Pressure Rises on Campaign Trail as Candidates Prep for New York Primary; Trump Lashes Out Against Corrupt System; U.S. Futures Edge Higher;



Primary; Trump Lashes Out Against Corrupt System; U.S. Futures Edge Higher;

Two Suspects Charged in Brussels Terror Investigation; Led Zeppelin Faces

Trial Over "Stairway to Heaven"; Senate Looks into Cyber Security Concerns

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OK, Maria you mention this Ford F150 super cap the safest trunk in the industry according to the insurance institute for highway safety and crash tests, the F150 the only one of nine pickups tested to earn to good rating. Kind of scary.

Rival trunks Rental charts from Chevy, GMC, RAM and Toyota didn't do as well. The test duplicated what happens when a vehicle runs off the road in a portion of it's front end and hits a tree or pole at 40 miles an hour.

MCDOWELL: Aluminum by the way, which was roundly mocked by General Motors. Aluminum body pick up truck get down its billboard top.

CASONE: No kidding. I'm ready for my Ford now. And finally you guys got to see this. Sometimes you never know what it's the swamp beneath you. A weekend fishing trip in Louisiana turn into a quite the scare for this guy and his 11-year-old daughter, he pulled up a jagged line that was attached to get this a huge alligator. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh my God. That's a big alligator. Buddy. That is a big gator.


CASONE: He says the gators head was three feet long. And like foot and a half across his daughter. Maria, was behind him.

HILSENRATH: It's a little bit routine actually unfolded there.


ANDY BUSCH, POLITICAL ECONOMIST: You can see the dad keeping his cool for the little sitting right next to him.

BARTIROMO: And how about the camera keeps on going.

MCDOWELL: Did you see how fast he probably get away?

BARTIROMO: Oh my got look at that gators mouth.




CASONE: There the still shot of it.


CASONE: That huge so.

BARTIROMO: That is scary.

CASONE: Next time you go kayaking Maria just maybe not pull things out of the water.


CASONE: I just want to warn you now.

BARTIROMO: That is wild .


MCDOWELL: General how about not kayaking in a swamp with your kid.

BUSCH: Yeah. Maybe cross that one off.

BARTIROMO: That is wild. What about this other story about the safety rating in the auto sector. I mean, let's talk about that for second because your thoughts on Ford beating rivals in this key crash tests. Jon

HILSENRATH: Well sir, that's a good sign for America, right? When American automakers are beating out the Toyotas and Hondas of the world, so good news.

BARTIROMO: That Ford 150 has always been .

HILSENRATH: You know, the other thing I'd say is just relate this back to the economy. Truck sales are booming right now. This is one of the benefits of low gas prices.

BARTIROMO: Is that was it. People change behavior. They see oil prices coming down they don't (inaudible) I want a big car.

HILSENRATH: Absolutely their change behavior. You talk to the auto dealers in the Midwest. They just, they can keep them on the lot.

BUSCH: There's a lot of lending too. There's a lot lending going to that area and, you know, where consumers can get lending is in autos.

HILSENRATH: Absolutely.

BUSCH: So unlike housings where we shifted from that now its auto.

HILSENRATH: This is loan (inaudible) policies for us to do it suppose to stimulate into sensitive seconds.

MCDOWELL: But that Ford F150 and that F series pickup truck, they've been consistently the number one selling vehicle in the entire country for decades and decades and decades. Because and also because the aluminum body its lighter weight better fuel economy which also helps despite the lower gas prices because it helps sale.

BARTIROMO: And the aluminum story sort of relatively recent.


BARTIROMO: In last couple years.


CASONE: But, you know, I think what's scared me about this so much, the fact that the test 40 miles an hour and you hi her, that's nothing 40 miles an hour. And the Ford was the only one out of all those trucks that actually .

HILSENRATH: And you could keep experience in .


CASONE: Not the worlds greatest driver, but anyway beside that. But, you know, that's pretty (inaudible) Maria.


CASONE: I don't know. They really need to start reevaluating I think, you know, these trucks in better way.

HILSENRATH: 40 miles an hour it does .

BARTIROMO: No, that's very fast actually.


MCDOWELL: You generally hit the brakes before you slam into something or get slammed into because you see the object in front of you. So I think 40 pretty .

BARTIROMO: I would say, thank you Cheryl.

Up next, pay us or we won't play. That is the latest message from the members of the U.S. women's soccer team, who are now threatening to boycott the Olympics if they do not get their paycheck and they mean equal pay with male counter parts. That's coming up.

Later on, Google is directly known as one of the top places to work, but if you insiders say it may not be as rosy as it sounds. But it's really like to work in Silicon Valley's most iconic company, coming up.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Look at the market this morning. We are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages today of course the beginning of earning season for the first quarter. Alcoa missed last night on revenue that stock is down.

But let's take a look at some individual names on the news this morning Alcoa down on that first quarter results report. Revenue coming in shy of expectation and the company is also cutting it's outlook for the year. This is ahead or our Alcoa split later this year. Take a look the stock down this morning.

Starbucks also under pressure today the hit with a downgrade from Deutsche cutting its rating to hole to buy. The analyst there is citing slowing sales at Starbucks.

Marathon oil will be one to watch today. The companies says it will sell $950 million in assets as part of an effort to reshape the portfolio amid the extended decline in oil prices. Jon Hilsenrath here this morning talking about oil. We will get to that. Jon because we are about $40 a barrel right now.

The U.S. women's soccer team taking a firm stance on the gender pay gap threatening to boycott this year Olympic games unless they get equal pay. The two-time Olympic gold medal winner Carli Lloyd along with four other team members filed the complaint that the equal employment opportunity commission saying that they are "Sick of being treated like second-class citizens."

Joining us now, is Caroline Ghosn, she is the co-founder and CEO of Levo a network of career resources designed to help young women achieve professional success. Caroline, good to see you. Thanks so much for joining us.

You're in touch with millennial all the time at Levo. What do they say about equal pay?

CAROLINE GHOSN, LEVO CO-FOUNDER & CEO: So there's a difference between the perception around equal pay within millennial and the actual data around how many people are negotiating for raise, negotiating for more responsibility and that's the big issue that we wanted to bring to the forth end of conversation.

So specifically you -- the perception of the millennial is that, hey they equally educated. Men and women are graduating from college at the same rate if not higher rate for women. And so, this problem is going to even itself out. However, when you .

MCDOWELL: How optimistic.


GHOSN: That's not the reality. In our label list and survey we pulled over 100,000 of our members and many of them millennial women average age 23. 56 percent of them didn't know how to negotiate, hadn't asked for a raise, weren't sure if they were, you know, if they should, if they were all too, when the right timeline.\

HILSENRATH: Was it the same case for men. In other words were men better prepared to negotiate and than women at that age.


BARTIROMO: Why? That's interesting.

GHOSN: So there are several facts that under line this. And I think part of it is really equipping young professionals, men and women to negotiate in the right way. But they're significant data around the fact men feel more comfortable negotiating for more job responsibility with fewer qualifications than their female counterparts. I mean the list goes on and on, so

BUSCH: What are the strategies you provide to women when you say, hey, you know, this is what you should be doing. I mean because they going to get to need to know what other salaries are.


BUSCH: You know, went to negotiate, when not to negotiate.

GHOSN: Yes. So my three biggest pieces of advice that we provided this for this campaign are number one, do your research. This is not the time to wing it. You know to know how much.


BUSCH: During your homework.

BARTIROMO: Here's the fact analyst by the National Women's Law Center suggests the average American woman will earn about 430,000 less than a man over 40 years old. So that .

GHOSN: Absolutely.

BARTIROMO: So that's they want.

HILSENRATH: It seems like they should all do, that the women should stop undercutting themselves. The thing that strikes me about this whole thing with the women's soccer team is they want equal pay. They actually generate more revenue for the United States than men's soccer. They shouldn't be asking for equal pay. They should be getting paid a lot more. That because of those earning -- but because they're actually generating twice as much revenue with man,

BARTIROMO: Yeah. How about a little thanks.

HILSENRATH: Why say you want equal pay.

BARTIROMO: So what's your second piece of advice?

GHOSN: All right, so number to your research, understand how much are supposed to be getting paid. Paid about to revenue, paid about to what value you're bringing to the company.

Number two, understand your contacts. If you walk into a starter that is, you're counting every single penny or into fortune 100 that's just, you know, cut off or had a restructuring of 20 percent of its population than it's not the right time to ask for this.

So understand you context. Is your manager morning person? Is your manager a night person, don't surprise them. Don't surprise them. Prepare them for the fact you want to have this conversation.

MCDOWELL: You know what? I have love about this though. This is about personal responsibility and individual. This is not a conversation about something mandated by the government or legislative by the government. This is something can be driven just by personal initiative, which is hugely beneficial, because you hear all the other different conversations when you talk to some politicians.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, yeah. And hearing it from celebrities, you got people like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, they have spoken out about the salary gap. They say they were paid less than male co-stars as well. So now you have to do you got a third piece of advice Caroline.

GHOSN: So the third piece is don't underestimate the power of body language when you communicate. So you want to go into the conversation open, confident, whatever you need to do to get into the mindset, do it. You need to meditate. You need to remind yourself that you're worth it. Whatever you'd need to do to walk into the conversation positive and open and great things will happen. Your manager will pickup of that energy. They'll know you are prepared, the second you walk in the door. And they'll know that this is a collaboration. That's a really, really important component of it.

MCDOWELL: And by the way, you find out, you've mentioned the celebrity Charlize Theron found out through the e-mail leaked at Sony.


MCDOWELL: That hacks and leak that she was getting paid less than her male costar. I think it's Hemsworth for one of the huntsman films and she demanded equal pay. She said dude I'm the woman whose opening this movie.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. And (inaudible) really good point.

HILSENRATH: You called it a collaboration. It seems to me that men see that more as a confrontation and are more aggressive in these situations and women are more likely to say it is a collaboration. Does that really work? Should women negotiating for more pay? They saying, you know, talking the approach that Carli Lloyd is saying right now and saying, we want more. You know, you not giving us enough. You not being collaborative with me and, you know, becoming more demanding.

GHOSN: Well, it really depends on the situation. We would definitely advocate that you begin with a collaboration mindset and that you approach us as a partnership. The goal is, you come into a conversation. This is someone you intend to keep working with after this conversation.

This is someone that you, you know, you want that person to respect you more after you achieved some sort outcome out of this conversation. And so, you wanted to be a partnership. So if you look at some of the research that has come out of -- effective negotiators are really, really good at creating a collaboration. So this is not about me versus you. This is about, hey, here are the facts on the table. What can we work with here?

MCDOWELL: So we shouldn't say "Hey, Bako (ph) I found out that lazy cat over there or Phil is making the 20 grand more than I make and I work double the number hours." That's not the approach.


BUSCH: If you have another job lined up, you can negotiate from a position of strength as well.

HILSENRATH: Right, yeah.

BARTIROMO: Good conversation data. It's the point to have. Really quick in millennial, do they have a pick in this election?

BUSCH: They do. We'll have another conversation about it.


MCDOWELL: Next hour I can actually explain the Hillary versus Bernie think related to the equality millennials believe exists but does not.

BARTIROMO: OK, we'll see that.

MCDOWELL: How about that.

BARTIROMO: Caroline, come back for us.

GHOSN: Yeah, thank you.

BARTIROMO: Check out labels, Caroline Ghosn everybody. We'll see you soon. Thank you.

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day. Did you know that? OK, yeah.

Coming up, we've got grill masters, they are right now in the room and they're going to come to the study to share these tasty sandwich secrets including the grilled cheese doughnut. Oh-uh, we're dishing out special cheesy creation right here all morning long.

The NBA legend Kobe Bryant saying goodbye to basketball after nearly two decades now ticket prices are soaring ahead of Kobe star final game. Stay with us. Back in a minute.



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