This morning the Republican Caucus released a new economic plan, America’s Job Creators: Empowering Families, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Manufacturers are pleased to see that these critical economic issues are being discussed in Congress and believe many of the proposals put forth will address the need to establish a level of certainty for job creators to invest in the future, expand, and enhance America’s global competitiveness.

Key points of the Plan Include:

·         Pass the pending Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Panama and Columbia

·         Address the Tax Code to Help Job Creators

·         Encourage Economic Growth

·         Maximize Domestic Energy Production to Ensure an Energy Policy for the 21st Century

·         Pay Down America’s Unsustainable Debt

This proposal serves as a starting point for congressional debate moving forward. Manufacturers believe Congress must adopt a strategy that will reduce the aggressive regulatory burden of the federal government and reform our tax code, lowering the corporate tax rate for manufacturers large and small, while at the same time protecting those businesses that file as individuals as well.

Manufacturers are pleased to see the proposal and look forward to the coming congressional debate on these important issues.

For more on the plan:

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