NAM Outlines Strategy For U.S. Global Competitiveness

The National Association of Manufacturers has outlined a strategic plan that outlines what is needed to create jobs, boost the economy and put the country on a course for growth.

WASHINGTON -- The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on Monday unveiled a comprehensive strategy for U.S. competitiveness. The “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America,” prompts political leaders to consider the big picture – what it will take for manufacturers in the United States to succeed in the global marketplace. The Strategy explains in clear terms what is at stake for manufacturing in the United States and provides a roadmap for policies that will enable manufacturing to create jobs and compete. 

“The United States continues to stand as the number one manufacturing economy in the world, yet the nation’s leadership in manufacturing faces unprecedented challenges,” said NAM President John Engler.  “Maintaining our manufacturing leadership requires clear thinking, a global vision and a plan. Manufacturers need our nation’s leaders to consider the impact of each decision on the country’s overall competitiveness. Manufacturers are calling for action on critical priorities such as energy, education, trade and regulation.” 

Specifically, the Strategy sets out the following goals:

-- The United States will be the best country in the world to headquarter a company. We want companies to be based in the United States. 
-- The United States will be the best country in the world to innovate, performing the bulk of a company’s global research and development.
-- The United States will be a great place to manufacture, both to meet the needs of the American market and serve as an export platform for the world. 

“Manufacturers call on members of Congress, candidates for office and opinion leaders to join us in supporting and publicly endorsing this comprehensive strategy,” said Engler. “Most important, once elected, advocates for manufacturing should seek to implement the Strategy through their actions and votes.” 

The “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America” is the first phase of the NAM’s Manufacturing Means Jobs! campaign. In the coming weeks, the NAM also will announce the creation of manufacturing councils at the state and district levels. These councils will be a platform to educate candidates, policymakers, employees and the general public about how to keep manufacturing competitive in an increasingly challenging global marketplace.

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