Company Creates Lego Figure Heads Emulating Real People

One company is offering shockingly accurate 3D printed heads that mirror the faces of real people.

Founded in 1932, the Lego Group — favorite toy of millions of children worldwide and the cause of pain for their barefooted parents--has staying power. What it doesn’t have is realistic depictions of humans atop its toy human bodies. To make the figure more aesthetically pleasing, one company is offering shockingly accurate 3D printed heads that mirror the faces of real people.

According to its advertisement on EtsyFunky 3D Faces will create a 3D printed replica of any person’s head for $30 apiece. They also offer up hairstyle options, just in case you weren’t fond of the one you wore in the photo.

To make the head, the company needs two photographs of a person’s head, one showing the front, and the other the side. The photos are then converted, and printed onto a head made of sandstone.

If you’re looking to deliver one of the figurines for a special occasion, make sure to plan ahead. According to the company, the head takes up to two weeks to create.