Japanese December Auto Production Up Nearly 8 Percent

Production was up by better than 6 percent for all of 2006.

The Japanese Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (JAMA) said automobile production in December totaled 955,040 units, an increase of 7.9 percent from the same period in 2005.

Meanwhile, auto production for all of 2006 was recorded as 11,484,233 units, compared with the 10,799,659 units for 2005, marking an increase of 6.3 percent, and a production increase on the previous year for five consecutive years.

Domestic sales in December 2006 stood at 407,804 vehicles, down slightly compared with December 2005. Domestic sales for all of 2006 stood at 5,739,506 vehicles, down 1.9 percent as compared with the previous year.

Automobile exports in December 2006 were recorded at 551,585 units, up 21.3 percent versus December 2005.

Automobile exports for all of 2006 were 5,966,672 units, up 18.1 percent from 2005.

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