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On the CBS MoneyWatch, the results of a defective airbag investigation and a chocolate recall.



investigation and a chocolate recall.>

caused Takata airbags to inflate with too much force. Takata airbags have

caused at least ten deaths and a hundred and thirty-nine injuries.>

On the CBS MoneyWatch, the results of a defective airbag investigation and a chocolate recall. Hena Daniels is at the New York Stock Exchange with that and more. Good morning, Hena.

HENA DANIELS: Good morning, Anne-Marie. Scientists hired by the auto industry say they figured out what caused Takata airbags to inflate with too much force. Takata airbags have caused at least ten deaths and a hundred and thirty-nine injuries. The independent-tested coalition has been studying the problem for a year. It says design issues, moisture, high humidity, heat, and the use of a controversial propellant ammonium nitrate are all factors.

Stocks on Wall Street follow the price of oil, lower. The price of crude oil sank more than four percent. The Dow Jones fell a hundred and eighty- eight points; the S&P 500 lost twenty-five; and the NASDAQ finished sixty- seven points lower.

McDonald`s is partnering with Greek yogurt maker Chobani to make parfaits and smoothies in Southern California. McDonald`s says the partnership is limited to about eight hundred restaurants in L.A. and San Diego. The fast- food chain is fighting to change its image. It successfully introduced all- day breakfast in October. Sales rose 5.7 percent in the last three months of 2015.

The music streaming service Spotify is moving its entire service on to cloud computing services operated by Google. Spotify says its partnership with Google is, quote, "A big deal." But it`s a big one for Google, too, which is offering itself as an alternative to Amazon which dominates the cloud market. Google says in ten years its cloud could generate more money than its online ads.

A massive recall by the chocolate candy maker Mars. Mars is recalling candy bars and other items in fifty-five countries in Europe and elsewhere because plastic was found in several products. The Dutch food safety authority says the affected products include Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, and Celebrations. The recall does not affect the U.S.

And, Anne-Marie, a carmaker in India is changing the name of a new car because of an international health crisis. Tata Motors` new hatchback was called Zica. Zika is in the virus that`s reached more than twenty countries and it`s linked to birth defects. Tata has renamed the car the Tiago this week. Anne-Marie.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: I`m sure they checked with the CDC before picking that new name. Hena Daniels at the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks a lot, Hena.

Coming up, Celine Dion`s emotional tribute. The singer honored her late husband in a live stream performance from Vegas.

(Celine Dion performing live on stage)


(Celine Dion performing live on stage)

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Celine Dion delivered a powerful performance last night in her first return to the stage since her husband`s death. The show at Caesars Palace began with a tribute to Rene Angelil who died last month at the age of seventy-three.

Well, in perfect astronaut fashion, Scott Kelly is wrapping up his year in space with a countdown. For day eight Kelly donned an ape suit to do some of the chores aboard the International Space Station. He took a break from the work to chase another crewmember around the ISS.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving is blaming an off night on bedbugs. Irving says that he felt sick after being bitten at an Oklahoma City hotel before Sunday`s game against the Thunder. The Skirvin Hilton is notorious among NBA players. Some say it`s haunted.



ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Don`t bother her before her first cup of coffee. A Dunkin` Donuts customer is wanted by a Philadelphia police for getting a little too steamed at an employee. The woman is seen on surveillance video throwing a ceramic cup at the worker who was actually hurt. Workers say the dispute was over a dollar seventy-six. Come on.

Well, despite that attack, Philly is known as being the City of Brotherly Love and that love is on the move. The city`s landmark sign is relocating temporarily. The love sculpture was loaded onto a forklift and delivered about a block away where it will sit while its permanent home at Love Park undergoes several upgrades.

Here`s another look at this morning`s top stories. Donald Trump easily won the Nevada caucuses. It was Trump`s third victory in a row heading into next week`s Super Tuesday contests. Nearly six out of the ten Nevada Republican caucus goers said that they are angry at the way the government works. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting it out for second place.

And a string of tornadoes ripped through the Gulf Coast killing at least three people in Louisiana and Mississippi. An RV Park in Southern Louisiana was hard hit. Two people were killed there. Rescue crews are still searching for trapped victims. At least thirty-one people were injured. Seven are in critical condition.

Well, coming up after your local news on CBS THIS MORNING, a hearing today for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel in the murder of Martha Moxley. 48 HOURS` Peter Van Sant has details.

Plus, a new awards show called the All Def Movie Awards that was created as an alternative to the Oscars.


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