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Trump Holds Rally After Contentious Debate. Aired 9:30-10a ET




[09:32:03] CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: All right, let's head live to Warren, Michigan. Donald Trump has begun his big rally, right there. He's in the Expo Center at the community college. Let's listen.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: They're going home. That's bad. Does anybody want to give up their place to the people outside? Is there one person in this whole room? Raise your hand, please. No one. OK. That's good. That means we want to be here, right?

So we have had an amazing period of time. You know, I started this whole journey on June 16th. And from practically the time I began until now we've been in number one position. Can you believe that? Amazing.

And a couple of days ago, CNN came out with the latest poll where we're 49 for Trump, Rubio is 16, but after last night - little Marco - little Marco. Do you know that in Florida they hate little Marco Rubio so much - it's true - because of the fact that he never votes. He never shows up to vote. So wouldn't you think - I mean, actually, if you use - I'll use the phrase - a word that he uses, he has conned the people of Florida into voting for him, and I'll tell you what, they are angry because he never shows. He has the worst voting record in all of Florida. He has the worst voting record in the United States Senate, and one of the worst voting records in the history of the United States Senate. I don't think he's going to do too well. They are angry at him. He couldn't be elected dog catcher.

So - so last night he had a very, very bad night. According to the various polls, he lost the debate badly. And - but he's at 16. So he's going to go down. So it's Trump at 49, little Marco Rubio at 16, Cruz, lyin' Ted Cruz, lyin' Ted - you know, it's amazing, no matter what you say with Ted, he'll change it, he'll do whatever he has to do. You call up, oh, I didn't know I did that. So it's Ted - remember what he did to Dr. Carson, to Ben Carson? He said, oh, no - oh, no, no, he's quit the race. He's out the race. Vote for me. Vote for me. Thousands (INAUDIBLE). So Carson was good guy.

So Cruz is at 15 and Kasich is only at six. I don't know. That sounds low. And we just signed on to - you know, Jeff Sessions just endorsed - he's really one of the greats, one of the greats in terms of law and order, in terms of border, in terms of judicial, but Jeff Sessions just came on and actually he's a very good friend of Cruz, and Cruz could not believe that it happened. But Senator Jeff Sessions, highly respected, great guy.

[09:35:15] And another one in terms of the border, Sheriff Joe, right? Sheriff Joe. So we're doing really well. And it's - it's been amazing. And we're going to talk about today trade, we're going to talk about borders. We're going to have a lot of fun, even though it's - you know it's fun - it's sort of interesting. We're going to talk about cars. We're going to talk about - we're going to talk about that.


TRUMP: Don't worry, folks, we're going to be building the wall. We're going to build the wall. Are you ready?


TRUMP: And who is going to pay for the wall?

CROWD: Mexico.


CROWD: Mexico.

TRUMP: You better believe it. Said - you see where the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox - he said, we will not pay for that f wall! Now, could you imagine if I said it? And he said it. He threw out the f bomb. And I'm just saying to myself, if I said it, I probably wouldn't be here today, right? This guy used the f bomb in a major interview with CNN, or somebody, and I want to tell you, that was shocking and a disgrace, and I think he should apologize to the people of Mexico and to the people of the United States. We are calling on him to apologize.

And - he said he will not pay for the wall. So we've come a long way because he actually said, I will not. And it's interesting when he says, I will not, right? He doesn't say Mexico will not. He says "I." So he thinks a lot of himself.

But he said I will not meaning Mexico will not pay for the f wall and I thought it was a horrible thing. And what's interesting is that at least now he knows the wall is going up. He didn't say, we're not going to allow a wall. In other words, we've come a long way. He now said he's not going to pay for the wall. Before he used to say, we will not allow a wall. Now he says, we won't pay for the wall. He will pay for the wall, folks, OK? He will pay for the wall.

And you know what happened when the press called up and they told me about it and they said, well, do you have a response? I said, the wall just got ten feet higher, you know? Ten feet higher. We don't play games. We're not playing games. We're not playing games. We are not going to play games. There's no, no, no games with us.

You know, the thing that bothered me about ex-President Fox is the arrogance, the way - you know it wasn't so much the wall. It wasn't that we're not going to pay and they're not going to pay for the wall, what he said. It was, he couldn't believe that the United States would actually be asking them for something. The arrogance. He couldn't believe - how dare you ask us, the hatred and arrogance of this guy, because they're used to getting their way 100 percent. They're not going to get their way anymore, folks. They're not getting their way.

COSTELLO: All right, we're going to - we're going to cut away from Donald Trump's big rally going on in Warren, Michigan, at the Expo Center at the community college there.

I want to bring in Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. The governor joins me now from Washington. She has already endorsed Donald Trump.

Thank you, Governor Brewer, for being with me this morning.

JAN BREWER (R), FORMER ARIZONA GOVERNOR: Well, Carol, thanks for having me on. Appreciate it.

COSTELLO: I appreciate you being here. You know, a lot of Republicans out there watched last night's debate and said they were embarrassed. What did you think?

BREWER: But they didn't turn it off. It was an interesting night. It was somewhat of a political smackdown. Everybody throwing barbs at one another. But the American public, they want a fighter. They're tired of not being heard. And I think that the example that we saw last night was different than we've ever seen, but that's the way that politics goes, I guess. It's - you know, Carol, the general public really believe that the federal government has really let them down, you know, in regards to so many issues, and that they don't listen to them. And so I think all this scrapping is just encouraging to them because they want somebody to fight for them, and that's what's drawing all this out.

COSTELLO: Well, you heard - you heard Donald Trump at that rally. He said that the former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, should apologize for using the f word in regards to paying for that wall Mr. Trump wants to build between the United States and Mexico. I'm sure you heard what Donald Trump said about his manhood last night. Doesn't - isn't it a little hypocritical of Donald Trump to want Vicente Fox to apologize when he never apologizes for being crass?

[09:40:28] BREWER: Well, you know, and - exactly. I think that President Fox ought to apologize. I think that the rhetoric has reached a new limit, a new height and the bottom line is, is that the people are aggravated and they're frustrated and the candidates are -

COSTELLO: No, I totally understand that, governor. I do. I'm just asking, do you wish, as a Trump supporter, that Donald Trump would stop talking about his manhood on the national stage?

BREWER: Well, it appears that, you know, they're attacking him constantly in regards to it. It's not just Donald. It's coming from both sides. He was a major target last night. And, of course, they're all tired and frustrated and they all want the time. And so it's - it's probably not going to stop. Do I like it? I don't particularly like it. I think that it's not necessary. But the bottom line is, is that obviously the public is enjoying it. The ratings are high. People are turning out. It's not slowing down the numbers at anybody's rallies. And Donald's leading. So there you go. It's a different strategy.

COSTELLO: Well, one - one person - one person who is not enjoying the show is, of course, the former governor, Mitt Romney. He was on the "Today" show this morning and he again repeated that he feels Donald Trump is unfit for president. Let's listen.


MITT ROMNEY (R), FORMER PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Oh, he's a successful guy. He's made a lot of money. But he hasn't been uniformly successful and he's far from a business genius. A lot of people endorsed me I wouldn't endorse for president. And secondly, a lot has happened in the last year. And, frankly, had I heard him say the things I've heard him say now, I wouldn't have welcomed his endorsement.


COSTELLO: What do you think of what - what Mitt Romney is saying about Donald Trump?

BREWER: Well, you know, I supported Mitt Romney. I thought that he would have been an excellent candidate. But I think his comments are a little harsh and to see him come out doing what he's doing now, very orchestrated and coordinated with people that are opposing what I believe is the general public's frustration is the perfect example of Republicans, once again, eating their own. It's just a circus. It's a circus out there.

COSTELLO: I think we agree on that. Governor Jan Brewer, thanks for stopping by.

BREWER: Thank you, Carol.

COSTELLO: You're welcome.

Still to come in the NEWSROOM, hundreds protest outside last night's debate, including union workers. So why is one union leader nervous that Donald Trump is resonating with her members? We'll talk about that, next.


[09:47:08] COSTELLO: Forget the fireworks inside (ph) on the debate stage, outside was just as raucous. Hundreds of protesters shouting and blocking traffic outside of the Fox theater.


COSTELLO (voice-over): Among these protesters, members of one of the largest labor groups in North America, The Service Employees International Union. And while those union members protested Donald Trump's economic policies, some of their union brothers and sisters seemed to be attracted to some of what Trump is saying. Listen to how Donald Trump would respond to Carrier's decision to move its manufacturing plant from Indianapolis to Mexico.

TRUMP: I will call the head of carrier, and I will say, I hope you enjoy your new building. I hope you enjoy your stay in Mexico, but you've just left the United States. There's no more taxes that you're going to pay. There's no more jobs that you're going to produce. 1,400 great people have been left out in the lurch. Every single air conditioning unit that you build and send across our border, you're going to pay a 35 percent tax on that unit.


COSTELLO (on camera): All right. With me now is the president of the Service Employees International Union, Mary Kay Henry. Mary Kay, thanks for stopping by.


COSTELLO: So, when you hear Donald Trump say that, it resonates with workers out there.

HENRY: I think fewer and fewer workers believe these kinds of things from him, because it's the same candidate that said wages are too high and taxes are too high. So then they hear these one sound bite things and are beginning to unpack it. I'd say the handful of our members that were responding to his fear are now looking at what he's saying and what Hillary Clinton is saying and are gravitating to her message of inclusion, and opportunity and saying that we can have an economy that works for everyone.

COSTELLO: And I should mention, your union has endorsed Hillary Clinton, right? I just want to - just want our viewers to know.

HENRY: Yes, we have.

COSTELLO: So going back to Donald Trump's idea to tax, you know, these air conditioning units 35 percent if Carrier wants to sell them in the United States from their Mexico plant. It's not at simple as that, is it? I mean, the president just can't wave a magic wand or sign an executive order instituting that tax.

HENRY: That's right. And this is, as I said, the same candidate that's saying that taxes are too high. So, you have to wonder, which Donald Trump is going to show up? And more and more working families understand that the deep economic anxiety we feel having to work two and three jobs in order to make ends meet, means that we need a candidate that's going to fight, win and deliver for working people, not make one-sentence pronouncements that have a little bit of excitement for a moment, and that's what I think more and more working people are going to reject Donald Trump.

COSTELLO: You know, people like to hear things in black and white, they don't like to hear shades of gray. It's complicated. They want answers now.

[09:50:02] HENRY: Well, I think Hillary Clinton has an amazing appeal. Hundreds of our members our getting off work at 2:00 in the morning, getting on a bus to Nevada to knock doors in Las Vegas for her. I just walked in Minnesota with a home care provider who had cared for someone all night because she understands that Hillary Clinton knows the value of the work she does and wants her to have a living wage and wants every senior to be able to live at home in dignity.

COSTELLO: I want to go back to this rally for just a second, this Donald Trump rally, because he mentioned the unions in the rally, and he was talking about the Ford, they want to build a plant in Mexico. So he posed that to the crowd, and then he said something else. And I just want you all to listen to it.


TRUMP: And you know what? You have a representative union, I have to say this. You have a representative union. Who here is in a union? Okay, you like your unions? You like them? Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I said, do you like your union? I don't know about that.

Well, anyway, but you do love your industry, right? The industries. All right. So I don't want --


COSTELLO: I actually don't know quite how to read that.

HENRY: I can tell you, I was at a painters hall in Minnesota with painters, laborers, nursing home workers, child care workers who were joining together to go knock doors for Hillary Clinton. I think that he's trying to make an appeal that isn't going to stick and that people are going to come together in record numbers and make sure that she's the next president of the United States.

COSTELLO: But I think when you look at some of the polling, especially the exit polling, one of the weaknesses in Hillary Clinton's support comes from working white men who don't make much money. She is not resonating with that group of people. Why is that?

HENRY: Well, our union represents men who earn under $15 an hour and around $50,000 a year. And those men care deeply about the future for their kids and are mad that their children are coming home from school and saying, are my friends going to be taken away? And so, I would argue that the politics of hate that is being driven by Donald Trump are being rejected by even those men, because they care deeply about the future for their families.

COSTELLO: All right. Mary Kay Henry, thanks for stopping by.

HENRY: Thank you.

COSTELLO: Appreciate it. Coming up in the next hour of NEWSROOM, moments ago hip hop star Russell Simmons announced who he's backing in the 2016 race. We'll tell you who it is, live.



[09:57:02] COSTELLO (voice-over): Checking some top stories for you at 56 after. The first family will not be leaving Washington when the president's second term ends in January. President Obama say his family plans to stay in the nation's capital for the foreseeable future until both daughters finish high school. Beyond that, the president said he wasn't sure if he and the first lady would then go back to Chicago, which is where they lived before he was elected president.

Autopsy results show drugs were a factor in the death of Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. She was found face down in a bathtub in January of 2015 and died about six months later without ever regaining consciousness. Her autopsy was unsealed today by court order. Although it does not reveal the precise cause of death, it does say she died of complications from drug intoxication and immersion in water.


COSTELLO (on camera): If you're curious how the 2016 presidential race compares with past U.S. elections, tune in Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern for the premier of the CNN original series "Race for the White House." It revisits the 1960 contest between JFK and Richard Nixon with the civil rights - with civil rights, rather, as the volatile backdrop.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kennedy is fearful of alienating southern governors and southern Democrats by being pro-civil rights. But that all changes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kennedy calls Coretta King to offer his support.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was a big decision. Kennedy decides to do what is morally right.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A simple phone call was a very noble thing to do. Undoubtedly, he did this for political reasons, but he did it. Nixon did not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Kennedy's call leaks to the press, his brother, Bobby, all but froths at the mouth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was white with anger. He said Sargent Shriver and I have probably lost the campaign. He was furious.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My father was a little disturbed about that, because he was worried how that - how well that would go over with some of the, you know, white governors. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The deed is done. But Bobby soon realizes he can turn the situation to his brother's advantage. He demands the release of King.


COSTELLO: All right. Historians credit that phone call with helping Kennedy win the election. To get the rest of the fascinating story, tune in Sunday night 10:00 p.m. Eastern for the premier of CNN's "Race for the White House."

The next hour of CNN NEWSROOM starts right now.

And good morning. I'm Carol Costello. Thank you so much for joining me. Venomous, vulgar and down right dirty, Donald Trump defending the size of his manhood on stage at the GOP debate.

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