e-News from Washington (November 19, 2010)

Former Ways & Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) faces ethics sanctions. House Democrats and Republicans select their leaders. No agreement on extension of the Bush tax cuts, but somewhat of an agreement on banning earmarks. Lameduck Congress so far seems aptly named.Have a...

e-News from Washington (November 19, 2010)

A Health Care Fix Bernie Sanders and Tim Pawlenty Can Both Love?
Time, November 19, 2010
Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon has a knack for linking up with Republicans to introduce innovative health care policy that can garner real bipartisan support. Once again, Wyden has linked up with a Republican – Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts this time – to introduce another piece of health care legislation. The text of the bill is less than 200 words and all it would do is move one provision of the Affordable Care Act from 2017 back to 2014. Wyden and Brown want states to be able to opt out of some of the most onerous requirements of health care reform the year the law largely takes affect.

Rangel Is First U.S. House Member to Face Ethics Sanctions Since 2002
Bloomberg, November 19, 2010
The U.S. House is being asked to censure Democratic Representative Charles Rangel of New York for violating ethics rules, the first time the chamber will sit in judgment of a member in eight years.

Obama, Democrats Fail to Agree on Plan for Expiring Tax Cuts
The Washington Post, November 18, 2010
President Obama and congressional Democrats failed to agree on a strategy Thursday for extending an array of expiring tax breaks, with the party badly divided over whether to temporarily extend the cuts for all taxpayers or stick with their pledge to protect only the middle class.

President Obama Awards National Medals of Science, Technology and Innovation
The Office of Science and Technology Policy, November 18, 2010
President Obama has often spoken of his commitment to “returning science to its rightful place.” Yesterday that place was the East Room of the White House, where the President welcomed the winners of the National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation and presented their awards.
House GOP's New Majority Leadership Team Unveiled
ABCNews.com, November 18, 2010
The GOP’s new House majority leadership team was unveiled before cameras today, with Republicans pledging to bring reforms to Congress and thanking voters for the second-chance opportunity they provided Republicans when they swept into the majority earlier this month.

Pelosi's Turf Battles: Far from Over
Politico, November 18, 2010
A high-stakes fight over Nancy Pelosi’s power to determine which Democrats are seated on which committees ended with a whimper Thursday, as the California Democrat maneuvered successfully to preserve her authority.

Earmark Ban: No effect on Spending
CNNMoney.com, November 17, 2010
With their return to Washington, Republicans in the House and Senate are being asked to vote on whether they support a moratorium on earmarks — that ambiguously defined term that has nevertheless become synonymous with pork-barrel spending.