Ford eNews -- July 6, 2011

Ford's capless fuel filler deters gas thieves; Here's how Ford Motor Company rolls; Make summer driving a breeze with tips from Ford.

Ford eNews -- July 6, 2011

Ford’s capless fuel filler deters gas thieves

With reports of fuel theft continuing to rise, Ford owners can feel a little more secure knowing their vehicles have fuel system innovations such as Easy Fuel®. From New Jersey to California, reports of fuel theft are up, with police attributing the increase to the higher costs of gasoline. The Ford Easy Fuel capless fuel filler feature is designed to easily let fuel in and make it difficult to get fuel out, slowing down would-be thieves while ensuring fill-ups are simple and trouble-free.

Dan Pierce | | 313.594.0949

Here's how Ford Motor Company rolls

Tires, one of the most important components of a vehicle, are getting special attention at Ford. Through its dedicated Research and Innovation team, Ford is taking a leadership role in developing new materials for tires, working with leading tire suppliers and manufacturers to bring new compounds and other innovations to consumers faster. Read more. Because tread design is a key factor in rolling resistance, the team is focusing its immediate attention on this aspect of tire development. Specially engineered, low-rolling-resistance tires can improve fuel economy by up to 2 percent, and Ford is now offering these tires on even more of its vehicles.

Alan Hall | | 313.594.3744

Make summer driving a breeze with tips from Ford

Screaming kids, congestion, road work, scorching weather: While we all like to get away in the summer, issues such as these can make for a lot of stress for people who are heading out on the roads. But Ford has some helpful safety tips for travelers driving long distances, to ensure the trip is memorable for all the right reasons – even if the kids keep asking “Are we there yet?” Tips include correctly buckling up, ensuring all headrests are properly adjusted and avoiding placing objects over airbag covers.

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