In case you missed it last Friday NAM Board of Directors member and CEO of Kennametal Carlos Cardoso published an op-ed in IndustryWeek about the economic impact of manufacturing in the U.S. and the challenges facing manufacturers.

Mr. Cardoso writes how important it is for manufacturers to work with policymakers to educate them on the importance of manufacturing and the need for pro-growth policies which is critical to the competitiveness of manufacturers. 

Excerpt from the op-ed:

As the industry and our country stand at this crossroads we have the opportunity and the obligation to shape the future of manufacturing in America.

We as manufacturers need to work with our policymakers and elected officials to educate them about the manufacturing sector. Our hard-won knowledge and resources can help them make policies that will advance innovation, promote exports, address our challenging tax codes and evaluate unduly burdensome or redundant regulation.

The results will be more well-paying careers for the American workforce and solid, sustainable companies for the future economic health of our country.