these rallies. Is this going to come back to bite him? Because Cruz is, you know, doing all the hard stuff.