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Software Focuses On Industrial Workforce Training

Convergence Training released its second-generation learning management system; the software addresses common problems encountered in large-scale industry.

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Convergence Training, a provider of workforce training solutions, has announced the release of its second-generation learning management system. The software, called Convergence Server Enterprise, was developed to address common problems encountered in large-scale industry.  
Unlike training for sales strategies or university classes, manufacturing training must teach specific hands-on procedures, many of which can be complex. This training is often delivered through large, multimedia files. When shared between multiple locations from a single server, as is commonly done at large corporations, access and playback can be very slow. The Convergence software allows storage of training content on local servers, which speeds up playback and access.

 The LMS also makes it easy to share content between servers, increasing training efficiency over a multi-sited network. Most importantly, the software allows company-wide tracking and archiving while giving multiple locations this increased training management control.

Another downside seen with most conventional LMS systems (and their own first-generation offering) was the lack of flexibility in creating different categories of employees and administrators. The new Convergence system gives greater control over employee groups and privileges. Administrators can select employee groups using a multitude of parameters, allowing for easy assignment and tracking of training.

The Convergence Server Enterprise is technically what is known in the industry as an LCMS – a learning content management system. This means that administrators can use the software to create and deliver their own training materials, such as quizzes and task lists that include photos, video, and common formats of office documents.

The Convergence software also allows tracking of real-world events like classroom learning, on-the-job training, and teaching by third-party trainers.

 The Convergence software uses SQL Server Reporting, which lets users create reports in a variety of formats, including graphs, tables, and pie charts. Reports can be automatically generated and emailed in common formats (including Excel) to specific recipients at scheduled intervals.