Noliac Acquires PAD Technology From Siemens

DENMARK -- A Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) motor transforms the linear motion of high performance multilayer actuators into powerful and precise controllable rotation. By this it overcomes the power and torque limitations of existing piezo motor and drive systems. In comparison with electromagnetic motors, the PAD motor has no gearbox, higher precision and dynamics, does not interfere with magnetic fields and can measure the loads applied to the motor directly.

The PAD motor is expected to replace electromagnetic motors in specific applications with high dynamics or strong magnetic fields in e.g. automotive, automation, optical, medical, space and aerospace industries.

Bjørn Andersen, CTO and founder of Noliac: “Noliac is well positioned in terms of advanced multilayer piezo technology, existing sales channels and customer base to market the PAD technology successfully.”

The PAD technology is protected by more than 100 patents and patent applications which Noliac has acquired from Siemens along with fully equipped test laboratories. On this foundation, Noliac will commercialize this motor technology and market it for a variety of applications.

Dr. Reinhold Achatz, head of Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies, said: “With Noliac we found an ideal partner to commercialize our PAD-technology. Several Siemens businesses could benefit from the implementation of this technology in their applications.”