Schott N.Y.C. Has Implemented the State-of-the-Art Leadtec Shop Floor Control System in Its Made in the U.S.A. Manufacturing Operation; the System Utilizes Real-Time Data Collectio...

Computer Generated Solutions Inc. (CGS) announces that legendary leather outerwear producer Schott@ N.Y.C. ( ( ) has successfully implemented CGS' Leadtec shop floor control (SFC) solution at its Elizabeth, New Jersey manufacturing...

Computer Generated Solutions Inc. (CGS) announces that legendary leather outerwear producer Schott@ N.Y.C. ( ( ) has successfully implemented CGS' Leadtec shop floor control (SFC) solution at its Elizabeth, New Jersey manufacturing facility. The state-of-the-art production system utilizes small computer terminals and barcode scanners at more than 50 operator workstations to record all production events and payroll information as they occur in real-time. Schott expects the new system to increase productivity, reduce order throughput time, and improve overall plant efficiency.

According to President Roz Schott, "Our old piecework payroll system was too cumbersome and it did not give us the accurate and timely information we needed to manage our business. Leadtec eliminates much of the non-productive employee time required in the old system and empowers our operators be more productive. It also gives our managers the information and visibility they need to manage the production floor and make better informed and more timely business decisions."

Schott sewing operators use their Leadtec terminals to clock in and out, scan work coupons, change jobs, request pay and performance information, and as a coaching device to pace themselves and improve their performance. This real-time feedback also provides managers with increased visibility and production tracking capabilities needed to more effectively streamline production flow and improve overall efficiency.

"While we were initially concerned about how our people would react to the new system, we quickly realized that our operators were motivated by the ability to track their own numbers throughout the day and earn more money," continued Schott. "We are already seeing productivity and operational improvements from Leadtec and expect to achieve even more over time. By putting needed information at our fingertips, it is also helping us to find new and better ways to staff and equip each operation. We have some cases where productivity has increased by 40%."

Following a brief installation and training period, the new system went live at Schott early this year.

"We applaud Schott for achieving these significant improvements in just a short period of time," noted Jim Hoerig, Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions at CGS. "We are pleased to play a role in helping this impressive company improve the competitiveness and flexibility of its domestic manufacturing operations. We look forward to contributing to the continued progress and achievements at Schott."

About Schott N.Y.C. Corporation

Made in the U.S.A., each Schott N.Y.C. jacket comes with a story that has been written over the course of more than 90 years, four generations of Schotts, and an American love affair with hitting the open road with the wind in your face and your troubles behind you. Schott's Perfecto brand is a true-blue, real-deal, piece of Americana. Quality, innovation, and individuality define every Schott jacket. Whether protecting WWII fly boys in the air over Europe or infuriating the establishment on the backs of Brando and Dean, Schott jackets have become infused in American culture and have served as battle flags for the American spirit.

In recent decades, Schott N.Y.C has continued to grow under the leadership of new generations of the Schott family. Product lines and styles have expanded, nylons and wools have grown in popularity, and accessories from bags to sunglasses can be found worldwide. But at the core of the business still lies the 100 year old factory just outside of New York City.

About Leadtec

Leadtec by CGS is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art computerized shop floor control and incentive payroll solution designed to capture production events in real-time or batch data collection mode. The information and visibility provided by Leadtec empowers operators to monitor and increase productivity, while also enabling managers to prevent and resolve production issues before they escalate. Leadtec benefits manufacturers through improved profitability, reduced production costs, accelerated throughput time, and improved product quality. More than 500 companies worldwide trust Leadtec to better manage their manufacturing operations.

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