Leading Forum for Ruby in the Enterprise Brings Ruby and Java Communities Together

http://www.engineyard.com/ () —Engine Yard (http://www.engineyard.com) , the leading cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service for Ruby on Rails, and EdgeCase, a leading Ruby and Rails software development firm, today announced they have joined forces to host JRubyConf (http://jrubyconf.com/)...

http://www.engineyard.com/ () —

Engine Yard (http://www.engineyard.com) , the leading cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service for Ruby on Rails, and EdgeCase, a leading Ruby and Rails software development firm, today announced they have joined forces to host JRubyConf (http://jrubyconf.com/) 2010. In its second year, JRubyConf will showcase the growing uses of Ruby in the enterprise and highlight elements of the Java language that Ruby developers can benefit from via JRuby -- a popular Java-based implementation of the Ruby programming language. JRubyConf 2010 will be held October 1-3 at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio.

"JRuby is the best way for Java developers to increase their productivity and creativity with the proven efficiency of Ruby," said Charles Nutter, co-lead of the JRuby project. "JRubyConf will showcase how the combination of Ruby and Java is enabling an exciting new generation of web application development."

The growing list of JRubyConf sponsors includes Edge Case, Engine Yard, 8th Light, ELC, Kinetic Data, O'Reilly, Terremark, and WyeWorks. JRubyConf is a unique forum for developers and industry leaders to share best practices about using the Ruby and Java languages together via JRuby. The conference provides attendees with two full days of general sessions and an additional day of hands-on tutorials for Ruby and Java developers alike. Conference presenters are leading experts in their field, speakers confirmed to date include: David Bock, Thomas Enebo, Chad Fowler, Jeremy Heingardner, Keavy McKinn, Charles Nutter, Joe O'Brien, Nick Sieger, Brian Swan, Glenn Vanderburg, and Jim Weirich.

"We chose JRuby to build our help desk software because it was the only solution that allowed us to achieve our product vision," said John Sundberg, president of Kinetic Data. "We sell to big companies in industries such as manufacturing, technology, entertainment, and government that have existing applications, skills, and experience with Java tools and applications. JRuby allows us to take advantage of the efficient and highly productive Ruby language while leveraging the Java ecosystem, and we estimate that our engineers are 2-3x more efficient writing in Ruby vs. Java."

JRubyConf 2010 begins with Java and Ruby specific talks and progresses to more advanced sessions that demonstrate the possibilities of using both languages with JRuby -- all focused on bringing the Ruby and Java communities together in a collaborative environment to share best development practices. Specific topics include:

JRuby provides unique productivity benefits to Java teams including the ability to deploy Ruby code to the same servers, use the same libraries, and integrate with existing Java code and applications. For more information or to download JRuby, visit www.jruby.org (http://www.jruby.org)

"EdgeCase is excited to partner with Engine Yard to present JRubyConf this year," said Joe O'Brien, co-founder of EdgeCase LLC. "We have a stellar lineup of speakers that will help show people the power and flexibility of JRuby. We will have tutorials, case studies, and demonstrations of new technologies. Whether you are someone simply curious about what JRuby can do for you or someone who has been using it for years, there is something here for everyone."

JRubyConf 2010 will be held October 1-3, 2010 at the Quest Conference Center, Columbus, Ohio. For more information or to register, please visit www.jrubyconf.com (http://www.jrubyconf.com) . Early bird tickets are available now through September 1st for $250. Follow @JRubyConf (http://twitter.com/JRubyConf) on Twitter to keep up with the latest JRubyConf news and additional speaker announcements.

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