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On the CBS MoneyWatch, revenue run is over for Apple and campaign apps raise security concerns.



apps raise security concerns.>

interest rates. Experts widely expect the central bank to keep the rates

steady, but it may tweak the nation`s economic outlook to reflect better

conditions making a rate hike in the future more likely.>

On the CBS MoneyWatch, a revenue run is over for Apple and campaign apps raise security concerns. Hena Daniels is at the New York Stock Exchange with that and more. Good morning, Hena.

HENA DANIELS: Good morning, Anne-Marie. Wall Street is awaiting this afternoon`s announcement by the Fed on interest rates. Experts widely expect the central bank to keep the rates steady, but it may tweak the nation`s economic outlook to reflect better conditions making a rate hike in the future more likely. The Dow Jone (sic) gained thirteen points yesterday; the S&P 500 added almost four; and the NASDAQ dropped seven points.

Apple`s quarterly sales dropped for the first time in thirteen years. The tech company reported it`s sold fifty-one million iPhones in the first three months of the year. That`s down ten million phones from the same period last year and the first-ever decline of iPhone sales. Still, Apple reported a 10.5-billion-dollar profit for the quarter.

And Chipotle posted its first quarterly loss as it tries to bring back customers following a series of food scares. The Mexican food chain reported sales fell nearly thirty percent in the first quarter. It recently launched a campaign offering free meals to lure back customers, giving away five million entrees.

Nike co-founder Phil Knight will, reportedly, step down as the company`s board chairman. The Oregonian in Portland says Knight will leave the post in June. Last year Knight revealed he planned to do it sometime this year. Knight has recommended Nike`s CEO Mark Parker to replace him.

Another computer-- computer security firm is warning that apps released by Cruz and the Kasich campaign are vulnerable to hackers. Software company Symantec says The Cruz Crew and Kasich 2016 apps could leak sensitive personal information from users` phones. The Cruz campaign dismissed these claims. Kasich`s spokesman declined to comment.

And 7-Eleven`s Fresh to Go brand cookies are under recall in New York because they may contain peanuts and don`t have allergy warning labels. The bakery that supplies them to the convenient store chain recalled several batches of the treat across the state. The affected cookies are chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies with M&Ms. Anne-Marie.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Hena Daniels at the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks a lot, Hena.

Coming up on CBS THIS MORNING, a first look at Dyson`s new supersonic hair dryer for all your bad hair days. Let`s see. You know they make pretty good vacuums.

Still ahead, hatching new names. The public has voted. We will reveal the names chosen for a pair of very popular eaglets in DC.


ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Those famous baby eagles now have big feathers to fill. They will be known as Freedom and Liberty. More than thirty-six thousand votes were received online in a contest to name them. They hatched last month at the National Arboretum in Washington.

For the third year in a row First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated College Signing Day; this time in New York City. With the help of MTV, FLOTUS cheered on high school students making their college picks. The first lady got some help from celebrity friends all repping their colleges proudly.

MICHELLE OBAMA: The minute you get to college this fall, I want you to get right back to work, all right?

(Crowd cheering)

MICHELLE OBAMA: Because today is not the end of your journey, it`s just the beginning.

(Crowd cheering)

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: College Signing Day is part of Mrs. Obama`s Reach Higher initiative aimed at celebrating academics the same way athletics are celebrated.

And speaking of celebrating athletics, the stage is set, quite literally, for tomorrow night`s NFL draft. Cameras got a peek at the Chicago stage where college players become NFL draft picks. For the second year in a row, the draft is being held in Chicago. The big show will be held at Auditorium stadium. But Chicago`s Grant Park will transform to Draft Town, an outdoor fan festival.

And despite sitting out forty-three games because of back problems, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was named NBA Coach of The Year. Kerr helped lead the team to the playoffs and the NBA record for most wins in a season. Luke Walton, who filled in for Kerr during his absence, was by Kerr`s side as he accepted the honor Tuesday.

Coming up after your local news, comedian Louis C.K.

I`m Anne-Marie Green. This is the CBS MORNING NEWS.


ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Here`s another look at this morning`s top stories. More severe weather is expected today across the Central and Southern Plains. An area stretching from Houston into Iowa will likely see the worst of it. Yesterday, storms brought huge hail, damaging wind, flash flooding, and five reported tornadoes.

And Donald Trump declared himself the presumptive GOP presidential nominee after a clean sweep of the five states that held primaries yesterday. Hillary Clinton won Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania. Bernie Sanders won only Rhode Island, but pledged to keep campaigning until the convention.


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