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Revamped Michigan Assembly sets new standard for flexible manufacturing; Ford Super Duty delivers best-in-class power, for everyone; Ford going above and beyond UAW jobs commitment; Crash avoidance capability goes wireless; Simplifying pays off for Ford and its suppliers; New Ken Block ad...



Revamped Michigan Assembly sets new standard for flexible manufacturing

Ford's newly transformed Michigan Assembly Plant is now poised to set the standard for flexible manufacturing the world over. When production of the 2012 Ford Focus begins later this year, Ford will use programmable equipment in its body shop at Michigan Assembly that will allow the company to run multiple bodystyles down the same line with no downtime for tooling changeovers. In fact, more than 80 percent of the body tooling in the plant's body shop can be programmed to weld a variety of bodystyles without a delay in changeover, and with no restrictions in adjusting the model mix.

Marcey Evans | [email protected] | 313.322.9211

Ford Super Duty delivers best-in-class power, for everyone

Ford is doing it again, upping power while at the same time boosting fuel economy. The Ford-engineered 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel powering the 2011 F-Series Super Duty pickup now will deliver best-in-class 800 lb.-ft. of torque and 400 horsepower while returning 20 percent better fuel economy. In an industry first, Ford will make sure all 2011 Super Duty pickup customers – past and future – receive the added power. Customers who already purchased a 2011 Super Duty diesel pickup can get the increased power along with additional fuel economy improvements through a free dealer-installed software upgrade to the truck's powertrain control module.

Richard Truett | [email protected] | 313.323.7045

Ford going above and beyond UAW jobs commitment

Ford is making good on its jobs commitment to the UAW – by more than 25 percent. Ford is on pace to bring approximately 1,975 hourly jobs in-house by 2012, jobs that would be performed by suppliers inside and outside of the country. The initial commitment with the UAW called for 1,559 jobs to be in-sourced to Ford hourly workers throughout the four-year contract. Already, Ford has brought 1,340 jobs into 24 U.S. plants, and is committed to bringing another 635 jobs to nine of its U.S. plants.

Marcey Evans | [email protected] | 313.322.9211

Crash avoidance capability goes wireless

Ford researchers are developing an advanced crash avoidance system that uses wireless and GPS technologies to help vehicles communicate with each other in traffic and help drivers avoid or mitigate accidents. The system is being designed to detect the relative location of other radio-equipped test vehicles, warn drivers of imminent side-impact collisions, and automatically activate vehicle brakes if necessary to avoid or minimize the damage caused by such collisions.

Wes Sherwood | [email protected] | 313.390.5660

Simplifying pays off for Ford and its suppliers

ONE Ford means keeping it simple, and Ford is doing just that, reducing complexity and expanding parts commonality among its suppliers. This is leading to lower development costs and greater economies of scale for the company's global supply base. By 2012, 72 percent of the vehicles sold under the Ford brand will be built off 15 core platforms, a key component of the ONE Ford plan to leverage the company's global assets.

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New Ken Block ad shows Fiesta rally car going to work

Fiesta made its return to X Games last weekend, and a new Fiesta ad featuring Ford Rally America and WRC driver Ken Block accomplishing everyday errands helped mark the occasion. The ad features Block taking out the trash, going grocery shopping and dropping mail in the mailbox – all in his rally-prepped Fiesta. Fans have an opportunity to win a Fiesta through the "Rock It Like Block" contest, which runs through Aug. 13. A grand prize winner will get a 2011 Fiesta, custom-designed by Block.

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