New Era Cap Co. Cutting 260 Jobs

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- New Era Cap Co. is cutting 27 jobs at its Mobile warehouse and is temporarily laying off at least 260 people from its southwest Alabama manufacturing operations.

Jim Gookins, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters union Local 991, says the layoffs stem from a shift of distribution work to a firm in Pennsylvania.

The Teamsters represent workers in Mobile and Jackson. At least 140 of 375 people in a Jackson plant will be cut and at least 120 of 400 from a Demopolis plant will face layoffs.

Company spokeswoman Dana Marciniak wrote in an e-mail that the layoffs in Jackson and Demopolis began last week and will affect 40 percent of workers in its American manufacturing operations.

The baseball cap company attributes the layoffs to a slowdown in consumer demand.