This morning President Obama announced the formation of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership which is an effort to bring together universities, industry and the federal government to help invest in new technologies to advance manufacturing jobs. The goal of the program is to boost our nation’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris will Co-Chair the partnership along with Susan Hockfield, president of MIT. Mr. Liveris has been a strong advocate for manufacturing in the United States and brings to the table valuable experience from a successful career in manufacturing.

From the White House press release:

“Today, I’m calling for all of us to come together- private sector industry, universities, and the government- to spark a renaissance in American manufacturing and help our manufacturers develop the cutting-edge tools they need to compete with anyone in the world,” said President Obama. “With these key investments, we can ensure that the United States remains a nation that ‘invents it here and manufactures it here’ and creates high-quality, good paying jobs for American workers.”