IGCW 2011 to open a green route towards sustainability

IGCW-2011 is the world's first and largest Industrial convention focused on expanding implementation and commercialization of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering based technologies and products in the Chemical Industry.

IGCW 2011 to open a green route towards sustainability

Mumbai, Maharashtra, October 1, 2011 /India PRwire/ -- Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW) -2011, the world's first and largest Industrial convention focused on Green Chemistry, will be held from 4-6 December 2011 at Intercontinental- The Lalit, Mumbai. The convention will showcase technologies and products in the chemical Industry that can expand the implementation and commercialization of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. The three day convention consists of Symposium (IGCW Sympo), Exhibitions (IGCW Expo), Seminars (180O Seminar Series) and an award ceremony (IGCW Awards).

IGCW 2011 brings together more than 20 presentations on strategic issues and industrial case-studies, innovations and emerging trends by the world's best scientific researchers and industry leaders. The event is attended by over 750 key decision makers from Indian and International Pharma, Fine Chemicals, Agro-based, Dyes & colorant companies. Running concurrently with the show will be Students and Teachers Workshop. More than 70 exhibitors will be showcasing technologies for the implementation of green chemistry and engineering. Apart from exhibitions, a half day seminar series will be held on technical topics designed to address the specific need and interest of visitors of the exhibition.

IGCW 2011 would also host an Awards Night, an acknowledgement for the creation of industrial green chemistry and engineering innovations and implementation, to inspire chemical communities for engaging in this timely sustainability need from the Chemical Industry as profit centric approach.

Commenting on the importance of implementing green chemistry, Prof. Paul Anastas, one of the founders of the twelve priciples of Green Chemistry opined, "The reason green chemistry is being adopted so rapidly around the world is because it is a pathway to ensuring economic and environmental prosperity".

"Green chemistry is powerful because it starts at the molecular level and ultimately delivers more environmentally benign products and processes.", added Anastas, who is also going to be one of the speakers at the symposium.

IGCW 2011 is organized jointly by Green ChemisTree Foundation and Newreka Green Synth Technologies' Pvt. Ltd, the company comitted to reduce the E-factor by the order of magnitude and recycle at source of reaction and extraction medium over 100 times. Commenting on the need for such an event like IGCW 2011, Mr. Nitesh Mehta, Co-founder, Newreka Green Synth Technologies' Pvt. Ltd and convenor of the symposium said, "The core idea behind this initiative is to activate work towards green chemistry for which involvement of academic, industrial, and governmental and non-governmental bodies is needed collectively, which will further help the designing and development of environment-friendly chemistry practices around the world."

Notes to Editor

About Green ChemisTree Foundation

Green ChemisTree Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to bring forth technical know-how regarding green chemistry and engineering applications amongst the Chemical community including Industry, Academia, Research Institutes, Govt. bodies, and Students. The Foundation, through its various national and international deliberations facilitates the world-wide chemical community to explore, engage, exchange and expand their GC&E paradigms with the following objectives:

Awareness: Expanding the awareness of Global Chemistry Industry about environmental challenges and the potential of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering to offer economical and environmentally competitive alternatives.

Collaboration: Bridging the gap between Academia, Research Institutes, etc and Industry and empower collaborations between stakeholders.

Training: Creating next generation chemists & chemical engineers who are conscious about environment and are equipped & trained to deal with future challenges of the chemical industry.

Education & Outreach: Educating and sensitizing industry professionals, teachers, students, various industrial & government associations, etc on environmental related challenges and green chemistry.

About Newreka Green Synth Technologies' Pvt. Ltd.

Newreka Green Synth Technologies' Pvt. Ltd. is an Enviropreneur venture, initiated by Chemical Engineers from IIT- Bombay, with the objective to address environmental concerns by reducing the E-factor - the amount of waste generated per kilogram of final product or the measure of 'e'nvironmental impact of the waste in Chemical Industry's manufacturing processes.With a decade of pioneering work in providing valued services to pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and the dyes & pigments industry, Newreka team is committed to improve chemistry intensive processes through Recycle at Source- a customized proprietary technology and an innovative approach for Chemical business that takes care of the company's environmental, social and economical bottom lines.

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