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Chinese Vice Premier Inspects Product Quality

After a spat with an EU commissioner, Wu Yi is said to have deployed some 320 officials to spot-check manufacturers in at least 12 cities in the southern Guangdong Province.

HONG KONG (Kyodo) â€” Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi, who is responsible for improving China's food and product safety, has spot-checked factories in southern China to ensure quality control, media reports said Friday.
Wu's visit came after a war of words with European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson over his criticism of China's safety record.
Problematic or poisonous Chinese products including toys, drugs and food have been recalled worldwide in recent months, tarnishing the ''Made in China'' reputation.
Local media reported Wu's inspection tour while mainland newspapers were relatively quiet about it.
Wu was said to have deployed some 320 officials Thursday to spot-check manufacturers in at least 12 cities in southern China's Guangdong Province including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Foshan.
Wu and her team inspected toy, food and drug factories in Guangzhou and Foshan, a report said.
Hong Kong's Cable TV on Friday quoted Wu as saying her work has reached ''transitional results.''
Toys made for U.S. toy giant Mattel Inc. were recalled after excessive lead was found in their paint coating, while seafood and toothpaste were found to contain banned chemicals.
Another toy manufacturer apologized earlier this week for causing sickness in children who swallowed toy beads coated with a chemical found in a date-rape drug.