From President Obama’s remarks Monday at the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee fundraiser in Texas.

If you are interested in ending tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas, and instead want tax cuts to go to small businesses like the bill that weve got right now in the Senate that would eliminate capital gains for small businesses, would be additional tax cuts on top of the eight tax cuts weve already given to small businesses so far, then youd better go out there and help some Democratic candidates. Because the other side is not interested in helping folks who are starting things up — theyre interested in the special interests who can afford to hire lobbyist in Washington.

From the NAM’s Key Vote letter on H.R. 1586, being debated at this moment on the House floor.

An estimated 22 million people in the United States more than 19 percent of the private sector workforce and 53 percent of all manufacturing employees are employed by companies with operations overseas. Manufacturers feel strongly that imposing $9.6 billion in tax increases on these companies as proposed in the Senate Amendment to H.R. 1586 will jeopardize the jobs of American manufacturing employees and stifle our fragile economy.

So is it these employees who are the special interest the President is condemning? Or just their employers?

And recognizing that it was a partisan event, it still seems odd for anyone to be condemning special interests at a political fundraiser hosted by one of the nation’s leading trial lawyers.