Emerson CEO Named One Of Best in America

Institutional Investor magazine named David Farr, chairman, CEO and president of Emerson, one of America’s best CEOs.

ST. LOUIS — Institutional Investor magazine has named David N. Farr, chairman, CEO and president of Emerson, one of "The Best CEOs in America." Farr was named the top CEO in the electrical equipment and multi-industry category.
“Tough times require strong leadership,” the magazine said on its website in announcing its rankings. “With the U.S. economy facing serious headwinds and possibly headed for recession, outstanding CEOs will become more important than ever to the success of their companies."
In the magazine’s January issue, Institutional Investor credited Farr with “positioning his company to withstand more difficult times ahead,” noting that while leading the company through difficult restructuring earlier in the decade, Farr maintained important investments in technology and innovation.
Farr was also credited with helping position Emerson for strong global growth that, in fiscal year 2007, resulted in 52 percent of the company’s sales occurring outside the U.S., compared with 40 percent when Farr took over in 2000.