You may have noticed a change! Welcome to the new Manufacturing.net, still providing you with the most in-depth manufacturing news available today - with loads of enhancements. Look for greater use of photos, graphics and charts, more interactive features and user-friendliness, and our first webcast on May 15th (more details to follow.)

These are exciting times at Manufacturing.net. We're proud to unveil our new and improved website, which will continue to offer you the most comprehensive manufacturing information available anywhere, but will do it with more gusto. For starters, you'll notice the updated look of the site, which is brighter and offers a full-screen view, but also maintains its uncluttered look. We'll also be offering more interactive features soon, and we're extremely excited to offer our first webcast on May 15. We hope you'll appreciate the increased use of photos, charts and colors, and as always we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,

Tom Granahan

Editor in Chief, Manufacturing.net