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There is no such thing as a safe hoverboard on the market that is opinion of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.



opinion of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.>

"R" Us has, reportedly, pulled the toy from its website after the CPSC

called the number of fire complaints an unreasonable risk.>

CHARLIE ROSE: There is no such thing as a safe hoverboard on the market that is opinion of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The popular toys are responsible for more than fifty reported fires since December. Vladimir Duthiers of our digital network CBSN shows us why one manufacturer is still encouraging people to ride. Vlad, good morning.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS (CBS News Correspondent): Good morning. Hoverboards were the go-to gift this holiday season but, now, Toys "R" Us has, reportedly, pulled the toy from its website after the CPSC called the number of fire complaints an unreasonable risk. It`s saying manufacturers need to raise their safety standards immediately.

(Begin VT)

MAN #1: These boards are illegal.

MAN #2: You can`t travel with those--

MAN #1: You can`t travel with those things.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: Hoverboards were featured recently in the NBA slam dunk contest.

(Excerpt from Modern Family)

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: And Phil on Modern Family got one as a present just last week. But this holiday season`s hot toy is being linked to dozens of fires in twenty-four states since December, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage. This home in Nashville was destroyed by fire last month and this family`s Christmas celebration was ruined.

WOMAN: So I was sitting here on the floor and it just blew up and sparks and fire started coming from the toy.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: On Thursday the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued newly updated voluntary safety standards to manufacturers, retailers, and importers. It says boards that do not comply pose ".an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers" who "risk serious injury or death if their hoverboards ignite and burn."

SEAN KANE (The Safety Institute Founder and President): This is really a shot across the bow from the Consumer Product Safety Commission saying that if you are bringing product in and you`re not meeting these standards we`re going to consider them defective.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: The fires appear to stem from excess heat generated by the board`s lithium batteries.

CHIEF FIRE MARSHAL ROBERT BURNS: You can clearly look at this device and see that the fire started inside the device.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: One of the manufacturers at CPSC is actively investigating is also one of the biggest, Swagway, which has been hit with a class-action complaint in December over an alleged fire. says it received a statement from Swagway on Saturday. "In Complying with the CPSC`s requirements, we ask customers who have purchased the Swagway to refrain from using their boards in the interim."

SEAN KANE: Recalls are inevitable. It will happen.

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: But on Sunday Swagway told CBS News there was a miscommunication with Mashable. It says it is not asking current customers to stop using their hoverboards and its products have always met international safety standards using industry-approved materials.

In a statement, Swagway says ".it is in support of complying with the new guidelines set forth by the CPSC."

(End VT)

VLADIMIR DUTHIERS: Swagway says no hoverboards currently meet these new safety standards but the company says it has come up with a technology to meet those standards. It`s important to note that the CPSC is still calling these voluntary so for now it seems hoverboard ownership is still a case of let the buyer beware. Gayle.

GAYLE KING: All right.


GAYLE KING: Let the buyer beware, Charlie Rose.


GAYLE KING: So where do you keep your hoverboard?

CHARLIE ROSE: In the country.

GAYLE KING: I hope it`s by the pool so that if something happens, you can just toss it right in. It seems like they need some work to do with the hoverboard.


GAYLE KING: Do you have one at your house, Norah?

NORAH O`DONNELL: I don`t. I don`t.

GAYLE KING: I`m scared. I`m scared.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Be careful with your toys, Charlie.

GAYLE KING: Yes, be careful, Mister Rose. Thank you, Vlad.

There are so many places I could go, but I`m not. We`re going to go right here.

Some of the biggest names--

CHARLIE ROSE: Yeah, thank you for not--

GAYLE KING: --in music are lining up to back pop star Kesha. That`s Kesha singing right now. Ahead, the latest twists in the singer`s legal battle to break her contract with a producer that she says abused her.

Plus, what astronauts heard traveling around the dark side of the moon. Here is a hint.

CHARLIE ROSE: Looks great.

GAYLE KING: It wasn`t Pink Floyd. But, first, it is seven forty-seven it`s time to check your local weather.


MAN #1: The music even sounds outer-spacey, doesn`t it? You hear that? That whistling sound?

MAN #2: Yeah.

MAN #1: Whooooo..

CHARLIE ROSE: Newly released footage from the 1969 Apollo 10 mission shows astronauts surprise about hearing strange music. They were on the dark side of the moon where all communications with earth is off. The crew considered not reporting the sound which they found unbelievable. The once classified tapes are being released on the science channel series NASA`s Unexplained Files. The sound remains a mystery.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Mm. Pink Floyd in outer space.

CHARLIE ROSE: What is this? They can`t figure it out.

GAYLE KING: Mysteries are good.

NORAH O`DONNELL: That`s right.

GAYLE KING: Expect the moon to have some mysteries.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Coming up, we`re going to meet the students who are pushing the limits of math. Ahead, the high-schoolers who pulled off the rare feat of achieving a perfect score on the AP Calculus exam.

GAYLE KING: Good for them.

NORAH O`DONNELL: The first since Gayle King. You`re watching CBS THIS MORNING.


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