Who’s In Charge Here?

HEI CEO resigns to join former client in unrelated industry.

MINNEAPOLIS - HEI, Inc. on Wednesday announced that its CEO Mark Thomas is resigning from the company, effective May 31, 3007.

Thomas will provide ongoing support after leaving the company to take an offer with a former consulting client in an unrelated industry.

“My decision to accept the unanticipated offer for another position was very difficult because of the progress we have made in the past six months. I had fully expected to lead HEI along with the board of directors to a strong and profitable future,” Thomas said. “I am confident that the employees and board of directors will continue on with the work that is currently underway and I expect HEI to be successful.”

The company is currently looking for a replacement and will consider both internal and external candidates.

HEI designs, develops and manufactures microelectronics, subsystems, connectivity and software solutions for OEMs in the medical equipment and medical device, hearing, communications and industrial markets.