German Metal Workers Called To Strike Over Pay

The IG Metall union says some 800 workers at a Daimler AG auto plant went on strike because they want a 6.5 percent raise.

BERLIN (AP) — A union representing German metal workers has called on thousands of its members to begin two days of strikes over demands for better pay.

The IG Metall union says some 800 workers at a Daimler AG auto plant in Duesseldorf went on strike in the early hours of Wednesday and others are expected to follow.

Union spokeswoman Ingrid Gier said the strikes would continue into Thursday.

IG Metall is seeking a 6.5 percent raise for its 2.25 million members to match Germany's strong economic rebound from the financial crisis, but employers reject the union's demand.

Martin Kannengiesser, president of Germany's metal industry association, told tabloid Bild on Wednesday that employers won't budge from their offer of a 3 percent raise.