2006 UK Manufacturing Output Up 1.3 Percent

According to research by Britain’s National Statistics office, the 1.3 percent increase is the best since 2004.

For 2006, UK manufacturing output rose 1.3 percent over 2005, according to data released Wednesday by the National Statistics Office.

The 1.3 percent increase marks the best performance of the sector since the 2 percent increase in 2004, the report noted.

Within the manufacturing industry for the previous three months, the food, drink and tobacco industries saw the biggest increase with a rise of 1.6 percent and the transportation equipment industries rose 1.4 percent. Chemicals and man-made fibers saw the largest drop with a decrease of 2.4 percent, the research showed.

The data also showed that manufacturing for January 2007 increased 0.2 percent from December.

Manufacturing is part of the larger sector of production industries, which also includes mining and quarrying; and electricity, gas and water supply. Production industries for the fourth quarter of 2006 was 0.2 percent lower than the previous quarter and for 2006 as a whole, it was down 0.1 percent, according to the report.

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