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Apple Earnings Down on Slower iPhone Sales; Sanders Talks Taxes; Democratic Town Hall Reviewed; Long Island School Issues Two Report Cards;



Democratic Town Hall Reviewed; Long Island School Issues Two Report Cards;

Using Virtual Reality to Replace Blueprints; New York Chemical Plant

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A private boy's school in New York under fire for sending parents two sets of report cards, so one with the kids' grades and one that has grades but spares their feelings, we'll give you more details. Your kids are your own fault, author Larry Winget is going to be giving me his view. I think I know what it is. We are also going to be speaking with Larry about actor Lena Dunham banning words for Hillary's campaign. We're back in just a minute.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are the words you can't use when describing a female candidate, shrill, inaccessible, difficult, grumpy, and plastic, I mean there is a list of words that if we were allowed to talk about male candidates like that, I'd have a (AUDIO GAP) field day.


BOLTON: Apple CEO, Tim Cook speaking right now on Apple's earnings. (Inaudible) says he expects a tough quarter after iPhone sales grew at the slowest pace since the product was launched in 2007. So right now, if you look at the stock in this after hour market it's down around one percent.

A private boy's school in New York issuing two report cards, school officials at Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island wrote, "Since our goal is to share accurate information with the parents and not to discourage or hurt a student, great discretion must be used before allowing your child to view his report card." The Author of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault, Larry Winget is with me now. So Larry, what do you make of this, two report cards, one with kids feelings in mind, one I would consider a real one, are we coddling kids too much?

LARRY WINGET, AUTHOR OF YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR OWN FAULT: You think? This is the most dishonest idea -- it almost reads like an onion story. It's so ridiculous. And we need to make kids understand that grades are a measurement of their performance. They are a consequence of their behavior. When we cheat them of the truth, we are hurting them, not helping them. Besides, how does a parent sit down and say listen, the school lied to you. You're not really doing that well. We have to talk to you about how you are doing in school. What kind of trust does that set up between the kid and the school?

And by the way, when you are in the real world, let's say you are doing a lousy job and you are about to be fired, but your performance review was that you are doing really ok. How does that serve anyone well?

BOLTON: It does not at all. I feel like it's an opportunity missed for constructive criticism. I'm glad to have your view on that. I want to ask you about high school sports as well, this is separate but related. A Minnesota girl's team has been ejected from their league for being too good. The Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association sent a letter to the players' parents, saying the other teams in the league don't want to compete because of their skill level.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Should we play worse just to make them happy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It makes me sad because I haven't been able to play high school for two years because I did get cut. I found this was one last opportunity, because I will never be able to play basketball again.


BOLTON: So Larry, I'm sure you agree with me -- you have got to keep score. If the kids want to be better they have to work harder.

WINGET: The league made a deal with this team and now it's reneging on the deal. Listen, how would it have been this last weekend if we'd have gone in half time with the Panthers and Arizonans and said, look Panthers, you're just killing Arizona out there. We need you to not play as well because you are going to hurt Arizona's feeling. Does that make sense? Tiger Woods, we need you to miss some shots because you are embarrassing the rest of the field out there.

None of this stuff makes sense. You have to stop dumbing down everything we do from education to sports so everybody always feels like they are a winner. Listen, kids don't need to be treated like fragile little snowflakes. They've got to learn that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. And when you lose, you work harder.

BOLTON: Larry, I like what you're saying because it's true. Later on, maybe school is one thing. Later on, it does show up in a professional life and it's confusing along the way. While we have you here, Larry, there is a debate that continues to rage over diversity at the academy awards. You know that some African-American actors including, Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband Will Smith are boycotting the Oscars because of a lack of diversity. Variety actually out with a cover now that says Shame on Us.

And of course, we have the hashtag on twitter, #oscarssowhite. Now 2001, I just want to reference this for balance, best actor and actress went to Denzel Washington and Haley Berry. Since 2004, six African-American actors won Oscars for best actor or best supporting actor. So what is going on with the academy? It seems like when the films strike a chord there, winning, when they don't, they're not. What is your take?

WINGET: Well, maybe the academy needs to open its size. I don't know. I'm not a member. I don't know how the voting works. I don't understand. But here is the deal, we can't start imposing affirmative action like we did way back and quotas on award shows. It doesn't make any sense. Here are five actors for best actor and two them have to be African-American, one of them has to be Latino, one of them has to be gay, whatever.

We can't start doing that because it demeans -- first of all, the award. But I think it's also demeaning who the people who are nominated for that award because then they say why did I get nominated? Is it because I'm a minority? Is it because I'm black or gay or whatever? Or did I actually deserve this and earn it? It puts everything into question. We need to get back -- and again maybe they need to open their eyes and be a little more diverse.

They certainly looks like it this year, but still we can't imposing those kind of quotas on anything, anywhere, even actors.

BOLTON: Larry, so well said, love having you, Larry Winget joining me there.

When we come back, a day at the beach takes a terrifying turn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of the way! Whoa! That was scary.

BOLTON: It's called a sneaker wave. We'll show you what happened. And a WHO warning, the Zika Virus is set to spread across the Americas. Dr. Marc Seigel with me next on how you can protect yourself.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are reporting 12 confirmed cases in returning travelers including three pregnant women. Things are changing quickly, and I'm sure this will change and I'm sure this number will grow.


BOLTON: This just in, the FBI has arrested a Milwaukee man, in fact, you can see his picture there. He planned on committing a mass shooting. He is 23-years old, Sammy Mohammad Hamza. He has been charged with possession of machine guns and a silencer.

Shifting gears completely, replacing blueprints via virtual reality. It may happen soon. My next guest started in shipbuilding. He's evolving into construction. Dan Arczynski is with me, he is the President and CEO of Index Solutions, Dan, how is your product changing industry?

DAN ARCZYNSKI, INDEX SOLUTIONS PRESIDENT AND CEO: Deirdre, first thanks for having me on your show. So the way Augmented Reality changes the way companies can do business is we no longer need blueprints, our instructions are two-dimensional drawings. We are able to take the three-dimensional model and overlay it directly on the worksite to scale to location almost like a hologram. We use iPhone's, iPad's and other smart mobile device to do that.

BOLTON: So it seems like you are changing the construction industry. What other potential applications are there?

ARCZYNSKI: So first of all, construction is a great use, but any manufacturer, the aerospace energy, power, energy, all of these companies are taking a big interest in this, and it's because of the results that we're seeing when we Augmented Reality to their work.

BOLTON: When people talk to you, Dan about oh, is this going to kill jobs, what is the best mix of man and machine?

ARCZYNSKI: So that's a great question. It's important to take a step back and realize that we are actually augmenting people. We are making people more capable and more productive, vis-.-vis machines, and vis-.-vis robots. So actually if you are a company and your workers can do so much more and have so much more capability, you will want to hire more of those workers, so I would actually say this is not going to be taking any jobs away, rather, it's going to enhance workers ability to produce more.

BOLTON: And think creatively. Dan Arczynski, thank you so much, CEO of INDEX SOLUTIONS.

In addition to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, there is another town in New York having problems with their water. In fact, its water causes cancer. Speaking of health, the World Health Organization is warning the Zika Virus may cause brain damage to babies, we'll tell you about North Americas potential exposure, Marc Siegel with me now weighing in on both of these health issues.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All the mosquito-borne viruses, the key is preventing getting bitten.


BOLTON: In upstate New York, there is a plastics plant that is installing a multi million dollar filtration system after high levels of chemicals linked with cancer were found in the water. Dr. Marc Siegel is with me now, Dr. Siegel, great to see you. What is in this water that is linked to cancer?

MARC SIEGEL, MEDICAL A-TEAM: It's a chemical called PFOA. The last time they tested it they found 18,000 parts per 1,000. That's a lot. They are saying don't drink water from municipal wells. We are seeing testicular cancer and renal cancer. With people getting sick, I can't prove cancer is coming from this. But people exposed to this water you see family clusters occur.

BOLTON: All right. Now speaking of water that is putting people in danger, the Michigan attorney general is raising concerns about Flint's crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I certainly would not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water.

BOLTON: So how dangerous is lead poisoning. I know if kid drink water with lead, it's extremely dangerous. Can a child be harmed by actually bathing in water with lead?

SIEGEL: Two points, first of all, I know a lot of people in Michigan saying why they took water out of the river. Everyone knows it's a filthy river. Secondly, as opposed to what we've just talked about with a chemical, Deirdre, in this case it's a slow, creeping problem. Someone gets to be five years old and they are not doing as well in school. It causes developmental problems and neurological problems. It's not that someone would get as sick as if they ate paint off of a wall.

But over time, you will see problems with behavior and neurological problems. I'm worried about this.

BOLTON: For people who fear this, what can they do?

SIEGEL: Parents can get a led level for one thing. You can go see your physician. You can get tested for it. And if there is a great concern, have a neurologist examine you, and obviously, the less exposure the better. Again, I don't want to scare people. People need to be taking it seriously.

BOLTON: Health officials in El Salvador are suggesting women not get pregnant because some have said they have seen birth defects. They think it' linked to a disease from a mosquito, and this idea of a Zika Virus.

SIEGEL: You know we've run the gamete tonight because in this case, the virus is fear. The Zika Virus, 3 million births last year in Brazil and maybe 1,000 microcephaly, but that is such a tragic complication that you worry about it.


BOLTON: Charles Payne is here, the line up comes your way.


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