Samsung Begins DRAM Production Using 60nm Class Technology

Samsung has begun mass production of the industry's first 1 Gigabit DDR2 DRAM using 60 nanometer technology.

Samsung Electronics Co. said it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 1Gigabit DDR2 DRAM (dynamic random access memory) using 60 nanometer class technology.

The new process technology increases production efficiency by 40 percent over the 80nm process technology deployed in DRAM fabrication in 2006. It also provides twice the productivity of 90nm general process technology.

The 60nm 1Gb DDR2 DRAM was first developed by Samsung in 2005 and is the latest in the company’s nano-scale DRAM development.

The 60nm process is expected to become the mainstream circuit technology for DRAM in 2008. In the first year of market availability, 60nm DRAM revenues are expected to reach $2.3 billion worldwide and increase to $32 billion by 2009.