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Vermeer Wins 2008 Perfect Engine Award

TBM Consulting Group awarded the Vermeer Corporation for its commitment to a continuous improvement philosophy and its success as a 'Lean' enterprise.

DURHAM, N.C. -- TBM Consulting Group, a global business improvement leader for the manufacturing and service sectors, presented Vermeer Corporation with the sixth annual “Perfect Engine” award recognizing the company’s commitment to a continuous improvement philosophy and its success as a “Lean” enterprise.

The award was presented to Vermeer’s CEO Mary Andringa at TBM’s annual Executive Exchange Conference. Based in Pella, Iowa, Vermeer is a global manufacturing leader in construction and agricultural equipment.

“The Perfect Engine” refers to the precision interworking of human resources and physical assets to achieve outstanding productivity results that create business agility, growth and profitability.

This annual award honors a manufacturer that has been mostly successful in implementing LeanSigma methodologies, the fusion of the two most powerful business systems from Toyota (Lean) and GE (Six Sigma), throughout the entire organization and throughout its value chain.

Approaching the 10th anniversary of its lean journey, Vermeer continues to use the LeanSigma approach to extensively innovate, develop and launch new products and has leveraged its competitive advantages into growth in sales and productivity. From 1998 to 2007 the company has executed hundreds of kaizen events worldwide with the following results:

• Productivity improved 26%
• Total inventory decreased 12%
• Total of potential savings of over $29.7 million
• 70% of the total employees have participated on a kaizen team
• 98% of their corporate management staff has participated on a kaizen team

“Vermeer won this year’s Perfect Engine award because of its proven ability to implement and leverage cutting-edge processes that facilitate continuous innovation and synchronization throughout its value chain,” said Sharma. “Vermeer has demonstrated significant success gaining market share and building brand loyalty through its LeanSigma transformation and commitment to investing in the workforce.”