Allergens: In the Air or What You Wear?

Choosing the extra rinse cycle on your GE washer can help prevent and lessen allergy symptoms

Allergens: In the Air or What You Wear?


Choosing the extra rinse cycle on your GE washer can help prevent and lessen allergy symptoms

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--07 July 2011-- For allergy sufferers, pulling weeds and cutting the grass can seem like an invitation to sit in a doctors office full of sick people. Similar to infectious germs, environmental allergens make some unfortunate people really sick.

The GE Profile(TM) frontload washer (left, with dryer) offers the ability to add an extra rinse cycle to the preset wash cycle - an important feature in the battle to remove allergens from clothes. (Photo: General Electric)

Outdoor allergens, like pollen and grass, can put people on the fast track to lying in bed with the sniffles, itchy eyes, and a hacking cough.

When having the enchanted-forest-looking yard on your street is less than appealing and you want to take your allergies to the battlefield of your lawn, consider adding some laundry techniques to your arsenal of decongestants and nasal sprays. Youll be able to conquer the crabgrass and lessen your chances of succumbing to sinus irritation.

After yard work, strip down as quickly as possible and throw those duds in a GE Profile" or GE® washing machine on the hottest temperature setting possible.

If you happen to don dark colors and need to wash on the cold cycle, consider adding an extra rinse. A study conducted by Jung-Won Park, M.D., Ph.D., of Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, and colleagues found that both the temperature of wash water and the number of rinse cycles are important in ridding laundry of allergens.1.

Every GE® washer above $399 gives you the ability to add an extra rinse cycle to the preset wash cycle, said Paul Riley, marketing manager, clothes care.

In the previously mentioned study, researchers also found that adding steam to the washing machine cycle helped to kill dust mites another known aggravator to allergy sufferers. GEs SteamAssist®, available in the Profile frontload and GE frontload washers, helps loosen the soils, explained Riley.

Lastly, and this is a mantra at every allergists office, wash your bed linens at least once every week or two to rid your sleep domain of dust mites. Remember, the hotter the water temperature the better, and if you cant turn up the water temperature, consider adding an extra rinse cycle. Your sinuses may thank you.

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