This morning Boeing CEO Jim McNerney appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and made an important point that we should not forget – it is a global market and manufacturers must be able to make decisions that enable them to compete with their competitors from around the world. Let us also be reminded that jobs have not been lost in the U.S. with the opening of Boeing‘s new facility in South Carolina. And jobs are also being added in Washington state. This point was made by The Washington Post over the weekend.

Excerpt from The Washington Post editorial:

“The allegation that the company “transferred” jobs out of state is unconvincing because the jobs in South Carolina are new. The company has not cut jobs in Washington, nor has it demoted or slashed the wages of union workers. Boeing has added about 3,000 — albeit temporary — jobs in Washington since it announced its South Carolina plans and says it is likely to add more to keep up with demand for its commercial airliners.

Employers who engage in unfair labor practices should be penalized. But the NLRB’s move goes too far and would undermine a company’s ability to consider all legitimate factors — including potential work disruptions — when making plans. It also substitutes the government’s judgment for that of the company. This is neither good law nor good business.”

Last week at the NAM’s Manufacturing Summit more than 400 manufacturers from all over the country visited Washington and meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. One of the main points raised over and over again in these meetings was how the uncertainty coming from Washington is impacting their ability to plan for the future and grow. This action by the NLRB only adds to the continued uncertainty facing job creators.