Dell Moving Jobs From Texas To Tennessee

Dell will move some employees from Texas to Tennessee, but said it also plans to do some local hiring.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Dell plans to move jobs to Lebanon from an Austin, Texas plant that refurbishes returned computers and equipment.

Some of the Texas employees may move to Tennessee, Dell spokesman Venancio Figueroa said, but the company also will hire people locally.

Figueroa did not know how many jobs would be created in Wilson County, but he said the Texas operation employs fewer than 360 people.

''Any expansion or additional work that they bring to Middle Tennessee would be of value to Wilson County,'' said G.C. Hixson, director of the local Joint Economic & Community Development Board.

Dell employs 1,000 people at a computer assembly plant in Lebanon and 3,000 people at a Nashville distribution center and a call center.

Figueroa said the company was moving the jobs to Lebanon to reduce delivery times, because the town is closer to most of Dell's customers.

''It's all about speed with us,'' he said.