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Barloworld's Software Helps Optimize Renault

ISEL is working with Barloworld Supply Chain Software (SCS) to help minimise cost and reduce carbon footprint, with CAST software.

ISEL, at the University of Le Havre and Renault's Environmental Division are working with Barloworld Supply Chain Software (SCS) to help minimise cost and reduce carbon footprint, with CAST software.


ISEL, School of Logistics (graduate) of the University of Le Havre in France is currently working on the VALVER project, which was initiated by Renault in December 2009. The project was established in response to the legal constraints regarding the recycling of vehicles and raw materials, according to new French policies.

"The supply chain surrounding the glass recycling operation at Renault, required reorganisation and reconfiguration in order to become fully optimised, whilst fitting within various time, legal and environmental constraints," explains Christophe Bisiaux, Logistics Project Manager at ISEL Le Havre. "To achieve this, we have selected CAST software, which has been developed by Barloworld to assist with supply chain modelling, network design and optimisation." 

Member of the recycling plan board of directors, Toni Gallone, of Renault, explains, "The project has been established to develop interactive collaboration with partners and to develop new recycling models using a new approach, which may develop new synergies. We will be able to use the experience to help optimise the logistics of other recycling operations."

CAST is used to evaluate and identify the "preferred" or optimal supply chain configuration and to calculate the total cost to market, leading to cost savings and service improvements. 

Ewan French, Chief Operating Officer at Barloworld Supply Chain Software explains: "By using CAST software as a decision tool to model the network, ISEL has been able to identify supply chain scenarios that enable the reduction of both cost and carbon emissions."

To date, CAST software has been used to identify five scenarios to optimise Renault's recycling supply chain. Since beginning the project, ISEL has signed a two year contract with Renault environment and the project has been recognised by, and received financial support from, the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, ADEME.

ISEL, School of logistics, founded in 1994, is a French engineering school (Graduate School of logistics) at the University of Le Havre, offering five year specialised engineering logistics programs. To find out more, visit

French recycling association, ProRecyclage, supports the VALVER project. To find out more, visit

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