Kodak Names New President, CEO

Consumer digital imaging group head Philip J. Faraci will immediately take his new position at the photo company.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Photo company Eastman Kodak Co. said Monday that it named its consumer digital imaging group head — Philip J. Faraci — chief operating officer and president, effective immediately.
Faraci, 52, and James T. Langley, 57, had led the company's two main digital units, with Langley in charge of its graphic communications unit. Langley came out of retirement to work for Kodak starting in 2003 and is returning to retirement, a company spokesman said.
Kodak said Faraci will be responsible for both the consumer and graphic units and Langley will leave at the end of the year. Langley still is serving as a senior vice president until that time, Kodak said.
The company said the change is part of a four-year restructuring plan.