Here’s latest report from Joseph Vranich, who keeps his list at The Business Relocation Coach blog.
California Companies Moving Away or Shifting Work Out Reaches New Record: 158
(for 2010 alone):

In the three weeks since my last tally, I’ve learned about another 14 companies that have left California completely or re-directed capital to build facilities out of state. The names of the 14 and justifications for listing them appear below. Today’s entry builds upon the Sept. 21 entry 144 Companies Shrink from Calif. This Year – Three Times the Total for All of 2009.….

Five enterprises represent the type of operations coveted by many California politicians — “green” companies — namely DayStar Technologies, Vetrazzo, SMA America LLC, Enfinity Corp., and Power-One. Those companies have opted for Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and an apparently as-yet-undetermined “overseas location.”

But wasn’t California supposed be the goldenest of golden states for environmentally sensitive companies? If the incentivizing, subsidizing, speechifying and blandishments fail to keep companies from abandoning the state — or establishing their new operations elsewhere — what does that suggest about the federal government pursuing the same policies?

California’s unemployment rate in September was 12.4 percent.

More from Jan Norman, The Orange County Register’s columnist on small business:

Here’s the website of “Yes on 23,”, the California Jobs Initiative, to suspend California’s global warming mandates until the state’s economy and employment recover.

In a news release, Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of the Orange County Business Council said:

Very simply, if we don’t pass Proposition 23, businesses will be forced to lay off workers so that they have the money to pay for expensive new state rules and regulations. California alone shouldn’t bear the brunt – or the cost – of fighting global warming. As a single state, we can’t solve global climate issues, and we certainly shouldn’t put people out of work at such a difficult economic time.