Top 'Nano Metro' Cities Identifed

Four states and five cities are now considered “Nano Metro” locations according to recent research.

WASHINGTON - Five U.S. cities have emerged as the country’s top “Nano Metro” locations according to research collected by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies.
California, Massachusetts, New York and Texas have the most nanotechnology activity and the top five “Nano Metro” areas are San Jose, Calif., Boston, Mass., San Francisco, Calif., Oakland, Calif. and Middlesex-Essex, Mass.
Nanotechnology companies are focusing on three main sectors: materials, medicine and health, and tools and instruments. There are currently 138 universities and government laboratories working on some aspect of nanotechnology.
In all, 47 of 50 states and the District of Columbia contain at least one company, university, government laboratory or organization working in nanotechnology.
According to data collected by Lux Research in 2006, governments, corporations and venture capitalists worldwide will spend $12.4 billion on nanotechnology R&D - up almost 30 percent from 2005. Estimates for manufactured goods that will incorporate nanotechnology will total $2.6 trillion - or about 15 percent of total global output by the year 2014.
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