In Saturday’s Washington Examiner Don Todd, former deputy assistant secretary of labor-management standards at the Department of Labor (DOL) writes about how the NLRB’s “Ambush Elections” rule and the DOL “persuader” rule will impact businesses

Todd spells out clearly the difficulties facing small business owners should these new burdensome regulations be implemented. As we have mentioned before both of these regulations will have a negative impact on job creation and the economy.

From the op-ed:

The Labor Department’s proposed “persuader” regulation would have a tremendously chilling effect on businesses’ ability to get legal advice. A cynic would say that this is intentional to make sure that businesses are not able to effectively communicate with their employees on issues such as whether the union is a good idea.

The NLRB’s proposed regulation would among other things make it impossible for employers to have time to communicate with their employees. Instead, it’s a rush to get the vote over before anyone knows what they are voting on — much like what the Democrats in Congress did when they passed Obamacare.