On the CBS MoneyWatch, hot items from the Consumer Electronics Show, and Twitter considers going on.



and Twitter considers going on.>

Asia. Most finished lower. Japan`s Nikkei dropped one percent, hitting a

two-month low. Hong Kong`s Hang Seng also fell one percent.>

On the CBS MoneyWatch, hot items from the Consumer Electronics Show, and Twitter considers going on. Jill Wagner is at the New York Stock Exchange with that and more. Good morning, Jill.

JILL WAGNER: Good morning, Anne-Marie. Nor-- North Korea`s apparent hydrogen bomb test rattled stock markets in Asia. Most finished lower. Japan`s Nikkei dropped one percent, hitting a two-month low. Hong Kong`s Hang Seng also fell one percent.

It was a mix but generally stable day on Wall Street. Following Monday`s big sell-off, the Dow gained nine points. The S&P edged up four. The NASDAQ, though, fell about eleven points.

Most major airlines are raising round-trip fares on domestic flights by six dollars. Delta was the first to raise prices. Southwest, American, United, JetBlue, and Virgin America quickly matched that increase. Airlines have been enjoying record profits due to low fuel costs.

Twitter could be getting ready for longer tweets. Right now a tweet is limited to one hundred and forty characters. The technology news site Re/code reports that Twitter may increase its limit to ten thousand characters in the tweet. CEO Jack Dorsey, he said Twitter is examining ways to let users express themselves. Anne-Marie.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: So, Jill, we could talk about Twitter, but really the tech world is focused on Las Vegas this morning, as the Consumer Electronics Show opens, lots of amazing gadgets. We actually got a preview yesterday.

JILL WAGNER: That`s right. So Ford kicked things off by saying that it plans to triple the size of its fleet of self-driving cars. Ford says it will begin using a new lower priced compact sensor to act as the eyes of the car. Those new sensors are small enough to mount on side-view mirrors.

Now, fitness tracker Fitbit says it`s introducing a watch to rival the Apple Watch. The new blaze has audio playback control and message notifications, also a color display. So that comes out in March. It will cost two hundred dollars.

And, Anne-Marie, Samsung is introducing a new refrigerator that allows you to order groceries using an app on the refrigerator`s screen. Service will initially begin with two groceries here in-- in New York. Now, the family (INDISTINCT) lets you decide when you want those groceries delivered and then you can pay with a credit or debit card. Anne-Marie.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Oh, that`s too easy to have cheesesteak-- cheesecake rather, delivered, sorry and cheesesteak I suppose. Jill Wagner at the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks a lot, Jill.

But, still to come now, we have a youth soccer takes on the NFL. Yeah, we`ll tell you how young soccer players in California are fighting for a space to play as the Super Bowl gets ready to land in the area.


MAN: --Harris goes into Deron Williams from the corner. Whoa.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: A buzzer beater by Dallas Mavericks guard Deron Williams. The last-second three-pointer gives the Mavs a one point double overtime win over Sacramento.

Well, a judge refused to stop the NFL from turning a youth soccer field into a media center for Super Bowl 50. Work is already under way to transform Santa Clara`s Soccer Park. The soccer club says it`s worried about damage to the fields and complained that they have nowhere to play.

GABE FOO (Youth Soccer League Spokesman): When the NFL shows up with seven lawyers that they flew in from L.A., you know, it reinforces the David and Goliath story.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: The NFL promises to return the field to as good or better condition, and is working with the city to find somewhere else for the soccer games. Another court hearing is set for Monday.

And baseball fans learned today who will be entering the hall of fame this summer. Ken Griffey Junior could be a unanimous selection in his first year on the ballot. Junior ended his twenty-two-year career with six hundred and thirty home runs. Meanwhile, former players linked to PEDs such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire may see a boost in votes, but not enough to get in. That would be especially bad news for McGwire because he is actually in his final year of eligibility.

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ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Three rare identical triplets are enjoying their time at home. Addison, Kinsley, and Savannah Harris were discharged from a Houston hospital Monday. When they were born December first they weighed between three pounds and three pounds eight ounces.

STEPHANIE HARRIS: They are all now five pounds (INDISTICT) is fifteen pounds outside of me and not inside of me.

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: The parent say they are trying to get used to not sleeping. It was the first set of identical triplets the hospital delivered since it opened in 1963.


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